Inactive [MECH] MineVehicles v0.6 - Use your boat as submarine and minecarts as aircraft! [1.2.5-R1]

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    MineVehicles - Use your boat as submarine and minecarts as aircraft!
    Version: v0.6

    This small plugin allows you to fly around on your server with a minecart as aircraft and also to dive deep into the water with boats as submarines.
    The usage is very simple:
    • Minecart: Press SHIFT to jump in the air and point in the direction you want. If you hold down SHIFT the Minecart will stop in mid-air (falling down very slowly). I made it so that the cart can only fly if it is not on a rail. So you must build a runway.
    • Boat: Press SHIFT to dive down and hold SHIFT to keep the boat on the seabed.
    • Flying with minecarts
    • Diving with boats
    • Configurable if the players get damage for drowning/falling while in a vehicle
    • Configurable remaining air underwater
    • Configurable fuel item
    • Configurable flight/dive speed
    • Prevent passengers from destroying their vehicles by mistake :D (configurable)
    • Permission support
    • Custom control keys with spout
    If you want to have permissions you should use one of the new permission systems, like PermissionsEx, bPermissions or PermissionsBukkit.

    If you want to use the spout features of this plugin, you will need the spout plugin and the spoutcraft launcher.


    Thanks to SCMowns for this:

    • add spout features: custom vehicles(textures), GUI for vehicle settings (will come in the further future)
    /minevehicles reload - Reloads the config file. (alias: /mv reload)

    MineVehicles - Dropbox

    1. Download the plugin from the link above.
    2. Drop the MineVehicles.jar file into your plugin folder.
    3. Run your server once (to create the config file)
    4. Go to YOURSERVER/Plugins/MineVehicles and open the config.yml
    5. Configure the plugin.
    6. Give your players the permissions you want.
    7. Start the server again and enjoy!
    • minevehicles.* - Give all permissions
    • minevehicles.admin - Currently for the reload command only
    • minevehicles.aircraft.* - For all aircraft features
      • minevehicles.aircraft.canuse - allows the player to use the aircraft
      • minevehicles.aircraft.falldmg - protect the player against falling damage
    • minevehicles.submarine.* - For all submarine features
      • minevehicles.submarine.canuse - allows the player to use the submarine
      • minevehicles.submarine.drowndmg - protect the player against drowning damage
      • minevehicles.summarine.remair - gives the player the amount of remaining air if it is in a submarine
    • minevehicles.general.* - For all general permissions
      • minevehicles.general.preventdestroy - Prevent damage by the passenger
    Show Spoiler
    #Configuration File of MineVehicles - (c)2011 atlan1
    enabled: true #[enables|disables] the aircraft
    disableFallDamage: true #[enables|disables] the falling damage
    flySpeed: 140 #this is the flight speed of the aircraft (don't set it too high! It could crah your server if you put values over 200!)
    key: KEY_SPACE #the custom key to use for aircrafts (for a list of keys see: here)
    enabled: true #[enables|disables] the submarine
    disableDrownDamage: true #[enables|disables] the drowning damage
    diveSpeed: 35 #this is the dive speed of the submarine
    remainingAir: 660 #only used if disableDrownDamage: false (in ticks)
    key: KEY_LSHIFT #the custom key to use for aircrafts (for a list of keys see: here)
    disableVehicleDamageByPassenger: true #disables damage by vehicle passenger
    enableChatMessages: true #for some chat messages
    enabled: true #[enables|disables] to use a fuel item or not
    fuelItemId: 263 #the item id which should be used as fuel (has to be in the players inventory)
    fuelTime: 10000 #the time after which a fuel item is consumed (in milliseconds)

    Known Bugs:


    • updated for 1.2.3
    • Version 0.6 - Added custom control keys, improved flight behavoir, fixed boats going through blocks, fixed too fast fuel consumption
    • Version 0.5 - Cleaned up permission nodes, added configurable speeds
    • Version 0.4_2 - Fixed chat spamming caused by low fuel
    • Version 0.4 - Added configurable fuel item, improved flight behavior a bit
    • Version 0.3 - Added support for CB #1597
    • Version 0.2 - Added Permission support
    • Version 0.1 - Initial Release
    Special Thanks:
    @tips48 and @DomovoiButler who helped me with permission support

    If you found a bug, let me know and I will fix it as fast as I can.
    If you have any suggestions, I am flexible and perhaps I will implement it. ;)
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    ZOMG testing right now your pluginis great :D
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    Thank you. :) Working on permission support now.

    UPDATE v0.2
    Added Permission support :cool:
    Thanks to tips48 and DomovoiButler

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  4. I did what? Oh yea, permissions...
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    UPDATE v0.3
    Added support for the latest RB :cool:

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    Looks interesting, please add a friendly download link.
    Dropbox github etc are all free.
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    The plugin is not working for me, i press shift in both, but the boat and cart just go like usual, no change at all.
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    Added dropbox link.
    Do you have permissions for using the vehicles, defaults to OPs?
    Are you using the latest RB?
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    Yes using the latest RB, yes I am an OP, and im using Permissions 3.2, but this plugin does look AMAZING, so well done :D
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    I am pleased to hear this. I am now working on better handling of minecarts.
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    But it does not work still!!!!
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    I need more information.
    Are there any errors in the log?
    Something like 'Could not pass EVENT to PLUGIN' ?
    Otherwise it must have to do with your permissions setup.
    Perhaps redownload the plugin and check the permissions twice.
    On my own server it works great.
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    will you add things like max high and driving on a road.. ?
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    Maybe I will make a configurable flight height.
    Driving on a road would require to make minecarts or boats as cars - I will think of that...
    thanks for the suggestions :)
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    when i press shift minecart rotate .... so I can't control direction of flying.
    It's normal ?
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    Unfortunately the handling isn't very good. That's because the minecarts aren't made for going to a specific direction without speed.
    I try to fix this in the next update (perhaps tomorrow).
    But a small tip on how to control the minecart better:
    1. Launch the cart by pressing shift
    2. Hold shift to stop in mid-air
    3. Turn in the direction you want to go
    4. Release shift and the minecart will turn in the next available direction
    5. Now just point in the direction the minecart is also pointing in
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    UPDATE v0.4
    Added configurable fuel item :cool:
    -Improved flight behavior a bit -
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    Nice plugin. The really only problem i'm having is the steering part. Sometimes it goes the opposite direction. Other than that great plugin!
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    What is Remaining Air in? (seconds, ticks, milliseconds?)
  21. is it possible to add spout support?

    you could be cheeky and add a custom minecart item that looks like a mini glider or plane!

    and the first spout plane mod :0

    this is a great plugin except the minecarts are like helicopters lol.

    anyway to change to forwards speed so the takeoff really does require a runway.

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    I will try to improve that soon.
    I really want this feature too, but I am new to the Spout API so it will take a while ;)
    This is in server ticks.

    thanks for your comments.
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    No, no errors in the console, i just get nothing.... its VERY strange, my permissions work for everything else with no errors... so to be honest im not sure :(
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    When i try to do it it says not enough fuel. how do i add fuel?
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    Ok thanks for the reference. I think I'll make it so that you can configure what the boat/minecart/newVehicle is for.
    You can say boat: type: submarine, minecart: type: aircraft, newvehicle(Spout): type: car. :cool:
    Since version 0.4 you can configure a fuel item, which is consumed during using the vehicles.
    The default item is 263: Coal. But if you dont want this feature you can easily disable it in the config.;)
    Did the plugin create the plugins folder with the config in it?
    If so are the vehicles enabled? Stupid questions, ....
    You said you are using Permissions 3.2 so I didn't try with this permissions system, but I suggest to move to an newer one like PEX, bPerms or whatever.
    If you haven't yet, re-download again v0.4 .
    I can't do more than ask what the plugin does on your server :p
    but I am sure that you will find that issue.
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    Yes it made a folder, but whenever I try to upgrade to a newer permissions, EVERYTHING goes wrong, and permissions 3.2 works for me and my server :), so yea.... ill keep trying etc, and ill keep you updated.
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    Here is a good tut for PEX setup.
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    Is there a way to stop that annoying out of fuel when riding on the mine cart. We have trains as well as the aircraft and it get annoying when it spams over chat..not just a few times but like spamming.
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    I fixed that in version 0.4_2, that I will release today.

    Ok so here it is:

    UPDATE: v0.4_2
    Fixed spamming if low fuel.
    Note: If you are sitting in a 'normal' vehicle and you press shift with low fuel in your inventory the plugin will notify you nevertheless.

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