[MECH/MISC] Campfire v1.3 - Get healed by a fireplace [1000]

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    Campfire - Get healed by a fireplace
    Version: v1.3


    Doesn't it always seems to be kinda odd that you play an exploring and survival game but there was never anything to do with camping? There must be an easier possibility than building a big shelter you'll never ever visit again. Of course, if you're alone in the wilderness or 100ft underground you should consider building a small fireplace! And with this plugin, you get healed by it, isn't that awesome?

    I'd really appreciate it if you would give me some feedback on this, because it was extremely difficult for me (because I'm just new to java) to develop this plugin :3

    This was made on a request from Tal-N! Thanks for your great idea, dude!

    • Get healed by a fireplace in a specific radius
    • Permissions and OP-Support
    • Fully configurable
    • Easy to use
    Permission nodes (open)
    Campfire.heal - Enables healing
    Default Configuration (open)
    #the delay between the healings
    #radius the player has to be in to be healed
    #if you want to disable nether fire
    #when do you want to let your user heal themselves?
    Video presentation (open)

    Todo (open)

    • Maybe adding some different delays if the fire is set on something like netherrack
    Version v1.3
    • Updated to #1000
    • Fixed unlimited health bug
    Version v1.2
    • Updated to #928
    Version v1.1.1
    • Removed messages while you get healed, they were for testing. *lol*
    Version v1.1
    • Added Permissions & OP Support
    • Added option to disable nether
    • Choose at what time players will be healed
    Version v1.0
    • Releasing the plugin
  2. Hmm at the moment, with the advancement rpg mod, the health still continues rising past the max. I'll give it a shot with the reworked health disabled, and you don't need to fix it or anything with them being different mods and all, just giving you a heads up on it :)

    Edit: nvm I'll try the new upload ^^
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    Yea i re-downloaded and #1 it does still say 1.2 and #2 it is still broken Infi-Health wise.
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    I'll check that out until tomorrow. I think I just zipped the .jar in the wrong folder because I have it 2times :)
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    ever get a chance to check this out? i believe its still 1.2
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    My players are sad that this is no longer on the server and I saw that you have updated another post recently so i was hoping that maybe you just missed this before so thought i would bump the thread again to see if that is the case :) hope you can upload 1.3 if you get this thanks in advance :)
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    Video's broken, this plugin looks good.

    I'll check it out in the future!
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    I'm sorry to tell you, but this plugin will be inactive until I code it again or get the source code somehow, because my hard-drive with the source was deleted. I'm sorry for everyone who used it/is using it =(
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    :( that's sad.
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    Your Campfire plugin is offered on Multiplay servers so I was checking it out to see what it was. Since it is offered on their list, a lot of people see it. You might check the Multiplay.com forums to see if anyone is asking about it there. I didn't bc I know to look on bukkit directly, but there are quite a number who have never run a server or worked with mods that 'lease' a Minecraft gameserver and your mod is a really neat one that I think ppl would like.

    I was trying to find the configuration for a fireplace but your YouTube account is closed which you probably already knew. :) I hope you get re-inspired and continue to support this mod and make others too because for a first java program you did amazing. Talented. :)


    ~ Jeanjaz

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