Inactive [MECH/MISC] RedstoneCommand v3.0.2 - Turn on redstone simply by typing in a command [1.2.5-1.3.1]

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  1. Maybe this page is outdated. Please see Bukkit Dev.

    Hello at all!

    This is my first plugin. It's very simple but useful.
    It creates after creating a special sign a redstone torch at the north site off the sign. You can toggle this redstone torch by typing in a command.

    You can give your users special Permissions to create and/or use such a command. It isn't required (you can enable it in config.yml), but recommend.
    Uses Metrics for sending completly anonomous data to for usage tracking. See and GitHub for more info.

    1. Copy RedstoneCommand.jar in /plugins/
    2. Restart/reload server
    1. Open config.yml
    2. Change permissionsEnabled to:
      1. false if you want OP-only
      2. true if you want to define permissions
    3. Change signPlaceDirectionModeEnabled to false if you do not want the torch to be placed in front of the sign (automatically direction selection). As default the torch will be placed north of the sign if this value is false.

    Create a sign: (Permission: RSC.create)
    1. [RSC]
    2. <command>
    3. <delay in sec (optional)>
    4. unused
    Then you can use the following commands:
    • /rsc <command>
      • Toggle the RSC
      • Permission: RSC.use.<command>
    • /rsc on <command>
      • Turn on the RSC (explicit)
      • Permission: RSC.use.<command>
    • /rsc off <command>
      • Turn off the RSC (explicit)
      • Permission: RSC.use.<command>
    • /rsc delete <command>
      • Delete the RSC from library and remove the sign and the torch
      • Permission: RSC.delete.<command>
    • /rsc list
      • List all RSCs
      • Permission: RSC.list

    What is delay?

    If you define 3 sec as delay, and type /rsc <name> it will turn on for 3 sec.

    Direction of the sign

    At first the fourth line of the sign will be checked if there is given a direction. If there is no direction defined, it will check if automatically direction selection is turned on in the config (See Configuration). If the automatically direction selection is turned on, it will place the torch in front of the sign (where the text of the sign is). Otherwise the torch is defaulted to the north of the sign position.


    • Add verboose mode toggle
    • v3.0.2:
      • Change updater (new server)
    Show Spoiler

    • v3.0.1:
      • Added option for turning off the auto update reminder in config.yml
    • v3.0:
      • Change class paths
      • Added option for settings the location where the torch is placed
      • Torch location can be selected automatically
      • Changed a lot of code
      • Faster
    • v2.7:
      • Usage data will be sent anonymously to with Metrics
      • Fixed bug with wrong "no-permission" messages
      • Now supporting PermissionsEx, Bukkit Perms, bPermissions and OP-only
      • Changed class path
    • v2.6.7:
      • Fixed problems when using RSC and NoLagg together
      • More stability
    • v2.6.6:
      • Ready for Minecraft 1.2 and Bukkit 1.1-R5
    • v2.6.5:
      • Chunk loading before toggling a torch
      • CB 1.1-R3 support
      • No earlier versions are supported!
    • v2.6.4:
      • PEX support added
      • Added explicit commands (/rsc on <name> and /rsc off <name>)
      • Renamed Locations.yml to config.yml
      • Fixed small bugs
    • v2.6.3:
      • Fixed issue when delaying a RSC with the console.
    • v2.6.2:
      • Fixed permissions order while creating a sign
    • v2.6.1:
      • Added rsc.*, rsc.delete.* and rsc.use.*
    • v2.6:
      • Full Console Support added
      • Fixed some spelling failures
    • v2.5:
      • Reintroduced /rsc list
      • Delayed RSCs:
        • [rsc]
        • <name>
        • <delaytime in sec (optional)>
        • <something>
        • Removed "Permissions" and added PermissionsBukkit
      • Bug fix with arrows
      • Smaller source code
    • v2.1.1:
      • A small bug with bad consequences: No use for the whole plugin. There was a failure in the multiworld management. Now hopefully fixed :)
    • v2.1:
      • No more bugs. (I hope so :D)
      • Bukkit #1060 compatible
      • Removed /list command because of bugs. Will be adde next update.
    • v2.0:
      • Bukkit #1000 compatible!
    • v1.3:
      • Permissions for:
        • /rsc list (RSC.list)
        • creation of RSCs (RSC.create)
      • Bug fixes
    • v1.0 Beta:
      • /rsc list
      • /rsc delete <command>
      • Bug fixes
    • v0.2 Alpha: Bug fixes
    • v0.1 Alpha: First release

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    Ok i found out what it is. the Plug-in "NoLagg" is causeing the error. its fully updated and only conflicts with "Redstone Commands plug-in". do you think this has anything to do with it?

    Prevent cross-thread access for events

    As it seems, some plugins don't follow the rules and use Bukkit methods in another thread. This plugin will notify you and cancel if possible whenever this happens so other plugins understand their mistake. If you encounter a lot of spam in the console, first check the stack trace for the plugin that caused the error. Report this error to the author or remove the plugin, if you have questions you are free to ask.
  3. Okay, I'll contact the developer. Thanks for help.
  4. so you want errors? ok then
    here is the errors I couldn't fit them into a message
    so is that enough errors for you?
    sorry lol thats what I get when I try and use timed signs no idea why but its only timed signs
  5. Oh shit. Yeah that's enough :p Please tell me: Name of the RSC? Which delay? Bukkit version? Where is the sign and the torch placed? (Flat land, wallsign, torch in the air, or something like this)
    Thanks for helping!

    Edit: Do you have NoLagg installed?
    Edit 2: It is conflicting with NoLagg. In the next update I'll fix it :)
  6. its any delay not only one and its on a block both the sign and the torch and yes I do have nolagg installed :D but Ican t get rid of it because of my server

    Happy to help :D, Freelancer95
  7. I now the failure, but I do not know how to fix it :D
  8. Id help if I could but I have only really just started taking my lessons in college so I don't think I could
    ill ask my teacher for you he might be able to help
  9. I don't want to criticize your teacher, but ..ehm... teachers are (often) not that well educated in computer science :D
    I found the failure and I'll fix it in the next update (maybe in 30 min) :)
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    How can I allow everyone to create and edit these?
  11. RSC.*
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    Great plugin!
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    On a permissions plugin or in the actual RSC folder?
  14. RSC.* is a permission node. Just add it to a player or/and a group.
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    So can you tell me a good permissions plugin that is NOT essentialsGM or PermissionsEX
  16. PermissionsEx is the best more my opinion. Why don't you want to use it?
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    I installed it wrong I guess well now I'm okay because I downloaded notepad++

    Wait nope I can't connect and neither can my players! Can someone help me!?
    default: true
    - essentials.sethome
    - essentials.home
    - essentials.afk
    - essentials.spawn
    - RSC.*

    default: false
    - essentials.ban
    - essentials.kick
    - essentials.mute
    - essentials.kill

    default: false
    - *

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  18. Could you add a permission to toggle only for a defined time and the default value (redstone on/off)?
    So it would be good for iron doors to keep people out of admin-areas for example ;)

    Also I would be happy about an option to set aliases for commands, so the command would be shorter :)
    (e.g. instead of /rsc admindoor just /admindoor)
  19. Have a look at my plugin InTime. This is what you are looking for :) Unfortunately it was moved to unsupported which is wrong. It is compatible up to 1.2.5.
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    how do i set a sign?

    pleease help me i don't know how to do it on my mac

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    I got many server errors saying

    18:28:59 [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server o
  22. Haha, that means that your server can't handle all the bukkit stuff :D Buy a better one or ignore these messages.

    I won't answer this question. If you don't know how to place a sign you failed at playing Minecraft. Okay, I'll do it. Just place the sign like any other block. On a Mac, change the control keys or enable the secondary button in the Mac settings.

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  23. Please add some sort of way to decide where the redstone torch gets placed. eg. make the torch get placed on front of the sign. This is the only bad point about this plugin that i have found as in narrow spaces it will sometimes destroy a block to place the torch instead of just placing the torch on front of the sign. Apart from this, great plugin and keep up the good work.
  24. Added to the todo list.
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    Can you put this plugin on I really hate having to manually check for updates.
  26. I'd like to but I'm tracking the downloads manually. On Bukkit-Dev I have to put a file that can be downloaded without a link. And then I can't track it. Sorry.
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    Any way to disable the messeges we receive when turning off/on
  28. Added to todo.
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    Okay thanks for the reply
  30. I'm working at a reminder for updating. Maybe this will help you a little bit. :)
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    Great! :D

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