[MECH] Lift 45 - Command/Config free elevators [1.7.2-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by croxis, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I would kind of like that too, but the elevator is dynamically generated each time it is used and would have no way to know what to make a door or not.
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    Ok thx! Even without elevator doors this plugin is very awesome i use it all the time on a server i play on
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    thx for the great plugin.

    works for 1.1-R4 :) <<so u could change ur title ;)
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    Hey Croxis,

    i have now 4 Weeks your Plugin of mxy server, an it Works perfectly. :)
    Thanks for your great Works. :)


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    Still having the issue with falling to your death. Im using Lift 9 as well :/
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    I need to know what conditions this happens in.

    To everyone else: I have a new version ready for testing.
    Added: Support for V10verlap for elevators that span stacked worlds.
    Added: New config option: checkGlass. If true it will check to make sure a floor has all glass blocks before recognizing it. Default is false.
    Changed: Config for the base block and speed has changed to allow for multiple base block types at different speeds. It should auto add IRON_BLOCK: 0.5 to the config.
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    Great mod, an update to my bLift which will be missed. However with both Lift 9 and Lift 10 I'm having a lot of issues with elevators bigger than one square (specifically a 3x3). The signs create fine, and sometimes I can ride it to the top with no issues at all. But the elevator wont go more than one floor down at a time no matter what the destination it set to, sometimes it wont move at all. This was on an elevator that extended up to heights > 128. But I also did a barebones elevator like in the tutorial at less than 128, just like in the tutorial, except made the iron and glass platforms 3x3 instead, and while riding it up I can go one floor up, but then I get stuck because the glass above my head on the next floor wont vanish properly (no im not using any glass ceilings like in bLift), and it also has the same going down issues as the first elevator. Thanks for your work on this.

    EDIT: Oops ignore what I said about the second elevator I had messed up on it, the 3x3 elevator seems to work great at low heights. But above 128 though it still has the same problems.
  8. well I'm not sure I should be posting on here but I have a request

    is there any chance that you could add a moving platform underneath the player
    like the platform follows the player up the shaft will this be too hard? and im pretty sure my server can handle any lag

    to combat the lag issues on other servers create an option
    moving-floor: true/false

    you have done a really good job by the way :D
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    I'll double check my code but this could also be a bukkit api bug. Thank you for the informative report!

    V10lift will do what you want.
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    The above 128 height issue is a bug in bukkit. I've posted a bug report here. There is nothing I can do until this is fixed.

    To solve the single floor bug in version 10 restart your server a second time. I don't know *why* it is happening but this is the solution I found.
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    The pull request is still open meaning it hasn't been added yet. There is no way for me to get around it without restricting the elevator to one passenger only
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    Update: build 2046 of craftbukkit-1.2.3-r0.2 has the fixes needed for the lift to work above 128!
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    Sure enough the latest craftbukkit fixes it :) As far as I can tell everything is working perfectly...for my purposes at least! An awesome update, and improvement, to bLift. My server's city and its skyscrapers thank you!
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    Sorry guys. Got busy working on my own game. I'm working on finishing the glass block dupe issue and multi world elevators (which I haven't even started testing yet eek!)

    Edit: Ok new test build. Same multi-base block options, and a complete glass floor check (default is off)
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    Just want to say. Best lift plugin, because of realistic usage other than the teleport "lift". Good job.:)
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    Version 10 is now out. I've skipped world wrap and v10verlap support. This makes lift feature complete as I want to keep it a simple plugin that is easy for end users to understand. All future releases will be bugfixes and updates on bukkit versions.

    I got my own game to code :D
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    I may be missing something, but I don't see the link to download Lift-10 on BukkitDev.

    Thanks for a great plugin btw, very happy with it!

    Looks like I needed to dig further over to Curse to find it
  19. neither do i see a build for 1.2.3.R0.3 but only R.2 builds
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    R0.3 is what I tested with, it should work on the other versions

    EDIT: The one floor silly bug is still there. This happens when the config file is first written or when the plugin is updated from an older version. Reboot your server again and your lifts should work fine. This is the only time a double reboot is needed.
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    I did Everything You said But When I Right Click the sign over the button it says:"There is Only One Floor Silly"
    But Theres 2!
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    well when i right click on the signs it says there is only one floor silly
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    If you are having problems, you might want to verify all your buttons and signs are *still* in place. My base floor button went missing so my top floors, 2-5, became 1-4. I don't know if it was the plugin or my kids, but worth a review just in case.
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    Ugg, looks like I need to hunt that bug some more! I probably wont be able to get to it until the weekend. If the double reboot doesn't work continue to use V9 as that is also 1.2.3 compatible.
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    Sorry I Read other comments and found out i just had to reboot my server :p
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    Just uploaded a new version (11) that fixes the double reboot/one floor silly bug. It will be on bukkit dev as soon as the mods accept it.
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    I've a problem. When I want to go up, it goes up very slowly, like a bug, and then sometimes I fall down to my start position.
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    Sounds like latency between your client and your server. If the server uses the spout plugin and you use spoutcraft you can take advantage of the advanced physics that gets rid of that problem.
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    It works now, don't know why, but thanks!

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