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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Pluckerpluck, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. This is not safe.

    It's been working great, but if a player's MC client crashes in a seperate inventory world, they can respawn in the main world, and not get the correct inventory back...
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    holy shit, FIX THIS PLUGIN

    i constantly have players having problems with it. they're inventories clear, they share across the wrong world, and its REALLY annoying as i'm trying to run a good server here
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    +1 please fix the dupes and deaths. Our economy is now 100% failed. We had to restart our world and have no creative worlds at all. :(
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    anyone know how to do for make the pple no shares the inv from 2 different worlds?
  5. I am amazingly busy atm and can't seem to find what's wrong with the plugin... in general it needs a re-write and it's hard for me to maintain at the moment.

    Either temporarily or permanently I suggest using "World Inventories" which pretty much is the same as this but it's newer and uses some nicer bukkit methods that have recently been implemented. The code is also much cleaner and the dev is currently very active.

    Unless I get a chance to re-write this I suggest you use that (unless this works fine for you).
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    Why don't you use modifiers (e.g. public and private) in your source code?
    It looks more professionals and makes pretty colours in an IDE (which is VERY important of course)

    Oh, wait. You only did that in the main class.
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    "World Inventories" does not show up on the plugin list even when you select search submissions.
    Can you provide a link please?

    Edit: Nevermind I found it on bukkit dev
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    Is it possible for me to have one world in creative mode and one as survival? Can this change automaticly when I pass thru the worlds?
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    Yeah, it is. Just add this to the document:

    world1 = world2

    and replace whatever the survival and creative world names are with the world1 and 2.
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    I'm sure some others have had the issue with xp not being transferred to shared worlds. Also the bug when any player leaves a world and comes back their xp is reset.

    Anyone have a fix for this?
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    Actually all multinv plugins had bug (Enchants + xp) :( plz update

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    It's possible share a selected item ?
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    How do i setup shared worlds? shares.yml makes no sence... i just have

    in mine..

    I want to share muezli with muezli_nether
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      - meuzli
      - muezli_nether
      - derpVille
      - dimWitWorld
      - SomeWorld
    Makes perfect sense once you see it.
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    Remove the space character, you never should have had it in the world name to begin with.

    Also, my thread:
  16. People are complaining over enchantments vanishing when moving into my creative world. The creative world has a inventory group of its own and so im wondering if enchants are saved properly and then restored when coming back?

    Dont give up on this plugin, its been faithful for some time now.
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    I cant seem to get my worlds to share inv.

  19. I would like to do something like this myself. If you find any that work like this let me know! I'm very interested!
    Also do you have an IP you'd be willing to share I'd like to see how your server is setup.
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    Switched to WorldInventories, it works better - Multiverse-NetherPortals no longer allows keeping inventories cross-world, and since it displays a message every time you teleport cross-world it's an easy way to make sure everything works as it should.
    I had a good run with this plugin, but in the end there were too many bugs that caused people to lose inventories in one world, and for some reason every time that happened they got the creative inventory moved to the wrong world, which ruins the economy and makes the game unfair for other people... Glad WI had a MultiInv conversion feature, but props for having the first per-world inventory plugin. I don't know how any server could survive without per world inventories, multiworld support is kind of pointless if people can get whatever they want to in creative and bring it to survival. Guess that's why a lot of servers have a separate creative server.
    I suggest everyone move to WorldInventories (pluckerpluck has apparently suggested it himself, according to a post I found earlier):
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    Hey everyone, for those of you still waiting for a fixed build that has enchantments fixed, I have a version for you. @Joy It also fixes a few of the crossworld bugs that you see as well in the plugin and should be more reliable. Please note that with the addition of enchantments it might be incompatible with any official builds from Pluckerpluck although I do have a pull request out for him. Here is the version I am maintaining:
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    how to set flatland as default mode 1
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    When teleporting to a different world and back, enchantments on items carried like swords are lost. I've received complaints from a lot of people about losing high level enchantments after coming back from a creative world.
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    Have you tried my temp build in the other page? It supports enchantments.
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    No, I'll update to that and try it out.
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    I will try this i hope its 1.0.0 =)
  27. i'm sorry, but as i reported on the multiinv bukkitdev web page, your build is not anywhere near stable.
    there is some major bugs (including inventory not saved ...) left out ...
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    Those bugs are now fixed according to several people in my newest builds. All my builds can be found here now:
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    Thanks for the great Plugin Tux2. We have been using it for a long time now and it let's us have competition/play worlds without contaminating the main worlds.

    Any chance of working in separating Experience Points between worlds as well now? :)
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    i'd bump that exp stuff. i have a pvp world, and ppl can farm exp in other worlds and enchant their stuff there. kinda suxx. :(
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