Inactive [MECH] Item Scanner v1.1 - chests that collect items and power redstone [1.2.3-R0.2]

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    ItemScanner - chests that collect items and power redstone
    version: 1.1

    This plugin allows you to create scanner chests that collect items next to them in a 2 block radius. The chests only collect items that are the same as those already in the chest. If the chest collects a item, it will toggle any lever next to it.

    • Scanning chests collect items near them.
    • Only except items that are already in the item scanner.
    • Toggle levers next to them when they collect a item.
    • /scanner create to make a chest a item scanner.
    • /scanner remove to make a item scanner a normal chest again.
    • /scanner amount to set the amount needed IN ONE DROP to trigger the scanner.
    • /scanner delay to set the delay between scans.
    • /scanner signalLength to set the length of the lever pulse.

    /scanner: brings up scanner commands help.
    /scanner create: allows you to make a chest a scanner.
    /scanner remove: makes a chest you select no longer a scanner.
    /scanner amount [amount]: allows you to change the amount of a item needed to trigger the scanner(zero equals none amount effected).
    /scanner delay [delay]: allows you to set the delay between scans of a scanner.
    /scanner signalLength [length]: allows you to set the length of the lever pulse of a scanner. (note that the signal length will always be shorter than the delay)


    version 1.1:
    • re-coded entire plugin.
    • fixed:
    • tons of bugs known and unknown.
    • added:
    • scanner's amount need IN ONE DROP now configurable.
    • scanner's delay between scans now configurable.
    • scanner's lever pulse time now configurable.
    • removed:
    • levers on side of scanners (caused to many glitches).
    • redstone on top of scanners (caused to many glitches).
    • Other:
    • untested, but assumed that it is faster than 1.0.
    • scanners no longer absorb items when they are almost full.
    version 1.0:
    • plugin released!
    To Do List:
    • Ability to customize lever pulse time.
    • Can set scanning delay time.
    • Add absorption effect.
    • Double Chests.
    • Server can set scanning time to prevent lag.
    • Do not absorb when full.
    • Multi world support.
    • Permissions.
    If you find any errors/bugs please tell me, and post your error that showed up in server console.

    My other plugins:
    Self Planting:

    video for this plugin:

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    Nice plugin! :)
    But is it possible to add an option, that a chest absorb all items and not only items of the same type?

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    Love this plugin but ive got a request can you make another plugin where by when u open the chest it pulses the lever behind it if you could do it i would be very greatful thanks.
  4. Good sir-- I love your work and have a small request for you (granted it doesn't eat your free time!).

    Could you make us a version that has the red stone activated for a longer amount of time? I find it difficult to use on triggering doors, which is what i had intended to use it for. So if it wouldn't be a TON of work, could you try doing so for us?

    I know MANY of us would be grateful!

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    I could add that as a feature to this one, which you can turn on or off:)
    Or I might make that plugin, sounds not too hard to make.
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    THANKS! i really want to make a trap with it for my friend he allways gets me haha :):):)
  7. I found a bug, after the creation of chest everything works as it should. After atime, the chest does not collect seeds from crops and cacti. Seemingly meet butthey do not exist in the chest.
    I discovered that the spawn near it works, but very far from sawn no longerworks.
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    I'm currently using DropChest and its causing massive lag/cpu overload on my server for some unknown reason/plugin conflict.

    This looks like a promising alternative, I especially like the "only absorb what matches content" feature. Could you please make it work with doublechests soon?

    Also what happpens when a chest gets full, does the plugin crash, does the items still get absorbed and lost? Dropchest has a message system that will say in the chat "Lipe123's chest #12 is almost full 90%" for example, could you add something like that too?
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    This plugin is great and there is nothing like it out there, but it need updated. Needs some overall improvement on how it handles a large number of these throughout a map. We get A LOT of lag after we reach a certain number of these on our server and end up deleting out scanner.dat to fix our lag.

    Hope you can do something to fix this in the next update. Looking forward to it!
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    sorry have been lazy :), and not available for a long time. This plugin is not dead :)

    How many items were laying around before they got absorbed?
    Items generate the most lag in minecraft, if you have like 300 items laying around it will lag unless you have a great server.
    Anyhow, making it faster.

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  11. Feature Request:
    Can you please add a message, sent to the creator of scanner, that his chest is 50%, 75%, 100% full?
    And maybe customizable time interval between scans.
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    maybe after I add double chests.
    and customizable scanner times could cause a lot of lag on the server.
  13. Then maybe add some limits? Maybe 2s min and 1minute max?
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    Son Seung il

    Item can be duplicated...
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    I have noticed that and have not decided whether to make so you cant have scanners that close to another or they cant absorb at the same time.
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    I fould a funny little glitch of not said already if you place a lever on the chest it becomes this.


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    Yes I know until I can get the feature of putting levers on the chests working properly, I will remove it. Same for putting redstone on top of the chest.

    v1.1 is almost done.

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    I have an ideas.
    • Move items via chests connected to Redstone like mail tubes?
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    Was gonna make separate plugin that does that.
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    Let me know when you started.
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    Hi was just wondering if you can add optional iconemy support, as in a /buy scanner command and it costing x amount.

    Sorry if this is already done.

    Thanks elex
  22. I prefer this than DropChest, i dont like complicated plugins.

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    Sir Markus

    I'm looking for some plugin that has this option. i dont really care about it sucking up block around it. (though it does make refilling easier >.<)
    but with 1.8.1 opening the chest animation, i went and build a adventure maze with chest.
    i want the chests to trigger a "tada"sound when you open it.
    Now i have people stand on the trigger plates on the ground infront of it. and for some reason they think its gonna kill them or something, so they dont and never go near the chests >.<
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    Plugin still uptodate! My wish: set the time before the item is dropped. Example: / create scanner 30 (30 = serverticks) :)
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    The Chests are not saving for me. I can create a chest fine, I can use the chest fine~ when I restart my server. All item scanners go poof
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    I am not sure what the problem is, you are going to have to give me more information, like how did you restart it? etc.
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    I like this plugin but here are some suggestions:

    1. Able to set chests to only absorb one kind of item (the one that activates the redstone)
    2. Able to set chests to delete items once they were scanned so the chest is never full
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    I am planning on re coding the entire plugin. right now its kinda shitty so many glitches.

    I am going to actively work on this plugin this next week if I have time.

    How many of you would like to have v1.1 with all bugs fixed? or would you like it with more abilities to the plugin.

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    At this point I much rather see all the bugs fixed before new stuff is added because I just noticed that sometimes the chest will suck up blocks, but they won't show up in the chest. I just tested it by taking all the blocks out of one of my scanner chests, rebooted the server, went back to the chest and put in 1 stone block, then I put down 5 stone blocks next to it, they all disappeared, but they didn't show up in the chest. It's completely random when this happens, so I havn't been able to consistently reproduce it. So, fixes first, more features later....

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    Can you make your plugin to 2 more features?
    1) It takes 2 Chest for this idea! Recordable command: "Chest <item> <get-coins> buy" and "sec Chest buy" If you throw an item to the black chest and they can add this to get you a certain sum of money!. The items and the money can set in the Command <item> <get-coins>! The item is automatically placed in the blue chest!
    2) You need two Chest for this idea otherwise the plugin does not work! Recordable command: "Chest open <how much coins>" and "open second chest" ! If you, for example 10 coins into the water and throw the box is programmed in the black box that takes the money and then opens the door but only if the correct amount! When she opened the door then it will automatically transfer the coins and the blue Chest!

    But I had one more PLEASE can you also make coins like minecolony?
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    I know what you need to do. The glitches are actually minimal, you need multiworld support and a better database set-up. I found out why the chests werent saving and it was because I use a multiworld plugin named My worlds. In the 'world' world your plugin is working fine, however when you go to nether or skyland/end/other the plugin simple saves x,y,z but has no world support. Upon getting a Huge lagg spike I found that the x,y,zs where off world and causing chunks to spazz out when I started my server.
    You should probably look into this~

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