Inactive [MECH/MISC] NoMobSpawners v0.3 - Remove all mob spawners (or other blocks) from a world [1.0.1-R1]

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    NoMobSpawners - Remove all mob spawners from a world
    Version: v0.3

    NoMobSpawners take a list of worlds to strip from a config file and strips mob spawners from that world as chunks are loaded and created.

    NoMobSpawners optionally can be set to remove whatever blocks you want. Note this can impact performance if you were to say, tell it to remove all the stone from your map.

    On first run NoMobSpawners will create a file named 'config' in the 'NoMobSpawners' folder. From here you may add a comma separated list of worlds to strip mob spawners from.

    By default, no worlds are set to be stripped.

    The default config file looks like this:
    To make NoMobSpawners remove mob spawners from the world named "world" you would set it like this:
    To make it remove mob spawners from the world "world" and the world "sheepland" you would set it like this:
    Leave blocks-strip blank to just remove mob spawners. Separate block ids with commas exactly as you do with worlds to make it remove other blocks.


    • Removes mob spawners from specified worlds
    • Can optionally remove any other blocks.
    Download NoMobSpawners.

    • Version 0.3
      • Changed to load at startup so it can scan chunks near spawn
      • Made it use a queue so it does not SUPERLAG (Specifically no more than 10 blocks per second)
    • Version 0.2
      • Added option to remove other blocks.
      • Version 0.2.1
        • Fixed NMS spamming console when no worlds are set.
      • Version 0.2.2
        • Fixed NMS not working in multi-world environments
    • Version 0.1
      • First release.
    NoMobSpawners was suggested by @jungalist81
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    This mod seems to cause really bad lag issues sometimes. That happens especially when I use a portal.

    Maybe I could remove all the already generated banned blocks with WorldEdit and then set this mod only to check new chunks when they are generated.
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    Nether portals or multi-world servers?
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    The portals that go to the world that has this mod enabled. Especially the portals that just go to another place in that world.
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    Is it possible to remove all torches?
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    I know this may be a stupid question, but I am (hopefully) understandably hesitant about running such a plugin in an imperfect environment: Will this work as intended on build 1000? The server I help run hasn't updated to 1060 yet. If version 0.2.2 of this plugin shouldn't be run on build 1000, would it be possible to obtain a version of this plugin that was intended for build 1000?
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    Version 0.2.2 will work with CB1000
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    Has this been abandoned and does anyone know if this still works with 1.8.1?
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    No, but like all things bukkit that have taken a back burner, it will take a while before I can do things.

    That said, tonight or tomorrow I will check all my mods for 1185 compatibility and post information in their threads, just watch this thread for more information soon.
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    Im waiting!

    This is my config, but diamond ore doesnt removed.

    cb 1185


    1 more question: with this config, plugin removes just diamond ore? or with mobspawner?
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    Yah this plugin was requested by me, and NuclearW here was kind enough to answer. Thanks NuclearW

    Good luck with updating this plugin to 1.8.1
    Suggestion: make some blocks not removable at all such as nether, bedrock, smoothstone, dirt, grass, sand, water, lava.
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    Yeah i need this plugin really bad :D
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    It was working for me in the last version now it doesn't. Please update this plugin to 1240. Thanks
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    My server is crashing because of mob spawners. I will make a donation to get this working in the newest recommended build asap, if you would do it.
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    This is almost what I am looking for.

    Can you add something to the config like "remove spawners: true/false" so it doesn't automatically remove mob spawners? I would like to keep the spawners, I just want to get rid of ore in some worlds.

    Thank you!
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    When you set blocks-strip it over-rides the mobspawner removal.

    So if you set it to any custom block, it only removes those. The default is just mobspawners when nothing else is specified.
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    Does this only work as new chunks are generated, or when existing chunks load too?

    I placed some ore blocks manually to see if it will remove them, but every time I go back to the area they are at, they are still there.

    Here is my config.
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    #Worlds to strip, separate with commas. Leave blocks-strip empty if you only want to remove mobspawners, otherwise separate the blocks you want removed with commas.
    #Sat Dec 10 12:30:10 CST 2011
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    They'll disappear if the chunk is unloaded then reloaded, I believe.
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    I will let you know what happens next time the server restarts which should unload all chunks.

    Went back after the server was restarted and the ore was still there :/

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    I'll look into this, then.
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    Thank you.

    Let me know if you need any help testing or anything.
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    I've just confirmed that it's not removing specified blocks int he config when generation new chunks.
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    Okay I'll do some testing when I look into updating it for the next RB.
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    Did you get a chance to test this out?

    Want to make sure I wasn't using it improperly.
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    Got it all fixed up now in version 0.3

    The problem was chunks loaded at startup before the plugin (near spawn) would not ever be checked. This is now fixed by having nms load up before worlds.

    Also: nms now uses a queue so that it does not ever remove more than 10 blocks per second. So any lag from before should be gone now.
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    I've tried it and it doesn't seem to be working :/

    I've tested it with ID 56 (diamond ore).

    I also get "Add True" spam in console when this plugin is added and I start a server, or join it. When I remove the plugin it doesn't do it.

    Here is my start up log

    And config
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    #Worlds to strip, separate with commas. Leave blocks-strip empty if you only want to remove mobspawners, otherwise separate the blocks you want removed with commas.
    #Fri Dec 23 16:39:49 CST 2011
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    Add true was a debug I guess I forgot to remove that was sent when a matching block was found.

    Does it still add true spam when you load up every time? If so might be a problem with the blocks being removed, which makes little sense unless you have another plugin in the way.
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    Yeah it does it when you first load the server, and when I join.

    The only plugins I have are the ones in that startup log. That's my test server.
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    Just an update, I'll be looking back at this plugin again after Christmas.

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