[MECH] Multiple Inventory Pages v2.0 [1.4.7 R0.2]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by geqoo, Jan 1, 2012.

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    when i on inv 1 and put random things in
    and switch to inv 2 and put random things in there also,
    and then go back to inv 1 it is empty again (inv 1)
    and when i switch back to inv 2 its also empty.

    well i have a homeserver what is a clone of the life server
    except of 2 plugins not installed: HawkEye and xAuth

    it works fine on the homeserver what has this 2 plugins not

    i dont think its HawkEye so i would say it conflicts
    with xAuth


    do you have also xAuth installed?
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    No, I dont have xAuth installed. I use the latest development build server with PermissionsBukkit and my plugin, nothing else.
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    so its not xAuth ...

    the only other different between my home and life server
    is, my home is Windows and the other is Linux

    both has Java 6 and 1.2.5 R 3 (latest beta build)
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    Maybe it is a linux problem... I will look at it later today.
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    Non Global Mode? o,o
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    I like the simplicity of this plugin!

    Is there a possibility that you will add permissions that limit the number of inventories per person.

    Something like: multiinv.limit.4
    This would limit a group to 4 inventories. This would allow us server owners to limit the number of inventories for each group.

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    Love the plugin, but the first time I tried to use it, I banged on the keyboard like an ape and must have tried to switch while it was switching. Anyways, I lost my items (don't care, as I'm op) and I can't help but feel this will happen to my other players when they first get use to it. I've decided that it's not worth the hassle, returning the items, and potential lies. If you can somehow fix this and remove the potential loss of items, I'll be more than happy to use! Thanks for your contribution and any future updates. Keep it up!
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    Hey guys!

    I am so sorry that I don't have time for the plugin til end of May.
    But I promise I will do something if June started & I will fix much errors & do all the things you want.

    ~Until then
    A good time.
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    Has anyone reported the item data-value bug yet?

    When you store items in pages 2-6 that have data values (like dyes for examle) and then you switch to another page, those items all revert to the 0 data value. All dyes turn into ink sacs, chiseled sandstone turns to sandstone, etc. It only happens when you switch pages or when you log out and back in, but it always happens.
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    New features & bugfixes are planned to be implemented today if I am up in the morning.

    Planned for today at night:

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    hey is there a way to put like a number of the inventory u r at when u look at it ? like if i press 'E' ofc i will see my inventory but when u have a lot of stuff (like 8 inventories) u can get lost :p but if u can put like a number some where so i can tell which inventory i'm at it will be useful :) Forget about it if its to much coding trouble XD THANKS ! Also ppls that r using this and charging $$ for players privileges by giving them the chance of using this plugin should give some of those donations or part at least to u ! and again THANKS for taking your time for this :) +1
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    So sorry, this is not possible with bukkit because the client doesn't tell the server if you opened your inventory.
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    I am now working on it.

    -Get your current page with /getcp
    -Reset all own inventory pages with /resetmypages
    -Reset database (op only)
    -Permissions to limit the number of useable pages for each group
    -Cleaned up the code a bit so it runs faster

    v2.0 is out.

    Planned for later patches:
    -Fix the linux path bug
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    THANKS FOR THIS !!! +1 :)
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    so far no issues with the new Bukkit 2269 which is for MC 1.3.1 :) thanks geqoo :p idk about the new items but im guessing no problem XD
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    Since I got this crappy item fix from the one user at bukkitDev, items shouldn't make problems anymore.
    The plugin shouldn't care about new Minecraft versions.
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    ~Updated to CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R1.0
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    geqoo I don't see anyone else with my issue but:
    I am using PEX, my config is like this:
    I've added the permissions:
    multiinvpages.limit.2 and multiinvpages.limit.3 to the 2 groups I want to have accordingly 2 and 3 inventories, but when they try /inv 2 or 3 it gives them error that they do not have permissions.
    Any idea why is that?

    Also I couldn't check by now becouse the plugin doesn't run atm but does is support multi worlds?
    I use multiinv plugin for multy worlds, I need that so people don't exploit this plugin and bring items from the FreeBuild world to the srurvival one.
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    Thanks for your post.
    Because of it I found a bug in the plugin where the configuration wasn't checked correctly.
    Please download the latest version of the plugin I released today and try it again with the permission fixed one.

    Tell me if it works :)
    Btw: I use multiverse core and I got no problems with it.
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    everytime i use /setpp i keep getting this command is only available in non-global mode
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    I will look for that today.. But I think it is a configuration issue.
    Can you post your config?

    For all others: Plugin will be updated to the latest dev stage today.

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    Any chance you can fix the bug where enchanted books lose their magical powers when switching inventories?

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