Inactive [MECH] MorePhysics v2.0 - Make Minecraft feel a bit more real.... Or not. [RB-1.2.5]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Taco, Jun 25, 2011.

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    You are supposed to, I may figure out a way to turn off the fall from pistons. It'd be optional of course.

    I'm not sure if the force of the pistons is the same as I've never actually used the mod, but functionality-wise it seems to be the same. Feel free to let me know if I've missed anything.
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    These are some ideas, competely your choise if you want to use them or not.
    I am sure that some are not even possible, but still worth a shot.

    - iron armor slightly increases your chance of getting struck by lightning. also standing next to trees or being up high ect.

    - wearing armor slows your swim speed and/or just makes you sink.

    - making other blocks fall from the sky, other than sand and gravel

    - falling very tall heights into water can hurt you slightly. but not as much as falling on hard ground.

    - extremely fast minecart collision breaks them. or even hurt the players too.

    - breaking the leaves off a tree provides sticks occasionally, or apples. (other plugins can do this though)

    - ocean pressure hurting you.

    - rain putting out fire. (to be honest i don't know if it already does this. never tested)

    - armor that helps you prevent fall damage and save you from drowning is not really realistic. perhaps you could disable this

    - fire/ lava can melt snow blocks. (not the thin stuff. the full blocks)

    This is all i can think of right now. These are only suggestions, many seem hard to do, or are just impossible.
    After a while of playing it is hard to find things like this. I've gotten used to the Minecraft physics. :)
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    Think you can do something that'l add even more physics?

    The simple things. Giving a block "strength" and "weight" I can disallow those 1x1 dirt towers.

    Of course, other things too. Such as not being able to put 5 cubic tons of iron on 1 wooden block. Ya kno, support and all. Possible?
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    Requesting update.
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    The issue with that is it being very resource heavy, though I'm planning on looking into what I can do without causing issues.

    It should work with the new rb, I don't have time right now to check, so it'd be great if someone could let me know.
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    Somone I know tried makin a plugin like this. It worked but it didn't entirely work. Each block had weight and strength. Every time someone placed a block it would get the id of the block under the one placed. Then match its id with a weight and strength in the config file. If the block under it had a strength of like 1.5 and the block being placed had a weight of 2, it would break as soon as placed. If not, it would stay. Course it only worked with the block directly under it.

    Do you think you could try something like this if it took account for ALL blocks under it? Like it would take account for all the block's strength and weight. Especially for horizontal placements (so it would act live leaves and a tree. if the leaves (the blocks being placed without direct support from under it) were so far away from the tree logs (the support beam) they would disappear and break (or turn into gravel and fall...OR TNT XD)))
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    I'd have to place limitations on what could be done with this, I wouldn't want someone to be able to place say a gold block and instantly have a tunnel to bedrock. That would be like greifer's heaven.
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    Well no it wouldn't destroy the entire structure on placement it would only destroy the blocks placed.
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    I was more thinking it'd only break say 4 blocks down if the combined strength of the 4 is less than the strength of the block placed. Keeping track of what's been placed would require something like logblock.
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    Woa don't merge strengths though. For example say you had 3 iron blocks stacked on each other vertically. IronBlock's strength and weight are...say, 4 and 2. The bottom iron block has a strength of 4 so it can carry the weight of 2 other iron blocks. Place 1 more on the vertical 1x1 structure and the ironblock is forced to carry a weight of 6. Since it can't, the bottom one breaks. (Course I would figure iron would be a lot stronger but this should do as an example lol)
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    I can't seem to find any "Bouncy" blocks. Tried putting "19" (sponge) in the config. Still won't work.
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    What version of this plugin are you using?
    What version of CraftBukkit are you running?
    How high are you jumping from?
    Are there any errors?
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    The latest one.. I'm using the recommended bukkit version for 1.8.1.

    1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 blocks high.

    No errors on the console.
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    It needs to be around 30 blocks high for any effect. I may make it a bit less, but that's it for now.
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    update to 1185?
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    It works fine on 1185, I forgot to update the title.
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    oh thx I LOVE THIS PLUGINNN!!!!
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    Is the power at witch pistons move entity changeable what you had in the video seems a bit much for my liking :D
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    @Taco , I may love you
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    Not at the moment since pistons are a bit fickle. I may add a few different settings in a later update.

    o.o Thank you?
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    Would like a way to configure how much force pistons have horizontally and vertically (separately). Launching vertically is cool, but horizontally messes up my piston elevator...
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    If I may. A simple suggestion for block strength is to have a hashmap<Block, Double[]>, where the Double[] is the length 2 array of strength and weight. When a block is placed by a player, it recursively loops down the y until the strength is over the weight of the block. It takes air blocks as a weight of 0, of course, and basically skips right though them. For every call down, add 0.01 weight to the block as a "gravity" factor. It then breaks all the blocks up till that last block and places the block above the last one. Imagine, you place a heavy iron block on the top of a glass dome and have the roof of the dome collapse down onto the floors below it, all the way to the bottom floor, suffocating a player who had the misfortune of walking there. Simulates gravity and strength.
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    OOO OO. Suggestion.

    Is it possible to make it where wearing heavier armor can also make you get hungrier faster? Because it requires a real work out to care that stuff. Also, Not sure if this would be your plugin.. but is it possible you could add a Variable called "Weight Training". Then link it to the entire weight physics variables and then find a way that Weight Training variable can change over time by using heavy armor?

    Like... When a player puts diamond armor on. He can barley move. but if he has been using armor a lot, then over time his weight training level, levels up and he then gets faster and faster until he reaches normal minecraft speed using even diamond armor! I would love to have a level attached to weight. :D
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    isnt that kinda the point of the plugin?

    also can you add custom gravity to this as a configurable option?
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    It's to the point where it makes you unable to jump a single block. I may look into gravity when I have more time.
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    The plugin works for boosting players / blocks - but it won't boost minecarts?

    Neither occupied or unoccupied minecarts will work, they just get pushed up/down 1 block as 'normal'.
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    They work for me o.o What version of craftbukkit and my plugin are you running?
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    it work for 1337?
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    Hey, using CraftBukkit build 1392 (latest stable build) and Minecraft 1.8.1 everything works fine, except for the pistons. They shoot people and dropped items, but not blocks (sand and gravel sometimes even disappear after turning the piston on). Tried it with 1337 build (latest recommended build), but no change. What could be the problem?

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