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    NaturalGiants - Make giants spawn naturally
    Version: v1.30

    As per the title, this plugin makes it so giants will spawn naturally along with other mobs.
    Giants are set to be more rare, and by default will only spawn 5% of the time compared to other mobs. This option, along with other options, can be changed within the configuration file. Giants additionally will only spawn in the dark / at night.

    Download: (1.30)

    Config Information: (Modified within
    spawnrate - By default, set at 5%. This will make 5% of monsters spawned as giants. Maximum value is 100.
    health - How much health a giant has. By default set at 200.
    drop - What item giants drop upon being killed. By default set to drop 64 bones (item #352)
    fireattack - Determines if the giants deal a fire attack upon targeting a player. Set it to "0" to disable the attack.


    Version 1.3
    • Fixed entity tracking issues.
    Version 1.2
    • Private release.
    Version 1.1
    • Added configuration file, with the ability to configure the giants spawn rate, health, what items they drop, and if they deal a fire attack.
    Version 1.0
    • First release.
    Let me know if you have any questions, or find any problems.
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    Looks great, gonna test this out now. If you could do something like this to make ghasts spawn naturally in the normal world too that would would be so cool :)

    EDIT: First night and saw 3 giants stood in the trees :p cant wait to see what the other players say bout it (I'm not gonna tell em I added this lol)

    Do the giants die/despawn in light? I noticed the ones i could see vanished at some point shortly after sunrise
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    Sure, do you want them to spawn during the day, or during the night?
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    This seams cool. Be neat if you can control the loot / when they spawn and the chances and such. Make them more like fun rare mobs to fight. Even damage and health if possible hehe :)
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    ideally during spawn at night n burn during the day, I think there a little too dangerous to have hanging about all day lol

    I think you could add loot using drop bonus maybe? i use that for all my custom drops
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    What do you guys want as the default loot/drops from a giant?
    Additionally, do you want the default health of the giant changed? (Currently 100)
    Additionally... Do you want giants to do damage to players when they walk in to a player? (Currently don't by default). If so, how much damage do you guys want the giant to deal?
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    maybe the best thing to do with those would be add a config file? I would think a lot of people will have very different opinions about it
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    I want giants personally to be well configurable but I want them sort of like a rare boss that will own everyone.. Only real way to kill one is to arrow it down and maybe it can still catch up? idk lol
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    Alright. I'll start work on adding the configuration file, and such, tomorrow. =]
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    If you do this with ghasts too, I will be in your debt for eternity.
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    Do you mind if I decompile this to have a look at it? I'm trying to learn a bit of java so I can eventually get some plugins out there too, this seems like a fun plugin to play around with while i learn
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    EDIT: A config would be great. Especially with the "giant" amount of health. People will be working together to take down these sneaky bastards. I can just imagine one night...
    Crap! Skeleton, alright, run other way, keep going. Oh hell no! Gang of creepers, turn the f*** around, OH SH---, okay, I'll take my chances with the skeleton.
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    This is brilliant! I've been planning on coding something like this for a while.
    a config file would be awesome. Especially with the ability to adjust the spawn rate. Also is there any way to stop them spawning in groups? I want giants to be a proper rarity so finding them in packs should never happen.
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    You can now modify the spawn rate, the default health of the giants, what item they drop (and what amount of that item), and if they deal a fire attack.
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    badass. I can't wait to test this out tomorrow. All I can say is I want these babies roaming the land very very few maybe take like 30 minutes to see one and he owns everyone who comes close to him. Hopefully they can see him well before he sees them.

    Then I want him to just shitstorm everyone haha. Maybe I will add rare loot like couple Golden Apples or something.
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    Hmm, prehaps have an option to make it destroy whatever it steps on? I'd pay to watch someones base get trampled while trying to defend it. You could maybe also allow us to control how high a giant can hit.
    If you do this with ghasts too, I will be in your debt for eternity.

    EDIT: Things to fix
    - Config file does not create itself automatically
    - NauralGiants should be NaturalGiants
    - Looking for more.

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    The config file DOES create itself automatically..

    In regards to the typo, where are you seeing that?


    Also, tested, confirmed working with Bukkit #617
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    The typo is in the download.
    "Do you want to open or save NauralGiants.jar from"

    and for some reason, mine isn't auto creating it. Strange.
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    and mobiile supports it, :D
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    nice one Niji
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    Typo fixed. Also, it might be in regards to the file permissions you have set for the /plugins/ folder. Try creating the "NaturalGiants" folder within the /plugins/ folder before running the plugin, and see if that fixes the issue.
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    You better reconsider those words, buddy! Once, long long ago, I spawned a few ghasts in my normal world using the SpawnMob plugin... To this day, I'm STILL finding those big sneaky buggers when they fly up all mumbly-groany and start blowing up my nice pretty lawn!!
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    Alright, it was something very embarrasing on my end. Sorry. (It's facepalm oscar worthy)

    Not going to reconsider it. Ghasts are like the aircrafts of a Call of Duty game. If you don't have them, things get boring.
    Also, on my server: Ghasts have x10 the explosion.
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    Hahahah!! Awesome! [diamond][diamond]
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    Tristan Addie

    I'm curious about this plugin I have it on my server at the moment, but can say spiders, pigs, cows, sheep and wolfs have a change to spawn as giants that would be cool we have been wondering about that on me server at the moment. Giant piggy :p

    Giant Piggy would be cool and giant spider would freak my misses and sisters out

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    The config file wasn't created, please help me.
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    Not possible, giant is actually a mob used in the source code.
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    It would be cool if every player that did damage to the giant would get a portion of the drop.

    For example, if someone hurt it 10 and someone hurt it 90, the one player should get 9x the drop as the other one (and not only one person should get a drop).

    Personally would love iconomy support.
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    Hm, add support for chance to drop different stuff maybe? (I guess one could accomplish this by running another plugin but still)

    like this:
    Drop: 264,1,0.01:352,64,1.0
    This would make it so that it have a 1% chance to drop a diamond, and always drop 64 bones.
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    Whenever i spawn a giant (at night) they spawn burning and whenever i spawn another mob only burning giants spawn O.O

    CB 612

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