Inactive [MECH] MultiInv V2.4.1 - Per World Inventories [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Pluckerpluck, Feb 17, 2011.

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    As you can see, the developer of this plugin is already working on a fix for the new Craftbukkit- Versions. :)
  2. Looking forward to tommorows update :). I know how you feel, no need to get up about it :D.
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    I've also been looking forward to this plugin, I'm happy to hear that your pc is hanging in there.

    Much love if you can get it out without windows pooping its pants.
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    Oh, btw I just discovered that the "Could not pass ... to ..." Errors weren't caused by this plugin. For some reason, JumpBlock started creating these when I installed ANY new plugin. I deleted it.
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    Is it also possible to store the health? So that the user couldn't heal them in the creative world.

  6. AFAIK you can't do that with bukkit, although it may have been fixed recently.
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  8. I'm looking into this. It all depends on whether bukkit has fixed it. But I have a ... potential fix ... if it hasn't. It would just wait a second or two until after the teleport before changing the health. I'd probably now add a config option to allow it to be manually edited for those with problems of lag. There's a disadvantage to testing localhost.

    Edit: I also have another idea which I'll test that would work regardless of lag.

    Edit 2: I should also say my parents are divorced and I've suddenly found that I'm staying with my dad this weekend and he's picking us up later today (technically I have a say in whether I go but it's harsh on my dad if I were to say no)... depending when he picks me and my brother up will depend if I have a release. Also, I'm planning on taking my code to his place so depending on what we do I may be able to work there... if I can run a minecraft test server there... I'll try my best. But once again, because of this the converter may be delayed.

    Ok, I need testers as I can't fully test this myself. Also turn on health in config as it should work (has slight delay). It works on waiting for a bit an hoping you changed world in time... 2 seconds I think. Can't change it yet and you WILL LOSE YOUR INVENTORIES (except your current one) on first run. If you really want you can manually change the inventories from 2.1 by opening each dat file and doing the following change:

    • Change "w:world" to "MultiInvInventory" (where world can be any of your worlds depending on the folder it's in).
    • So it should now say "MultiInvInventory=.........." etc
    Completely ignore health for now, it's not fully changed and it's still world dependent (i.e. moving the .dat file won't move the health atm) but if you leave it and set the config to separate health then it should still work.

    Please test, I'm only releasing here atm because it's not fully tested and not 100% complete. I'm leaving any minute now so I'm rushed and I'm hoping for the best (it seems to work on my pc)

    Edit... oh darn, won't work with notch's nether portals. Just read the full 860 changes which means I'll need to use portal events. I'll see if I can get that done soon but you may just have to use portals set up to use MultiVerse teleports or similar instead to make it work.

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    I shall test this sir. This is exactly what I have been looking for (up til now I've been using an awkward workaround with ItemGates). If it's buggy, well, so is Minecraft.
  10. One thing I didn't have time to test was sharing multiple worlds to one world:
    world2 = world1
    world3 = world1

    There's no reason it shouldn't work... but I can't be sure and there's a chance there's a problem in the code.

    Plus, it's all very case sensitive atm. There's only 1 thing I've made non-case sensitive and I no longer remember what it is.

    Edit: Does Flobi's converter work? And I have no idea why I used '!' in the code when I knew they'd have to be escaped.... doesn't really make a differences too much but it increases the file size.
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    One thing: I can't find the permissions node that you stated existed :s

    My parents are divorced too mate, I know the feeling. Take your time and do a proper job, none of us are going to have a hissy fit if you take a little bit longer to get things working, so long as they work properly when you're done (and it doesn't take a stupid amount of time).

    I have several creative worlds, and several survival worlds, and several PvP worlds; obviously this makes my server an ideal testing ground for sharing multiple worlds to one. I'll give it a shot (as for case-sensitiveness...I'm used to that; most plugins are and it's force of habit at this point).

    OH, by the way. You are the 30th plugin on my server :p (means you'll be getting a lot of feedback on the compatibility of your plugin with others).
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    So are you going to make a way to change the old dat files to the new ones? :S

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    That will take forever... I have over 2000 .dat files for players inventories :(
  15. I've asked my players to put their items in chests before they log out (we use Lockette so no problems there), i may manually change some of the more active users that don't come on between now and the switch.
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    Preston Taylor

    It seems to me that when you /s or /tp between a world that is not shared you lose your entire inventory no matter what
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    Oh come on... This plugin was made to create an inventory for every world... Or did I get you wrong?
  18. Yea, that's what it should do. But the problem sounds like it's losing the entire inventory and on return you still don't have it.

    Does this happen consistently or only on the first couple of teleports. I think I may have experienced this in testing when I first teleported but I wasn't sure as it worked consistently from then on and I didn't have time to test.

    I'll have a way to convert it yes. You'll be able to convert from pre-2.1 to 2.2 or 2.1 to 2.2. Both will be possible and both will be thoroughly tested. But it's just now fathers day for those in the UK (00:44) so I need sleep and chances are most of tomorrow will be busy. I'm sure linux has a nice way to edit every save though I guess you'll have to manually change the batch of files for each world. But I'll create a nice method. It's actually really easy to convert if you know any code (or if anyone else is willing to write it while I'm busy).

    But is it working other than Preston Taylors complete failure (not the person, the error)... has anyone else experienced that problem or is it just him and does sharing worlds work?
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    Preston Taylor

    No, it's my own failure. Turns out that:

    world1 = world2
    world1 = world3

    is NOT the same as

    world2 = world1
    world3 = world1

    Not only did this fix the inconsistency between my inventories deciding when to work and when not to work. It fixed the /s and /tp out of the only unshared world in my server.
  20. That actually helps. I'm meant to detect that as a problem so you've shown me a "bug" that I need to fix.
  21. What was wrong with the old way of doing things? (It's hard to say that and not sound a prick, but i'm not sure what the new way does differently).
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    Sorry, it's a little hard to read through all of these previous posts and try to extract data. I have latest Bukkit, will this plugin work or not? Are there current issues? I just need a "Yes you're okay" Or "No wait until it can be fixed" (and why). I really would enjoy this, as i have a creative and survival world :p
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    If you havent used it in the past, then you should be able to use it with no problems and minimal configuration
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    Thank you!

    Have a nice day.

    EDIT: Works great! Awesome :]
  25. The reason I changed it was a coding reason. The effect is the exact same but the actual code is about 50x cleaner. I can read directly from the file and using a hashTable it's easy to tell if there's duplicates (I just missed this in the latest version).

    It's just I ran into so many bugs with the old method due to the way I had to parse the data and loop through it that this way is much nicer. Plus I also don't have to manually open the file using java but instead use the much better properties file system.

    Overall this is to make it easier for others to change my code if need be and if I die then people won't have to completely start over because they can't understand the bizarre thoughts running through my head when I wrote it.

    But tomorrow is the day I get back to my PC and I'm gonna try finish the converter (note that from now on, most changes to the save files will be automatic because I don't have to re-write the system or change the keys).
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    this looks great and all but sharing doesnt seem to work on mine. this is what i put.
    # Example based on old shares system
    # homeWorld, nether, planets
    # joy, playworld
    # would now be written
    # NormalWorld_nether = NormalWorld
    # planet = homeworld
    # playworld = joy

    this correct? ive tried many other orientations as well, but i cant get the inventories to be the same. it always ends up being blank in the nether.
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    Ur not supposed to use the # symbol in front of the configs ur using. The # sign is for examples.
    nether = world
    That would be an example of what you need. But it depends on the World Folder Names of course.
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  29. I'd also like to throw out there that I don't think the nether will work atm. Unless you use conventional teleport methods. I have to add portal events which they decided to add in 860...

    Ok, currently I fixed the converter for anyone waiting for pre-2.1 inventories (if you are you're very patient). Still gui only though...
    But I haven't been able to test it, I hope for the best. Working on 2.1 to 2.2 now...

    Same url but now it should be able to convert pre-2.1 and 2.1 to 2.2.
    The 2.1 method requires you to select each file individually and click convert (doesn't auto get from directory). But you can shift-click (or mac equivalent) to select multiple files to convert so you only have to do it once per world.
    Also be warned, this mode actually changes the original file so make sure you make a backup in case it fail

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    I posted that Jul 17 and the most recent post you made before (I've skimmed through twice and don't see any later, but I could have missed one) was Jun 3. Technically, we would both be right, over a month (1 month and 14 days, nearly a month and a half actually) and you were on in June (which of course, was last month). :) I'm not irritated by it and I hope it never came across that way. I totally understand how things come up. I was simply trying to illuminate the person I was replying to about your absence. It's totally working fine on my system (860) and I think it's a fantastic addon, I am very grateful for.

    It's good to see you back. Take a look at the conversion thing I uploaded if you like, it seems to be helping people moving from 1.5 to 2.x.
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