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    Campfire - Get healed by a fireplace
    Version: v1.3


    Doesn't it always seems to be kinda odd that you play an exploring and survival game but there was never anything to do with camping? There must be an easier possibility than building a big shelter you'll never ever visit again. Of course, if you're alone in the wilderness or 100ft underground you should consider building a small fireplace! And with this plugin, you get healed by it, isn't that awesome?

    I'd really appreciate it if you would give me some feedback on this, because it was extremely difficult for me (because I'm just new to java) to develop this plugin :3

    This was made on a request from Tal-N! Thanks for your great idea, dude!

    • Get healed by a fireplace in a specific radius
    • Permissions and OP-Support
    • Fully configurable
    • Easy to use
    Permission nodes (open)
    Campfire.heal - Enables healing
    Default Configuration (open)
    #the delay between the healings
    #radius the player has to be in to be healed
    #if you want to disable nether fire
    #when do you want to let your user heal themselves?
    Video presentation (open)

    Todo (open)

    • Maybe adding some different delays if the fire is set on something like netherrack
    Version v1.3
    • Updated to #1000
    • Fixed unlimited health bug
    Version v1.2
    • Updated to #928
    Version v1.1.1
    • Removed messages while you get healed, they were for testing. *lol*
    Version v1.1
    • Added Permissions & OP Support
    • Added option to disable nether
    • Choose at what time players will be healed
    Version v1.0
    • Releasing the plugin
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    #the delay between the healings

    #radius the player has to be in to be healed

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    Maybe I failed at grammar, I don't really know. XD
    Well. First you get healed by 0.5 hearts. Then there is a delay of 5 seconds and thats the value you can change.
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    No i was referring to the duplicate value heal-delay=5 and heal-delay=3, shouldn't the second one be heal-radius=3?
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    Oh, yep, you're right. I've just changed it, thank you =)
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    How does this work exactly? Does just any fire heal you? So does that mean when you're in the nether you can just walk up to the random fires in there and get healed?
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    You should add an option to have a person sit by a fire. (Like you normally would by a campfire) (ChairCraft)
    Maybe another option for time of day to allow healing? (Like: day, night, or none to allow at anytime)
    Also, with all the fire in the nether, does that mean you can heal almost anywhere there's fire?
    Possible to have multi-world support? (I don't want people healing in the nether. :p)
    Permission nodes so only certain people can be healed?
    Wow that's a lot of suggestions, thanks for reading this. Definitely testing this. :D
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    Sitting by the fire might be difficult. If ChairCraft had an API, I would implement it, but so far I'd have to code the whole ChairCraft plugin into mine. With time of day you mean you can only get healed if its night/day/everytime? If yes, I could implement it. Yeah, I'll add an option to disable healing in the nether ;) Permission nodes are not a big deal, will add it.
    See above =)

    Thanks for your feedback :3
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    Basically, an option to only get healed at a campfire when it's night. I said getting healed at day/night as a suggested option if you only want healing during the day so you have to fight at night, or only heal during the night like a real campfire. (or just leave as is and heal anytime, but options to configure to what we like is also nice ;))
    And nether wouldn't be an issue if multi-world support was added, you could simply just disable it in the nether world.
    But, whatever is easier for you I guess.
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    Alright, it's updated. Now you can choose if you want your players to be healed only during the day/night or everytime. You can also disable the nether. And finally Permissions and OP support was added, just use Campfire.heal as the permission node. =)

    Edit: I just noticed that I forgot to remove some messages I used for testing while you get healed. They're removed in 1.1.1 now. ;)

    Edit²: Updated to #928 in 1.2.
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    i was thinking because your description it stops monsters from spawning anywhere near you lol like wild animals being fended off in the woods by fire
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    Umm, yes, light stops mobs from spawning. Where's the problem? =S
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    its funny this plugin reminds me of the atmosphere from STALKER. hahah. Love this plugin, it would be better if when your getting healed you start hearing note blocks. Guitar? :D

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    Are you new to java, you've got to be kidding me? Excellent job on this plugin!
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    Yeah, I'm really new to java. I learned PHP and that stuff before so I have some knowledge about programming ;) Glad you like it!
    Haha, awesome :D But I think I can't do this ;)
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    Very nice plugin! So all the fire heal players? Can you make it so the fireplace have to be like this to heal?

    Outdoor Fireplace:

    *see from top

    Indoor Fireplace:

    * see from front

    *see from top ... the fire his 1 block behind because this look better like this. We could just add block each side of the fire. Something like this:


    * see from top

    Maybe the block ID could be configurable ...

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    can you release the code?
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    Yea, I'll setup github as soon as possible.

    I'll try the first one. Thanks for your suggestion!

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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
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    Update for build 1k?
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    could someone please explain to me how to actually create a campfire with this mod :S
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    Coming soon.
    Watch the vid.
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    Found a bug, when you sit next to a fire and you get full health, your health will keep going up past the 100 health or w/e so you could have over 9000 health :)P) but i'm for real it goes over. I was sitting next to a fire, and when i ran into it i started burning, but it took forever for the actual hearts to start going down on screen.
  24. I'm replying so i'll know when an update comes, cool mod but the unlimited health is quite bad ;)
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    Updated to #1000 and fixed the unlimited health bug. Thanks for reporting :)!
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    The video is no longer available. I'd like to download this but is there a recipe for the campfire (did you use that first suggestion from Alesana? I'm hoping not just ANY fire can heal you, would be too easy.
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    This looks like a cool plugin, i gotta try it out. :)
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    At the moment every fire can heal you. I'll see if I have the time to add a "recipe".
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    download link still gives me v1.2 :(
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    Maybe I forgot to upload it or I forgot to change the Version number, please try to download it again ;)

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