Inactive [MECH] MorePhysics v2.0 - Make Minecraft feel a bit more real.... Or not. [RB-1.2.5]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Taco, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Blocs are not getting launched...
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    I don't have time to fix it currently.
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    Did you ever find a plugin to do that? I am looking for one.
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    Well, there is a plugin for reducing your hunger bar but I don't know about the armor training
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    :) Update would be nice
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    Updated for 1.1-R3.
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    Can you please make this crush cobblestone optionally? so that this will be possible like in the piston mod?
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    First of all... title says v1.5, OP says v1.4 and the server says v1.6? Which is it?

    Second of all, I'm running the plugin on my server on the default configuration, and yet there's no speed or swimming penalties, even while wearing full gold armour. Is this a known bug?

    Thank you for your reply.
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    Taco could you add a feature so that wood falls? as in:
    you cut the bottom of a tree and the rest of the wood falls like sand.
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    It's 1.6, I've been horrible about keeping up the version numbers. As for the config not reading, if you're running the latest RB, that's your issue. I'm going to fix it up soon, and if it doesn't work then, please report back.

    Edit: It seems there's an issue with craftbukkit itself that causes an issue with reporting back the correct elevation of a player as they move. More info can be found here:

    I'm sorry to say that it is impossible to animate any block sand/gravel with the sand/gravel falling animation. I have thought about doing this though, and maybe in a later version I will.
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    i dont mind the animation but i just want it to fall, im trying to make an auto tree farm u see (piston crusher plugin)
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    Ah, alright. Thanks.
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    It would be nice to see a 1.2.3 update :D
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    It should work for the most part on 1.2.3, but I will not make any official 1.2.3 releases until a recommended build for 1.2.3 has been released.
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    Updated to new config system.
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    Unfortunately moving up sand/gravel by pistons throws errors instead of flying into the air, which is a pitty, because just for that I installed this plugin :(
    I hope this will be fixed asap ...
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    I'll look at that. It didn't throw errors in 1.1, and the code for it hasn't changed since, so I'll see what's going on.

    Fix for sand/gravel errors uploaded.

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    I got this spamming my Console and i am 99% certain its your plugin.

    16:43:29 [INFO] 0.07840000000000202
    16:43:27 [INFO] 0.08261450387192938
    16:43:29 [INFO] 0.10456615361848584
    16:43:29 [INFO] 0.09799548242861812
    16:43:31 [INFO] 0.10718671331474904
    16:43:31 [INFO] 0.09799838070182218
    16:43:30 [INFO] 0.09193870743531066
    16:43:32 [INFO] 0.07840000000000202
    16:43:32 [INFO] 0.07840000000000202
    16:43:31 [INFO] 0.08261450387192938
    16:43:33 [INFO] 0.07840000000000202
    16:43:32 [INFO] 0.07840000000000202
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    Try downloading again. I remember I had to re-upload this because I forgot to remove some debug code.
  20. Looks beast. This will be a major plugin on my server!
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    Good to hear! ^^
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    Good work with the plugin, we use the piston-launch function at the moment on 1.2.3_R-0.2,
    and it works fine.

    I wonder if you'd consider adding a configuration option for the velocity/height
    when launched by a piston?, either by a speed, or perhaps a x-blocks setting?

    Keep up the good work :)
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    I may. I never really considered it, but that's not a bad idea. :p
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    Nice job! Really fun plugin to play with, and also very useful to make a more defined server. :D

    And the sinking boats is just awesome.
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    Any way to add support to change the amount of launch power pistons have? I'd love to use this mod but it throws things way too far for my liking.

    If you wanted to get really snazzy, allowing us to define launch power on a per-block and entity ID basis would be spiffy too >.>
    In effect I'd like the piston to bounce people and blocks about 4-5 blocks high rather than the, like, 20 it dose by default =x

    Cheers o/
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    Been there, wrote that ;),
    reading atleast 2-3 other posts above could be a good tip for the future.
    But yeah, it is a good idea anyways with the piston-settings :)
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    I'll definitely look into this.
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    I read the first two of the 7 pages before just using the quick reply to add suggestion, sorry if its already been suggested, but consider it adding my support for the option =3
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    Updates may be a little slow. I'm on my last year in high school and it's the week before spring break, so my teachers are piling on last minute work and projects. I'll do what I can, but don't expect anything til at least Saturday. My apologies to all that are waiting.
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    It's alright, and yeah, more support for the idea is neat
    - i guess we had the same general idea :)

    Ah, but that is understandable and perfectly alright,
    And you do not even need to apologize for - not doing your free work faster - for us users who like your work with the plugin :)

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