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    Lampstone - Automatic night-time lamps ANYTHING
    Version: v1.0

    This plugin lets you place any block which turn into another block type in the morning, and then turns back into the first block type in the evening. This lets you build nice looking lamp posts which turn themselves off in the morning and stuff like that.

    • Adds the /lampstone command, which enables and disables lampstone mode
    • Use any block type for both day and night.

    Screenshots taken with a modified version of Painterly pack, to match glowstone and glass texture.

    Download Lampstone v1.0 here!

    1. Download above
    2. Open
    3. Place everything inside in your plugins folder. This should include: Lampstone.jar and a folder called Lampstone, with the files called lampstoneLocations.yml and lampstoneProperties.yml inside.
    4. If you want to change the default properties, open up lampstoneProperties.yml.
    5. In lampstoneProperties.yml, change numbers behind blockDay and blockNight to your liking. (It should be block IDs, default is 20 (glass) in the day and 89 (lightstone) in the night.)
    6. Save lampstoneProperties.yml (if you changed it) and run the server
    7. To enter lampstone mode, enter "/lampstone" in the chat
    8. When in lampstone mode, place a block of the type you specified as blockNight in lampstoneProperties.yml anywhere. If you didn't change any properties, this is a glowstone block. A message in the chat should tell you that a lampstone block has been created.
    9. If you want to use another block combiantion than the defaults (the ones in the configuration file), you use the command like this:
      /lampstone [blockDay] [blockNight]
    10. To exit lampstone mode, simply enter "/lampstone" in the chat again
    • Lampstone.create (self-explanatory)
    • Lampstone.break (self-explanatory)
    Version 1.0
    • You can now select any block type for both day and night.
    Version 0.8
    • Fixed a lot of bugs reported by xGhOsTkiLLeRx.
    Version 0.6
    • Checks if the chunk is loaded before it tries to change the block type of a lampstone.
    • Tells you how many lampstones that were loaded at server startup.
    Version 0.5
    • Console outputs a message if it fails to load a block from the lampstoneLocations.yml file. This is for bug catching purposes.
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed bug where properties didn't work. Thanks to SuperThaTom for telling me.
    • Checks so that your properties are valid on initialization.
    Version 0.3
    • Fixed bugs
    • Files creates themselves
    • Warning: BREAKS YOUR V0.2 LAMPSTONES!!
    Version 0.2
    • Added lampstoneProperties.yml
    • You can now choose which blocks should be lampstones
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
    Known bugs:
    • If you forget to create or remove the contents of lampstoneLocations.yml, the plugin will fail to initialize. Help needed and appreciated! Fixed with help from Nohup! Many thanks!
    • Breaks after a while for some people.
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    i have a couple hundred lampstones, i hope they work when this gets updated to 617
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    yep, as soon as this is updated im installing straight away. great mod
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    I tested it with 617, works perfectly. It's not because it's written [602] that won't work with another, just try it out.
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    Kevin Forte

    Hm, my users are reporting this working about 50% of the time, or only Right after server restarts. Any ideas?
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    670 670 670? :)

    EDIT: Confirmed: Works with Craftbukkit build 670 :D
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    hey there is some issue with your plugin, as someone else said I think its related to world edit, I had 2 lampstone, that I copied nearby, and the copy, even when replaced in lampstone mode is not working ( I get no message that my block have been placed also, and then I broke the one already in placed near it ( 10 block away ) and wont work anymore. Also, any lampstone that I attemp to place near this area will not work at all. I get no error in the cosole, nothing, and im 100% sure its not a limit thing because if I go far away, they work evey time. Thx
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    Could you make a WorldEdit compatimle versiov? For example, I place a lot o' glowstone using WE, and could it be added to this list?
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    somehow i'm also encountering the problem that lampstone does not work anymore after a server reboot

    i've created like 20 lamps and they all stay in their glass-form even after it goes dark (dynmap says dark = from 8pm)

    please fix your plugin so that i can get rid of the frickin creeper infestation!!!!!

    or at least release the source so that we can make a patch for it :)
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    could you maby add "/lamstone reverse" so you place a lampstone that glows during the day and goes to glass during night? Would be awesome for mystic maps. And also maby add so that if you write /lamstone <number> you can have it change every <number> seconds. It would take some resourses to make a house of /lampstone 1 but who cares? :p
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    Does this work with 677? Cause it's not for me.
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    Hey, sorry guys. I haven't gotten any notifications in a couple of weeks. I thought this thread was dead! Looks like it isn't...

    I haven't got very much time on my hands right now. I could release the code, but I don't have time now. Also, we've been using this plugin on my friend's server for a couple of months, but we haven't encountered any problems so far. But we only have like 10 lampstones up, though.

    Well, I am not abandoning this plugin!

    Also; we're running 677 without any problems.

    New version out! No big changes; it checks whether the block it tries to change is in a loaded chunk or not, and it also tells you how many lampstones that were loaded at startup.

    I've also done some testing. I placed 171 scattered lampstones in a test world, and then alternated between day and night, to see if any of them get stuck, when standing at different points in the world, so that some lampstones get unloaded and some don't. I still haven't had any lampstones braking.

    Hope this means something good! :)

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    Great plugin!

    Would like to see permissions support , if i'm not just missing it..
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    are there any permissions so that we can choose who can create the lamps?
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    No permissions yet, although I want to add it. It's on my to-do. ;)
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    hey, ive encountred some incompatibilty problem with your plugin and false book, it was actualy breaking some falsebook ic that were near lampstone. Everything worked fine once I removed your plugin, wich is sad cus I had hundred in my city. Not sure if the prob is you or falsebook, but it would be awsome if you could check this out and possibly fix it
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    @Izze, I hope you don't mind if I use the block saving code to make training dummies for McMMO. :)
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    same here, I'm also running Falsebook and the lampstones are still not working and some of the IC's from Falsebook
    when I disabled Falsebook, the lampstones worked
    when I disabled Lampstone, the other IC's from Falsebook started working again

    so it has to be some sort of compatibility problem between your and his plugin
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    Of course not! I'm happy that someone finds my code useful. :)

    About Falsebook; which ICs doesn't work when Lampstone is enabled?
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    Awesome plugin! On CB #670 and works perfectly. Perhaps permission support in a later release, that'd be lovely. Good work! Keep it up! ;)
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    Does it remove from the file the lampstones deleted?
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    its possible to make that lampsone light during the rain
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    I don't know yet, because I don't know how the rain works. If Bukkit has some kind of "it's raining"-flag, then it'd be possible. But I'd really like to add it!

    @Nitnelave If you break a lampstone block it is deleted from the file.
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    ok thanks
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    This plugin really needs to use MySQL. Using it on larger scale projects (ie. a City), it produces a lot of server lag when the blocks change. Right now, keeping the entries minimal, but would love to see MySQL added in a later release \o/.
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    well so far the netherrack, the bridge and the gate didnt worked for me, I didnt test with the rest tho
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    I think it would produce a lot of lag even when using MySQL, as it isn't the saving/loading that is heavy, as it only occurs at server startup and when placing lampstones, but I think using MySQL would be neat. I'll look into it. :)

    I think that may be true. :)
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    whats up with falsebook incompatibility ? cant wait to use this plugin agian !
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    Tested with build 740, not functioning correctly (wasn't functional on built 733 either.) Would be great if this could be updated!
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    Unfunctioning in what way? Also, could you kindly provide a list of all your other plugins running on the server?

    I don't understand how two plugins can break each other. They are quite separated from each other as far as I know. Damn, why does programming a simple little plugin have to be so hard? :<

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