Inactive [MECH] Maplicate 1.4 - Duplicate Map Recipe [1.3.1]

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    Maplicate - Duplicate maps & Written Books with a new crafting recipe: 1 map/book surrounded by paper
    Version: v1.4
    Primarily on BukkitDev!


    • Crafting recipe based map and Written Book copying
    • Updates made to one map will affect all copies, so you can hand out copies to all residents of your town and then explore the area around it
    • Unlike other mods:
      • The recipe works with both leftclicking and shiftclicking on the resulting map, so its really easy to use
      • Mapids are not incremented during a duplication, conserving slots (this is good)
      • My approach is to hook into CraftItemEvent, cancelling it to prevent Notch's builtin mapid incrementer, and then manually removing the ingredients and adding the new map to the cursor to simulate crafting.
    • Configurable recipes!
    For more Changelogs see Bukkitdev files
    • v1.3: Updated to 1.3.1, Books can now be copied!
    • v1.4: Customizable recipes!
    Download V1.2- Compatible with 1.1R7 - 1.2.5
    Download V1.4- Compatible with 1.3.1
    Source Code is in the jar
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    Good idea Nebual
    Only 1 RB (R7) in title please
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    Very nice! Works as advertised and makes multiple maps in smp actually useful.
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    Oow! Nice!
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    If you copy a map and then explore further, are the maps both updated or are they separate objects?
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    Would be nice if you will add a duplication command like:
    /maplicate <number of copies> [-s]
    Optional -s flag stands for stacking, cause it's not possible to do in survival mode.

    So for example:
    Holding an written book (it's MC 1.3.1) in a hand and typing: /maplicate 640 -s gives 10 full stacks of the written book.

    We will need then a permission node for this command, like: maplicate.cmd

    Thanks in advance!
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    essentials /more command can turn 1 into a 64 stack works with maps and new written books :D
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    Aww, didn't check it.
    Good to know.
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    They are considered the same map object so additional exploration on one affects all copies.

    I was aiming for this mod to be immersive for a survival server, hence avoiding the use of chatcommands, but if an admin wanted bulk copies they could just /give themselves paper, or as stated above use a more generic item duplication plugin.

    V1.4 adds customizable recipes! Just in case you wanted to make copies more expensive with ink sacks or something.
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    I'm not belittling this or anything, but either this is pointless or something is wrong with my server because everymap i make is a duplicate... I'm not sure why but they're all the exact same as this plug says it does only problem is that I don't have any plugs that do anything of the sort. Assuming my server is just messed up this looks like it could be a cool plugin
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    I recall that (at least prior to 1.3.1, haven't tried it since) shift clicking the map recipe will always generate a map_0, so I actually disabled shift clicking the normal recipe in my plugin to avoid this weird behavior. There is no vanilla way to generate duplicates of any map other than 0, hence the main part of my plugin.
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    So in addition to serving it's primary function it should also be able to help me STOP making duplicates?

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