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    Plugin category: MECH

    Suggested name: HungerGames

    A bit about me: I love the hunger games and I have read the first book.

    What I want: A private plugin please, and a plugin that has an automatic MOTD changer that says "In progress", and the ability to change it if necessary. This is how it goes each tournament has a 10 minute starting countdown, (also configurable) an automatic broadcaster says it in chat in red(configurable). In the beginning of the match you join, it will give you help of what kit you can pick, what is the purpose of the server, what you are suppose to do, and so on. If you read all of this information or don't need help you type in quit in chat then if you want to go back to it type help. A kit could be configurable between Archer(bow and arrow), Fisher( comes with a fishing rod ), Barbarian(sword stone), Baker(comes with cake and bread), Miner(Stone pickaxe, 8 torches). I want the map to be different each time,same, vote for different map in before game( and only one time so no continuous vote picking). I would also like for death messages so when you die you get kicked and tells you what you were killed from etc "[Victim] tasted the blood from [murderer]'s [weapon].
    There are [amount of survivors left]." And when this happens I would like the person to get kicked (the victim) and have the killed from message with survivors(configurable to without too).

    Ideas for commands: /kit

    Ideas for permissions: For donators each special kit can have a permission node so lets say a new class called Ocelot Farmer will come with i don't know four eggs of ocelot. So permission node would be Ocelot.HungerGames

    When I'd like it by: ASAP-1 week

    Similar plugin requests: I've seen some but I like this to be private.

    Might be interested: @acuddlyheadcrab @dillyg10

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    TheNoobWar: Please send me a private message.
  3. You could use custom death plugins for the death messages, and use a PVP arena plugin with custom messages.
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    Will do.
    No like I said, I want it to be FULLY automatic.


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    Sir Savary

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    No I would of mentioned I thought it was easy to code this so.
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    Sir Savary

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    Alright cause I wasn't really expecting to pay anyone sorry.
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    TheNoobWar: Are we talking about the same plugin via private chat?
    You know that I'm currently developing this?
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    Yes and yes, I just wanted to see if anyone else would like to do this project too.
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    Well, why should two people do the same project at the same time? What is the point of that?
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    Im not sure xD maybe to increase speed by both developers working on a plugin?
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    if you could give me the plugin i coud pay u!
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    Oh, huh? I'm not sure how I never saw this thread. Yeah I'm working on my plugin, and also trying to contact the other people working on the versions of the plugin. I basically want the plugin to get done so that I can play Hunger Games on my server too lol. (although I would love to be the one who gets all the fame... 0_0)

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    I was making one like this, then stopped due to 1000 others doing it >.>
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    Yeah when I first thought of it, I thought that it was already possible and has been done with servers before, but i'm just trying to make it simpler for people.
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    yeah, all the other ideas are all different >.<
    i was thinking a world that keeps deleting and regen'ing
    with players with invincibility for 2 mins,
    with kit's that can be customisable / with perms
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    If there is anyone of you who is actually going to run a Hunger Games server you should probably try and get your players to use SpoutCraft. I just uploaded my SpoutTitle plugin yesterday that hides player nameplates so other players cant see other players unless they see the actual character. Though SpoutTitle uses commands to enable and disable the nameplates If you are interested I could give you the custom version I made for my server that automatically enables the hidden nameplates as soon as they join the server.

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