Inactive [MECH] Lightvote v1.73 - vote for day/night using commands, beds or items [1.1R5, 1.2.4]

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    Lightvote - any player can vote for day/night (based on xupwup's original Lightvote)
    Version: v1.73 (2012/03/02)

    • Voting for both day and night
    • Sleeping in a bed starts/agrees to vote for day (optional)
    • Itemvote - vote for day/night by hitting a bed with a torch (configurable)
    • Itemvote - vote no by hitting dirt with a torch (configurable)
    • Permanent day or night (optional)
    • Reminders of vote in progress
    • Voting is disabled for a while after a vote
    • Inbuilt permission system - restrict voting to a subset of players
    • Basic multiworld support (still only world 0 for permanent time)
    Download: Download | Source (GitHub) | Bug/Feature Tracker

    /lvt day -- start/agree with vote for day (or vote no for a night vote)
    /lvt night -- start/agree with a vote for night (or vote no for a day vote)
    /lvt yes -- vote yes
    /lvt no -- vote no

    Configuration (open)

    The default config file looks like this:
    # At least 'required-yes-percentage'*peopleOnServer people must vote yes, and there must be more people that voted yes than no
    # day
    required-yes-percentage-day 5
    minimum-agree-percentage-day 50
    # night
    required-yes-percentage-night 5
    minimum-agree-percentage-night 50
    vote-fail-delay 30
    vote-pass-delay 50
    vote-time 30
    reminders 2
    # enable bedvote (sleeping in a bed starts or agrees with a vote)
    bedvote yes
    # no commands - if this is enabled then all lightvote voting commands are disabled (bedvote or itemvote must be used)
    lightvote-nocommands no
    ##### Configure items for commandless voting (hitting 'itemhits' with 'iteminhand' starts/agrees/disagrees with a vote)
    # These are for starting a vote or agreeing to a vote in progress (day and night can be different if you want)
    itemVote yes
    bedvote-iteminhand-day TORCH
    bedvote-itemhits-day BED_BLOCK
    bedvote-iteminhand-night TORCH
    bedvote-itemhits-night BED_BLOCK
    # These are for disagreeing (voting no) with a vote in progress)
    bedvote-novote-iteminhand-day TORCH
    bedvote-novote-itemhits-day DIRT
    bedvote-novote-iteminhand-night TORCH
    bedvote-novote-itemhits-night DIRT
    debug-messages no
    permanent no
    use-permissions no
    The permissions file (plugins/LightVote/voteStarters.conf) consists of the names of players you wish to allow, separated by ONE space or newline. This is case insensitive. If I, for example, only want to allow myself and testuser1-3 to start votes, I could use the following config file.

    xUpWuP testuser1 testuser2 testuser3
    If you just want everyone to be able to vote, as is the default, just use:

    Alternatively you can set "use-permissions" to yes and add the "" permission to users you want to be able to vote.

    The configuration files are in plugins/LightVote/LightVote.conf


    Version 1.73 (2012/03/02)
    * updated for BukkitR5 new event system

    Version 1.72 (2011/07/27)
    * added start/join permissions ( & - start permission automatically grants join permission

    Version 1.71
    * removed debug message
    * default config includes use-permissions option now

    Older changes (open)
    Version 1.70
    * Added permissions support (enable in config and use "")
    * Added /lvt day & /lvt night commands to start or agree with a vote (or disagree as appropriate)
    * Fixed a bug with bedVote where it wouldn't work until you used a /lvt vote

    Version 1.68
    * Added option to disable itemVote.
    * Fixed bug where players could change day vote to night vote.

    Version 1.67
    * Vote message should be sent only to applicable world
    * Fixed vote start message to advise /lvt help when using lightvote-nocommands
    * Fixed count error in yes/no vote count

    Version 1.66

    * Added itemVote (hit item X with item Y in hand to vote yes/no for day/night)
    * Added lightvote-nocommands (disables /lvt start and /lvt yes/no to use only itemVote or bedVote)

    Version 1.65
    • Multiworld votes now only consider the players within the current world.
    Version 1.64
    • New feature: basic multiworld support - still only 1 vote at a time and only world 0 for permanent time.
    Version 1.63
    • New feature: bedvote. Sleeping in a bed at night starts or agrees to a vote for day. This can be turned off in the config file.
    Previous changes - see previous thread

    • Support for Permissions plugin. (done in 1.7)
    • Support for Bukkit SuperPerms
    • (Optional) Skip night cooldown - eg. every 5 (configurable) nights that are skipped the vote day command wont work until a full night has passed.
    • Vote /lvt day and /lvt night commands (I sometimes try these commands myself :)) (done in 1.7)
    • Bedvote: only start a vote when the player is asleep, rather than immediately upon entering the bed (if possible).
    • Weather? Both commands and gameplay (perhaps totems built to vote for rain, thunder, sun).
    • Allow simultaneous votes in different worlds (currently only one global vote at a time).
    • Voting in one world disables all voting for one minute (same issue as above) - fix this.
    • Customizable messages (thanks Hawtin)
    • Ignore NPC's
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    Is it going to be updated for 1.2.5?
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    (Note: Still works fine in 1.5.1)

    It's been a while and whilst I had some ideas of re-writing this plugin from scratch my other plugins have taken up my available time.

    As a replacement (if anyone's still interested in this plugin) I'd suggest the "Vote" plugin as it's up to date and has more features.

    If you were looking for the "bedvote" feature this can be replicated using OtherDrops by configuring "leftclick" on a block to run a command (eg. /vote). Here's an example config:

        - action: LEFTCLICK
          command: "/vote day"  # or whatever command you want
    You can also add conditions such as "time: NIGHT" or DAY to run different commands at different times.

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