[MECH] ObsidianFlow v2.0 - Flowing Lava turns to Obsidian when touched by Water [1060]

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    ObsidianFlow - Flowing Lava turns to Obsidian when touched by Water:
    Version: 2.0

    This plugin changes the way Minecraft handles the collision of a Water Block into a Lava Block.

    Instead of you getting Cobblestone from the Lava Flows you now get Obsidian.
    So whenever Water touches Flowing Lava you will get Obsidian but when Lava touches Water you will still get Cobblestone (useless ClayFlow is enabled (Sister Plugin)).

    So this can be used to make more Obsidian structures from Moulds a lot easier and faster.

    There is also a configuration file so you can change the conversion from Obsidian to anything. (Yes, Diamonds can be made from Lava and Water!)

    • Flowing Lava turns to Obsidian when touched by Water
    • Flowing Water turns to Cobblestone when touched by Lava (As Normal, unless ClayFlow is enabled (Sister Plugin))
    • All Lava blocks directly under a Lava block that has been changed to Obsidian will also change to Obsidian
    • Configurations file to change the conversion from Obsidian to any block in game

    Source Code

    1. Download the Jar file from the Link below
    2. Copy Jar to Bukkit's "plugins" folder
    3. Restart/Start Minecraft Server with Bukkit
    4. Mould!

    Version - 2.0
    • Changed to FromTo Event from Physics Event
    • Added Changed Side blocks option (Requested by Aaron_Merric)
    • Added Liquid movement prediction to prevent Cobblestone (placing water/lava directly next to its opposite may still trigger cobble until Bukkit BlockPlace Event is released) (Requested by Xordaii)
    Version - 1.1
    • Added Ability to Toggle the Changing of the same Block below a recently changed block (Requested By CowMan24 for ClayFlow)
    • Better Config reading and writing
    Version - 1.0
    • Init Release
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    Can you make it so that we can also adjust what forms when flowing water turns into when touched by lava?
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    Yes i will work on that this weekend for you :D.

    I'll probably make it a different plugin so it doesn't waste server resources if someone only wants 1 and not the other if thats ok with you? (you will be able to run both at the same time of course)
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    Hello Fugensnot,

    Sorry! for the delay with the release of ClayFlow but its out now!
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    Updated to 1.1 as requested by CowMan24 for ClayFlow
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    Out of interest who uses my/this plugin(s)?
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    i do, except i change it to lightstone instead of obsidian
    i also use clayflow and changed that to lightstone too
    i much prefer lightstone over torches ^^

    Does this still work on the most recent build? (818)
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    Yes it does work with 818
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    I just started using both of your plugins, ObsidianFlow and ClayFlow :) I think they are both great, as I don't want cobblestone, but thought it would be nice to have clay! And without losing my gravel, as some other plugins do. We like our flint!

    Thank you for two great plugins. After a bit of fiddling, I got both of them working with water to make obsidian and clay generators. Great job!
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    Your Welcome!
    May I ask: did you fiddle with code or blocks to get the generators working?
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    Hmm... will this be considered cheating with obsidian? :D
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    cheating? never... :oops:
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    No, no fiddling. I did have the "ChangeBelow: false" setting. Did not change any of the rest. The ones I made actually work just as well with true. You just have to cut them down in the right order.


    This is the Clay Gen. It actually makes cobblestone still. it is up in the air against a wall, with glass in front of the lava and water sources. The sand is where clay is generated, and the cobblestone is actually cobblestone. Don't know why that still happens, but I took it as a feature! To keep this working, and not make obsidian happen, you have to cut out the clay first, then the cobblestone. Rinse and repeat.


    The obsidian is a little simpler. I have a lava Generator too, thanks to UnlimitedLava. It just makes lava pools regen like water, I don't consider that cheating. So to make the Obsidian Gen, just put a water source up in the air, let it run down into a 1 block wide trough coming toward the player. I block it off on all sides except right above the obsidian with glass. To make it work, pick up lava with a bucket, put the lava in the block marked as obsidian. It will actually make clay also, where the sand is in the diagram. Again, you have to dig the clay out before putting in more lava, but the way the glass blocks it all off, you have to do that anyway before you can put lava in the water.
    I don't know, depends on the server :D I don't run a cheaty server, but I also don't like how limited some things are. So I allow some items that are hard to find to be bought, like from a sign, for large amounts of money. They can look for it themselves, or like in real life, pay a lot for it. Obsidian takes so long to mine up anyway, I can't see someone spending days on a generator unless they really want it for a project. If they want to spend the effort working the Gen... I say more power to them, mining the stuff takes enough effort I don't charge them. The time spent could easily get them more money spent doing something else on the server, and I marked the Gen items like clay and obsidian as not worth much at all.
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    I wont hit reply to that master piece...

    I would like to join your server and have a look see in action if thats ok?

    Also do you want me to work on fixing the "cobblestone" bug if you want to call it that? (i havent looked it could be easy)

    And if I did I could have a legacy version and new version :p
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    Sure, would be fine. It is pretty small server, only friends and family. No one on at the moment, but I am not sure how to give you the IP address privately? Don't want to post on here.

    As far as that feature, no problem either way. I just wanted a way to get clay and obsidian for those who needed them because they are very limited.
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    Could you make it also affect blocks to the left and right... With a boolean in the config file to turn this off (like the change below)?

    Please! :)
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    I shall look into this tomorrow for you!
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    2.0 Released (Sorry for delay Aaron_Merric was doing alot of thinking for performance!).

    Please let me know your thoughts on the update :p

    and bugs... :(
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    No problem... Thank you for your quick actions on my request. I noticed that you changed this in the sister plugin ClayFlow also! You read my mind on that one. Having that option means a lot to me and my server's players so thanks a million!!

    I will let you know of any bugs when I get back from the trip I am on.

    I give you a diamond block. [​IMG]
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    No bugs! And no cobblestone.

    Setting both block below and block to side to false makes only the one block generated at a time. Doesn't break the gens, and the people only get the intended block. Wasn't really worried about the cobblestone and extra clay, but you fixed it!

    Thanks a million, Zeepal. We moved the server to a more permanent home, too. So it won't go down everynight lol.
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    Almost forgot to send you a notice... I have not noticed any bugs and we have been using the new verion for quite a while now.
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    Thanks mate srry didnt see your post on Monday (been busy).

    If you have any ideas, requests or bugs please let me know and I will do what I can!
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    Both plugins work on RB1060 with no bugs. May want to update the title so you don't get marked as inactive :D Still great plugins, and high on the list of "drop in first, before anything else gets edited."
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    Still working flawlessly on 1597. No console errors, using both ClayFlow and ObsidianFlow together.

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