[MECH] Mystery Box v1.4 - Create Mystery Box's Like In COD Zombies [935]

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    Mystery Box - Create Mystery Box's Like In COD Zombies!:

    Current Version: 1.4

    Basically this plugin allows you to create Mystery Box's like in black ops zombies etc. To use a Mystery Box right or left click it twice within 2 seconds and you can buy a random item that you specify in the config file. One thing you will notice is there are probabilities, technically the only way they become probabilities if all the items probabilities in the config file, add up to 100%, else it will just create a random guess will close probabilities but not direct ones.

    Mystery Box's are Chests! (Just so you know lol :p)

    To use type /mb or /mysterybox it doesnt matter:
    /mb create <name> - This creates Mystery Boxes, type this then place or click on a chest
    /mb remove - Toggles Removing Mode
    /mb toggle - Globally toggles Mystery Box's On and Off (Still protects Mystery Boxes from breaking)
    /mb list - List all Mystery Box's

    • Allows you to create Mystery Box's
    • Permissions
    • iConomy 4 & 5 Support
    • BOSE Economy Support
    • Essentials Economy Support
    • Op Defaulting
    • Console command support (Toggle only!)
    • Config File Support
    • MySQL and SQLite Support
    • Multi-World Support
    • Saving and Loading of different items to use
    • Automatic Config Generation
    • Cool lightning effect on purchase
    • Ability to modify price, items, amounts and probabilities :D Special thanks to @garbagemule who helped me with doing the items :D
    • Auto-Updating Built in :)
    • Choice to enable or disable lightning effect!
    • Customizable messages! (Includes the colour coding system :D!)
    • When you are in range of a mystery box you get a delightful message :p
    • Enabling or Disabling Economy / Permissions
    • Allows you to set the box's access to free

    Default Config (Generates Automatically!) (open)

    Enabled On Startuptrue
    ?: false
    Use An Economy Plugin?(False means everythings free!): false
    Item Velocity
    Database Settings
    Lightning Effect
    ?: false
    'You do not have enough money, you need: ''§cYou do not have enough money, you
            need: '
        'Creation of Mystery Box''s - Started! Name: '
    '§bCreation of Mystery Box''s
            - Started! Name: '
    Creation of Mystery Box's - Stopped!: §cCreation of Mystery Box'Stopped!
    'Creation of Mystery Box''s - Complete! Name: ''§aCreation of Mystery Box''s
            - Complete! Name: '
    Removing of Mystery Box's - Started!: §bRemoving of Mystery Box'Started!
    Removing of Mystery Box's - Stopped!: §cRemoving of Mystery Box'Stopped!
    You have successfully removed a Mystery Box!: §cYou have successfully removed a Mystery Box!
    You forgot to specify a name for the Mystery Box!: §cYou forgot to specify a name for the Mystery Box!
    Your Mystery Box name may not contain spaces!: §cYour Mystery Box name may not contain spaces!
    That block is already a Mystery Box!: §cThat block is already a Mystery Box!
    There is already a Mystery Box with that nameplease choose another!: §cThere is already a Mystery Box with that nameplease choose another!
    Stop Creating Mystery Box's First!: §cStop Creating Mystery Box's First!
    Stop Removing Mystery Box's First!: §cStop Removing Mystery Box's First!
    'To Create Mystery Box''s Type: ''To Create Mystery Box''s Type: '
        'To Toggle The Mystery Box''s Plugin Type: '
    'To Toggle The Mystery Box''s Plugin
            Type: '
        'To Remove Mystery Box''s Type: '
    'To Remove Mystery Box''s Type: '
        'You just got the item: '
    '§aYou just got the item: '
        'For: '
    '§aFor: '
        'You are currently near the Mystery Box: '
    '§aYou are currently near the Mystery
            Box: '
        'Hit the box again to confirm your purchase! (It costs: '
    '§bHit the box again
            to confirm your purchase! (It costs: '

    Permissions (open)

    • MysteryBox.Toggle - Gives access to /mb toggle
    • MysteryBox.Create - Gives access to /mb create
    • MysteryBox.Remove - Gives access to /mb remove
    • MysteryBox.Use - Gives access to using Mystery Boxes
    • MysteryBox.List - Gives access to /mb list


    Source Code

    Todo (open)

    Bugs (open)

    • No permissions, when permissions isn't enabled!
    • Null pointer on player interact :3
    • Command errors
    • Permission errors
    • Stupid block got destroyed by non permission players
    • Hashmap concurrent error thingy Thankyou to @rcjrrjcr for helping on this :D

    Version 1.4:
    • Fixed a silly bug on block breaking
    • Added free box use
    • Added economy and permission choice
    • Added item velocity fun!
    • Small code fixes
    Version 1.3:
    • Fixed tons of bugs
    • Added Auto-Updating script
    • Support for Bose Economy and Essentials Economy
    • More Options
    Changelog (Long) (open)

    Version 1.4:
    • Fixed a silly bug on block breaking
    • Added free box use
    • Added economy and permission choice
    • Added item velocity fun!
    • Small code fixes
    Version 1.3:
    • Fixed tons of bugs
    • Added Auto-Updating script
    • Support for Bose Economy and Essentials Economy
    • More Options
    Version 1.2:

    • Fixed Null pointer exception :p
    Version 1.1:

    • Fixed No Permissions bug
    Version 1.0:

    • Initial Release
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    Is the custom version coming anytime soon? :)
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    Durpa hurp its out! :p
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    Im using 1.3 right now and permissions are not working. Gave use permission to a certin group but appearntly the whole server can use it. Is that fixed in 1.4 ?;p
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    Unfortunately your /mb commands conflict with the one and only mobbounty plugin :(
    we need mob bounty to pay your 950 ;)
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    Yes it is, its fixed, just update

    ill add a config setting for the /mb command ok ;)

    P.S: Anyone using this on 860?
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    When I /mb create TEST and place OR click nothing happens....
    Build: 818
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    Do you have permission? Is the plugin loaded? Have you restarted the server, maybe it updated randomly?
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    Can you make say "air" be like the teddy bear in cod so if you get a teddy bear no money is taken and you cannot use that mysterybox for like 10 minutes?
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    I'm op... Yes I can do /mb and it shows the commands. Yes the i reloaded and restarted the server...
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    hmmmm I believe you may have a conflicting plugin OR, you havnt updated OR reloading causes problems? try updating and stopping the server see if it makes a difference :)
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    Possible to get a time delay added to this? :)
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    Can someone maybe make a video or some pictures of this in action?
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    No problem.
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    Think you could add support to require and item (eg: GoldIngot)? I don't run an economy plugin, but yet I don't think the mystery box should be free.
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    Yes work smooth and fine
    Never, NEVER encountered a problem
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    I get a internal error on CB 860 and newest version of this if i use /mb remove
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    do you have mob bounty installed?

    hmmmm, maybe, dont really see the use? do u mean, u cant use it after someones used it for like x seconds?

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    conflicting plugin maybe ...
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    Can you PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE make this plugin configurable to allow these boxes to automatically spawn in dungeons? :D
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    Any thoughts on my suggestion from above? ^.^
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    can you make it so that each box has its own config file? Cause I want to be albe to make different boes with different items in them
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    Bingo. Asked what I was going to ask before I even said it. NEEDED in next update!

    Or... make different setups. Example: Setup 1 has log at 50% and wood at 50%. Let's say I want a different chest, with different loot chance and items next to it. I'd use setup 2. Setup 2 has cookie 80% diamond 20%.
    So my point is different chests should not have same items or there would only be use for one on your world. Or like small risk taker = Setup 1 / big risk taker = Setup 2

    To swap between setups: /mb toggle setup <setup#>

    Edit: also ive seen it posted before but do you already have a fix for the mobbounty problem?
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    Yes - I' d like to restrict it a bit to prevent spamming or maybe have it set to a limited number of uses?
    So i could say pop one up in a random location, inform the server then if they stumble accross it, its a mad dash to use it.
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    I cant create or use any mystery boxes after I edited the config file
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    wait, can you buy the mystery items with items? not iconomy money?
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    haha, lol, im I actually dont know how, keep buggin me tho :p
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    Think you could add support to require and item (eg: GoldIngot)? I don't run an economy plugin, but yet I don't think the mystery box should be free.

    I'mma keep buggin you :)
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    You must have made an error, check the log

    Working on it...

    Working on it...

    Working on it... and as for the mob bounty problem, it will be fixed in the next update...

    OK here are the planned features for the next update:

    • in the config file you can enable or disable /mb for use if you have mob bounty installed, maybe even auto detect :)
    • Different Items for different mystery boxes
    • An itemlist file for defining names for certain items
    • Ability to change certain mystery box setting in game (price etc.)
    • Ability to set uses to the mystery box
    • ~~~MAYBE~~~ Ability to modify maps to show mystery boxes (if there is a mystery box in a position on a map, it will display a chest or confiigurable image)
    • Random locations for the Mystery Boxes, they generate in areas like dungeons etc.
    • Ability for people to collect mystery boxes if they find one in a dungeon and create one
    • Ability for people to add there own items to the mystery box, set probabilities and the money goes to them (i like this feature lol)
    • A video demonstration of mystery boxes
    • Ability to set up item buying mystery boxes instead of iconomy
    • Ability to add items to the chest for limited stock mystery boxes
    • Smexy new config file, so it wont be all messy (one for messages, settings, items etc.)
    • Intergration with lwc, I dont know how on earth I will do this but meh idc lol
    • Ability to set mystery boxes kits, so instead of asking for diamond helm, diamond chest etc, its just /mb add diamond_armor_kit
    • ~~~MAYBE~~~ A sign based version, allowing you to scroll through all the items in the mystery box and the probabilities and prices next to it ;)

    Well I hope you like this list coz its long lOl :)
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