Inactive [MECH] MagnetBlock v0.4.7 - Movable Structures controlled by Redstone [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by narrowtux, Mar 2, 2011.

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    okay so I managed to move it upwards using magnets, but it won't come back down when I turn my second magnet on :/
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    Can you send a screenshot? I'll answer tomorrow ;)
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    Everything works fine for it (awesome plugin!), except i made a large platform, and it will only move 1 block toward a magnet (theres 2 different ones). Its not touching anything else, help?
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    Nevermind mate :) I managed to get it working! Awesome plugin also :) it deserves a top rating ^^
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    Try reloading the server, there's currently a glitch after the creation of structures. I'll try to fix that soon, but for now, type /reload after you finished your structure.
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    hey dude,
    ähm I like your plugin but i hate that I jus can build very slowly because after every placing of a block it takes a second before i can move again.
    can you do sth???
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    I have the same issue on my server. Everytime i restart the server this happens... I already resort to manually correcting the csvs by hand while the server is down.

    (currently using CraftBukkit 617)
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    I think the problem is the old bukkit version. I can't really do anything about that, so you're forced to update to a newer version.
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    monopal is using outdated CB (as of his posting) but i was using CB670 (now CB684) and still the same issues...
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    Ok, then also the not-outdated versions of bukkit have got this bug.
    In fact, it is this bug:
    Now that I know that the other method should work, I could do a workaround shortly ;)
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    ah good to know that you can have a workaround soon, this plugin is awesome but i keep getting angry users when things turn to cobblestone :p
    so i had to turn it off and wouldn't you know they are angry it is gone lol no winning for me.
    good luck and keep up the good work :D
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    Quick-Tip: Use VoxelSniper or WorldEdit to replace the cobblestone with something else.
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    i do that and it works till the server restarts I just keep a backup of my structure files so that when i take down the server i just reload the backups back in...

    also a feature request can there be a way to prefix structures with a user's name or something to that effect so people don't have to compete for structure names and also make my job easier to figure out who's structures are who's for damage repairs.
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    Ok, outdated cb i can work on (have to very soon anyway due to 1.5 - just waiting for all my plugins to update if needed - and this is planned anyway for this weekend ;)

    The bug you linked to is what i feared. I was reading the MagnetBlock code on github yesterday evening and could not see any issues except, i thought, that maybe getBlockAt is buggy - an behold, that is exactly the case :/

    If you could find a workaround that would be definitely awesome. Cheers...


    From what i can read at getBlockTypeIdAt() should be just right.
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    Yeah, I saw that too in the bug-report I posted.
    The new update to 1.5_02 has a very big bug. It sometimes doesn't tell the clients that a block has changed when the change has been made by a plugin. This does not harm the blocks at all but it makes plugins like MagnetBlock, VoxelSniper or WorldEdit quite unusable because you have to logout and login to see the changes.
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    Great plugin. It works fine on 677, except I must restart the server when the structure is finished to prevent collision glitches.

    I have experienced another problem, pretty strange. When I create a structure on an area previously exploded by TNT ( the structure must be in the air blocks that were previously solid blocks exploded by TNT ) it works fine, but when I restart the server, the structure disappears.

    When I use the /mbch command, the structure reappears and move to me, but everything is replaced by cobblestone. Have anyone experienced the same problem? I'm using the last version of the plugin and the structure contained glass, torches, ladders and fences.
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    /mbfm command outputs responses but otherwise not working on new MB fix posted recently and feather and stick are working sporadically at best. however the revert to cobblestone problem seems to be fixed :)

    using CB 684
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    So at there is now an official tested version of bukkit released. I REALLY like your mod but I got the "cobblestone problem" too as well as that when i connect to a server the structure isn't there until I get it to move in any way (redstone or commands) The last wouldn't be that bad but that all blocks are rebuild as cobblestone is really bad.
    Please update your plugin cause bukkit has updated to an official tested version.

    Keep up your good work!
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    @narrowtux is development still paused cause of mc 1.5 bug?
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    Hey, I think this is a great idea, however I can't use it. Here is a video to explain my problem. Any help would greatly be appreciated!

    Link to YouTube
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    No, because I haven't found time yet. The bug has been fixed some days after they noticed it.
    In next release, I will provide a fix for the sometimes not displaying server messages. Through a similar DropChest bug I finally know the cause of it.
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    I'm having trouble getting my elevator to work. Does distance matter?
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    100 block hard limit if I remember correctly. That is from structure to magnet.

    Also depends on your redstone wiring.

    Are you using RedRemote to send the signal? You might have to tinker with it a bit for RedRemote to work on the current build... I am having issues adding new vertical remotes but my old ones still work.
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    There's no limit at all. (there is a limit in RedRemote to prevent endless loops, but that's configureable).
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    Sorry for the incorrect info.

    It's hard to answer this question though without being provided with the method of supplying power to the magnet though.

    Didn't you have the limit originally set to 100 in RedRemote?
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    Yes the limit was 100.
    You can always look up the source at
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    Thanks for the quick response as always. How's the cobblestone bug coming along? Any luck resolving the code or is it still an issue with bukkit.

    I love this mod but until I can get structures to remain intact after restart it is just not worth the trouble in building them.

    As you may recall I use McMyAdmin due to my server hosting so all restarts cause the glitch no matter how saving is done.
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    I think, I fixed the cobblestone-bug. In the bug report at bukkit, they also said that using a different method would solve the problem. I haven't seen any issues since I changed it to that method. Should be working now.
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    Thanks I'll give your plugin another go.

    Got the same cobblestone bug running bukkit 733 with latest version of your plugin. I did a save-all on the server before restarting. Again this may be due to how McMyAdmin runs the restart... not 100% certain.

    Note- the blocks showed correct id's when being placed and moved correctly prior to restart.

    OK I just noticed that no matter where the blocks are when the server is stopped they appear at the location where I originally placed them as far as the blocks file is concerned.

    What I think is happening is that if the blocks are not at the origin when the save or stop occurs then it is registering the air.

    This being said, is there a way you can have the placement file update with the current location of the blocks or would this be an issue?

    If not is it absolutely necessary for the file to be updated on a server shutdown? Couldn't you take that out of the coding?

    I can now start the server with the structure by manually editing the file prior to starting the server which was not an option for me in previous builds.

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    Ooops, that's because I forgot to release the new version xD

    Release v0.4.3
    • Fixed the cobblestone bug

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