[MECH/MISC] Seasons - Snow Snow Snow Edition. I can see it ! [1.5.2]

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    Seasons - The Great Weather Plugin
    Version: v2.0.3 (Snow Snow Snow Edition)

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev
    Still want more ?
    Take a look at the SeasonsPlusPlus plugin on BukkitDev
    Metrics Stats (Thanks to you) :​
    Old Thread
    Old Thread

    Add differents seasons to your server.
    Change the duration of Seasons using the in-game time in days
    Each season has its own weather probability and its own duration
    Just put the Jar in yout plugin Folder and let's go !
    Using Spout (optional), you can put only snow on snowSeasons (configurable)

    • Add as many seasons you want with properties
    • Insert special Days that will be anounced
    • Change the duration of each season and of each weather
    • Save your current season when you stop the server or disable the plugin
    • Change season and weather in live with commands
    • Able to stop Snow and Ice Regen
    • Added to Minecraft UpToDate
    • You can set Textures packs for each seasons with Spout (optional)
    Download Links :
    Seasons v1.6.2

    An Explaining Video by Specops343 (Version 1.1) (Outdated):

    Thanks to him for this great Video

    Commands & Permissions :
    Commands & Permissions (open)

    Commands :
    For Players :
    • /season - See the current season and the remaining days
    • /setseason [shortname] - Change the current season (Permissions)
    • /sweather [sun|rain|thunder] - Change the current weather (Permissions)
    For Console :
    • /season [world] - See the current season and the remaining days
    • /setseason [world] [shortname] - Change the current season (Permissions)
    • /sweather [world] [sun|rain|thunder] - Change the current weather (Permissions)
    Permissions :
    • /sweather : seasons.weather
    • /setseason : seasons.change
    • Prevent texture changes : seasons.textures.exempt

    TODO :
    • World Edit Region Optional Limit for a season
    Known Issues :
    • Have NullPointerException on nonSpout clients on snow season
    Version 1.6.2 (04-09-2011)
    • Add a snow config on Seasons to put only snow when raining (Spout)
    • Big code cleaning to avoid NullPointerException errors
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.6.1 (02-09-2011)
    • Add a permission node seasons.textures.exempt to prevent texture changes
    Version 1.6 - Spout Edition(02-09-2011)
    • Add in-build Permissions system support
    • Fix the NullPointerException when no SpecialDays
    • Add Spout support with a texture pack for each seasons (optional)
    Version 1.5.2(22-08-2011)
    • Add Ice Regen config
    • Fix the problem with restarting from begenning
    • Updated to 1060 (new methods)
    • A bit of code cleaning
    Version 1.5.1(21-07-2011)
    • OutOfBounds Error has been banished to another universe for good
    Version 1.5 - Mighty Yaml(20-07-2011)
    • Properties and Seasons Properties now in ONE .yml config
    • Save of seasons are now in ONE .do-noy-touch file
    • Properties are not loading for Nether worlds (set active to false, color to Aqua and Log to true)
    • Should really fix the load of special Worlds
    • Add of shortnames for each season
    • Change /setseason [number] to /setseason [shortname]
    • Beginning of Version's Name because Edition named are a lot funnier ^^
    Version 1.4.2(03-07-2011)
    • Correcting the OutOfBounds errors with special worlds
    Version 1.4.1(27-06-2011)
    • Fix a scheduler issues when disabling Seasons
    Version 1.4(16-06-2011)
    • Add Snow Regen control
    Version 1.3.5(13-06-2011)
    • Fix the OutOfBounds error (because of blank lines)
    • You can now add blank lines to your .seasons files
    Version 1.3.4(03-06-2011)
    • Fixing the console use command by adding an beautiful message
    • Should Fix the GetDayListener Error on Weather_Change
    Version 1.3.3(02-06-2011)
    • Fix a bug with double numbers
    Version 1.3.2(01-06-2011)
    • Compiled for build 818
    • Fix another bug in /season on special Day (shouldn't be another bug on it ^^)
    Version 1.3.1(27-05-2011)
    • Fix a bug in /season on a special Day
    Version 1.3(26-05-2011)
    • Agin Try to fix the Double displays
    • Add a different SeasonLenght and MeteoLength for each Season
    • Suppression of the SeasonTime and MeteoTime
    • Add a configurable Resolution
    Version 1.2.4(22-05-2011)
    • Fixing the LoadSave Error
    Version 1.2.3(18-05-2011 too)
    • Correct /setseason because it's wasn't doing what it should do ^^
    • Modify /weather -> /sweather because of conflict between plugins
    Version 1.2.2(18-05-2011)
    • /season return one number after the comma
    • No more /rain /thunder /storm --> Now /weather [sun|rain|thunder]
    • Log options in the configs to active a log on Seasons Change and players' commands
    Version 1.2.1(12-05-2011)
    • Fix the Nag Author Error of the build 766
    Version 1.2(07-05-2011)
    • MultiWorld Support with possibility to not active seasons
    • Time Resolution to 0.1
    • Command to change Season (Permissions)
    • Configurable texts to display
    Version 1.1(02-05-2011)
    • Time Support now in-game with days
    • Names for seasons
    • /seasons to see the current seasons and the number of remaining days
    • Permissions support for the two next commands
    • /rain or /storm to force weather to rain
    • /thunder to force rain and lightning
    • Display the Seasons Changes
    Version 1.0(20-04-2011)
    • Release of this awesome plugin with a lot of enjoyable features !

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    Yeah 0.0 is not a good resolution.
    Put a 1 at the end like 0.1

    For the length in the config, it's some doubles
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    Release of the version 1.9.2

    I've fixed the Color Yaml problem and all the problems with special chars
    Have Fun !
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  4. You should make the whole world change biome to Summer=Jungle, Winter=Taiga, Spring=Forest!
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    The problem is that this would modify the world.
    If owners want to remove the plugins, the biomes will still be the same.
    I don't want troubles with worlds data.
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  6. cant you make an option to change biomes then? :)
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    For example, what for flowers ?
    They don't grow in desert
    They would drop in your world if biome is changed in world
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  8. then i have another idea :) you could make like worldedit //snow to spawn snow everywhere when its winter :)
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    Why don't you use the SnowManager in the Seasons plugin ?
    Or a texture pack with Spoutcraft ?
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    Release of version 1.9.3

    Fix some annoying issues on weather percentages. And some little fix just for you.
    Enjoy !

    EDIT :
    I've also update the SeasonsPlusPlus plugin, which is hooking into SeasonsAPI.
    All the features that I can't add to the core have been added into SeasonsPlusPlus
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    You should add some feature in Hard weather in the SeasonsPlusPlus

    You can wear leather armor to avoid losing health in the winter
    (more clothes you wear, more damage are decreased)

    You can stay under the shade or wear leather helmet to avoid losing health(direct sunlight) in the summer​
    Losing food points is also a good idea.​
    By the way, the damage is the summer time didn't work​
    and even in the summer time, the damage are still "It's very Cold." ​
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    Hmmm the idea of direct sunlight IS already done.
    BTW what is not working ?
    Can you create a Ticket on SeasonsPlusPlus so I can more easily follow the issues ?
    Thanks in advance

    Hey you're following Seasons for a really long time, aren't you ?
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    just seeing an old name ^^.
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    Release of the version 1.3.1 of SeasonsPlusPlus

    All the fixes you asked. And a way to protect yourslef in HardWeather with armors
    Have Fun !
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    Thanks for the great plugin... Since the 'search this thread' option near the top of the page doesn't work as expected, I'll risk asking this (again).

    I saw a video of this plugin demonstrating the season autumn as well, where the biome colors actually changed. Is this a configuration of some kind? The default 'world' configuration of the plugin gives the seasons Summer and Winter...any others I can plug in there?

    Unfortunatley, I'm terrible when it comes to code. I just manage a private server I want to make more 'real'. Ha. Thanks for the help in advance. If you've got a configuration I could copy, I'd greatly appreciate it. ^^
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    For the autumn and spring, the video just used the SpoutPlugin and SpoutCraft Client Mod that is supported by Seasons to change the texture pack. I remember someone post a config with these seasons some times ago on this thread.

    Everything's right ?
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    I tried creating a new config file for Seasons, but upon booting the server, a new config file is created with the map name as it's title:


    The new map created defaults and I lose my changes. So afterwards I copy/paste the contents of world.yml into TEST-MAP.yml, boot the server again, and get the following errors:

    20:47:29 [SEVERE] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.server.World.f(II)I​

    20:47:29 [SEVERE] at org.rominos2.Seasons.Managers.SnowManager.SeasonsSnow​
    20:47:29 [SEVERE] at org.rominos2.Seasons.Managers.SnowManager.SeasonsSnow​
    20:47:29 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-104"​
    20:47:29 [SEVERE] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.minecraft.server.World.f(II)I​

    20:47:29 [SEVERE] at org.rominos2.Seasons.Managers.SnowManager.SeasonsSnow​
    20:47:29 [SEVERE] at org.rominos2.Seasons.Managers.SnowManager.SeasonsSnow​

    Also, rather than snowing, it only rains...

    Any thoughts? I'm trying here. ;-)
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    It must be some 1.3.1 changes in MC that causes snow problem.
    Just disable the snow until I fix it.

    BTW the snow config allow snow place/removal, no visual snow

    EDIT : Done, Update in few minutes

    Release of the version 1.9.4

    I bring back to you the Snow Manager, that was broken with the last Minecraft Release
    Have Fun !

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    Make it snow during winter, in any biom.
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    Do you know the "Hello" word ?
    Anyway, it should be possible with Spout Client but it have some issues for some time and I don't know if it's fixed.
    I'll try and say you if it's function.

    And I still encourage people to code their own Client Mod that is supported by Seasons
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    Hey! I want to ask a question about seasonplusplus.
    when the season is summer. i losing my health only in the weather sun, this is normal right?

    but when it comes to winter. i didn't losing any health.
    i tired all 3 weather and biomes.
    is Hard weather have problem working in the season winter?

    i didn't change the world.yml at both season and seasonplusplus.
    except i turn on the hardweather in the seasonplusplus.

    P.S. can you make it losing both health and hunger point in the summer?
    just to make it more reality .

    loving this plugin so far :)
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    In fact, you should read the configuration Guide on SeasonsPlusPlus

    In winter you, it's COLD damage, so in dark places

    For the hunger part, did the health regen consume some hunger ?
    So the health loose have some impact on hunger. (but 'ill look)

    Next release is one the way for a BIG SeasonsAPI change
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    Thanks for answering! i just didn't notice there's a config page. (awkward moment)

    For the hunger part, you may want to take a look at herehttp://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Hunger

    in the Exhaustion level increase part

    (Any action not listed here will not increase exhaustion level)
    just to let you know.(i don't no ANYTHING bout coding, sorry)

    and i think if you can make hunger bar losing like 1 point after 3~4 sec(or make timer config-able)
    that can make some obvious effect.

    P.S.1 can we make our own customize season? like Autumn?

    P.S.2 What does special Day really do in this plugin?
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    Looking forward to upcoming releases of Seasons and Seasons++. The more real the weather, the better! ;)
    Also really hoping Spout supports snow in multiple biomes. I saw something advertising "snow in any biome", but it might have been Client Only.

    As for Seasons++, the only reason I've disabled "Hard Weather" and gone with RealWeatherAPI is because of probability chance with variating temperatures. I would love to see the temperatures vary across the world and effect you over/under a set number, that also ties into your "mob spawn control", like not seeing sheep if its snowy and -20 degrees. What's coming up, Rominios?!? Super excited! Anything I can help with?
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    Yes you can set your own season, why do you think there is configs ?

    Special Days means display on days, like "this is the first day" or things like that.
    Everything is configurable.

    I don't really check temperatures, but you can simulate them with your seasons.
    For example, to set a cold winter, set more rain, add HardWeather, and cancel sheep spawn or something like that.
    Just look at the configs and make your owns
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    Release of the version 1.9.5 & API v5

    Lots of FIX And some bigs changes in SeasonsAPI
    Have Fun !

    Release of the version 1.3.2 of SeasonsPlusPlus

    Some Fixes and Update for SeasonsAPI v5
    Please use it with at least Seasons v1.9.5 (it won't work under)

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    I am not currently using this plugin. I would if it supported weather PER biome. I don't want my deserts anything but hot, but I would like to be able to configure the other biomes to have different changes each season!!
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    diannetea I want this too! Please make it?
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    Sorry, weather in minecarft is global.
    If you want per biome weather, you should look for a mod.

    I repeat that Seasons can work with Mods for who can make them

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