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    LiquidControl - Control player placed liquids:

    This plugin allows a user to type in a command and place water or lava like any other block. While the command is active any placed fluid will not flow naturally but will remain static. Because of the way minecrafts fluid physics work once a block has had its flow stopped the game no longer calculates flow for that block. Meaning that the flow for the block will remain stopped even after this plugins command is disabled.

    This allows users to use water for doors without worrying about the water flowing out the door.

    Once the command is disabled the user can place liquid blocks just like normal and they will flow like normal. Also all existing blocks will flow if they are updated by placing another block beside them.

    If a picture is worth 1000 words then a video is worth a million. So here is a video explanation:

    • Stop Flow of user placed liquid blocks
    • Control the depth of liquid with a command
    • Stop Flow of liquids with redstone
    • Stop Flow of liquid for entire server Via config
    • Stop Flow of Liquid for select worlds via config
    • Works with buckets or water or lava.
    • Works with Item Block ID 08, 09, 10, 11
    • Permissions support
    • /flowoff <liquid depth>- stops placed liquid blocks flow and sets depth
    • /flowon - allows placed liquid blocks flow
    Config Example (open)

    - false - Fluid flow on the server is not effected​
    - true - Fluid flow for entire server is turned off​
    - 'someWorld, anotherWorld, yetAnotherWorld' - A comma seperated list of worlds to turn off fluid flow in. globalFlow overrides this setting

    Permissions: (Supports groupmanager, Bukkit Permisisons, bPermissions, PermissionsEx, or Niji based permissions)
    • liquidcontrol.use - allows users permission to use plugin commands
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    YouTube says "The Video is private"
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    YouTube says "The Video is private"
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    fixed sorry about that.
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  6. WTF are your sounds in the game!?? i want!!!!!
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    If/when you update this next, can you try to add a way to make this default to off (in a config perhaps). Or does it already have that ability?

    If, for example, I want to load a server and have lava and water not flow at all upon loading.
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    It wouldnt be hard at all to add such a feature. Although, this plugin functioned just like what you describe in its very early alpha form. I didnt find it very useful and changed it to the way it is now.

    I'll have to give it some thought...
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    I would also want this feature. Its easier to allow players to place water/lava per block and not have it flow to avoid griefers and having to check up on the server to see who's screwing around.

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