[MECH] Multiple Inventory Pages v2.0 [1.4.7 R0.2]

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    Multi Inventory - Use more than one inventory page
    This PlugIn is built for Bukkit 1.4.7-R0.2


    Multi Inventory - what is this?
    You can use more than your standard inventory page by switching the pages with a command. Your inventory is saved to a database where no data can get lost.
    Your working slots (1 to 9) are NOT saved and are not switched!
    If you die, you will loose the amount of pages you have configured.

    How to use?

    This is the help
    /inv <number>
    This command switches your current used inventory page to the specified <number>
    /setpp <player name> <amount of pages>
    Set amount of pages a custom player can use (only available in non global mode)
    Gets your current page
    Resets all your saved data
    Resets the database of the plugin (OP only)
    Add-On (Only useable with Spout):
    If you are in game mode or in inventory mode you can use the hotkeys "," and ".".
    The hotkey "," switches your inventory to the next page and the hotkey "." switches your inventory to the previous page (Don't press one of the hotkeys while the inventory is changing!).

    Config.yml switches

    OnlyOp: This value can be set to 1 or 0.
    If only OP's shall be allowed to use that change the value to 1, else leave it 0.

    MaxInventoryPages: This value can be 0 or from 2 to 8.
    If you want all players to have the same amount of inventory pages, use a value from 2 to 8.
    If you set this value to 0 the non-global mode is enabled and you need to configure each player with the command "/setpp <player name> <amount of pages>" before he can use more than one page.

    LooseAllPagesOnDead: This value can be set to 1 or 0.
    If you shall loose all inventory pages on dead change the value to 1, else leave it 0 (you loose only your current inventory page, not the saved ones).

    PermissionMode: This value can be set to 1 or 0.
    If you set this to 1, the permission mode is enabled (only users with permission can use it).
    If you are in this mode, you can use permissions for each group.

    Permissions are named from: multiinvpages.limit.2
    to: multiinvpages.limit.8

    For example if you want to give the group default 5 pages, set the permission multiinvpages.limit.5


    Just put the file in the zip archive to your "plugins" folder and restart or reload your server then it should work.
    If you want to use the Spout-AddOn, you will have to put the SpoutPlugin (link) into your servers' plugin directory.

    Note: SpoutPlugin does NOT support reloads so you need to restart(!) your complete server.

    NOTE: If you upgrade to version 1.8: In your plugins folder, rename the 'multiinv' folder to 'multiinvpages' AND delete the 'multiinv.jar' in your plugins folder because the name of it has changed!




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    Lol. umm. your page is mostly in code o.o
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    Yup I see the nice bug, working on.

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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Add version in title, as well as version.
    Also, the code inside the [ code] tags is really messed up.
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    Yow, sorry for the bug in the internet explorer (shit browser ...)

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    Push. v1.3 released!

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    is it possible to edit it after the thread is created? ...

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    Yes, Bottom left corner of the post for main body (under "edit"), top right under "thread tools" for title.
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    Needs RB in title
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    I know an old plugin like this worked in that if you held down shift and scrolled to another hotbar slot, it would change your inventory slot. Any possibility of adding that option?

    My friends and I loved this plugin idea a while back, thanks for bringing it back!
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    Hi there!

    I have added a similar function.

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    Might wanna add pics
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    I will add a video today after the new version is done!
    I'm not sure yet if I should add Permissions support.
    ~Thinking about it
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    Always, add permissions support.
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    Currently in development:

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    Please! Especially with a plugin of that kind I think Permissions very important.
    For example I would use it for VIP accounts. Without Permissions impossible.

    Sorry for my bad English.
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    commands should be /inv 1 /inv 2
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    This is a great plugin. I use it so the builders on my server have more inventory space.
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    Permissions would be great.
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    Sorry, no permissions support!
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    I need to know with pretty high certainty that there isn't any way someone could exploit and duplicate items with this plugin. Any info on that?
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    This is a good suggestion asm0deus & I thought about that topic. As far as I checked my plugin it shouldn't be possible to duplicate items.
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    Please integrate. Otherwise, not much good.
    And I've been waiting so long for a plugin of its kind.
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    Maybe the next days ...
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    Thank you so much!!!

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