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  1. Horde - The Havok Creating Plugin
    Version: v 1.02

    CREEPERS EVERYWHERE!! Well not quite... This plugin spawns a random or users set number of monsters, each random, on a user set timer, within a user set distance of a randomly selected player. This plugin also lets you disable monsters burning in sunlight.

    • Spawns random monsters
    • A user set or random amount
    • On a user set timer
    • Within a user set distance
    • Of a randomly selected player
    Download Horde(DropBox)

    How to use:
    When the plugin is first loaded, a new properties file(called HordeProperties) is created. By default, the timer is at 30 seconds (the first line), the number of monsters is set at 0 (the second line) (when set to 0, the plugin randomly chooses a number between 1 and 10), the distance is set to 50 blocks (the third line) and the last line sets whether monsters burn in sunlight (true for they don't, false for they do). Just change the values as you see fit (just a warning, don't use notepad, use another text editor and keep the format the same)

    Change Log:

    Version 1.02 (Version 1.03 on git(Typo))
    • Mobs now spawn reliably
    • The spawning is run through Bukkit's scheduler making it thread safe
    • The spawning location checks are now more extensive (is the mob going to spawn in mid-area with these coordinates kind of checks)(so extensive in fact I had to add a time out to stop the server freezing as it tried to find a suitable location). Even with theses editions, I still get a few mobs spawning under ground and in walls but the frequency is less, can't work out why though :S
    • You can now choose the amount of mobs you want to spawn, none of this spawning about a million at once and crashing the server when you just wanted 1.
    • Removed player listener as it is no longer used
    Version 1.01
    • Fixed NullPointerException reported by MineralMC
    Version 1
    • Released Horde
    • Add in spawns for the other monsters (at the moment, only creepers, zombies, spiders and skeletons are spawned)
    • Rework the properties file
    • Multiworld support (different timers, different worlds) (suggested first by Asymetrikon)
    • Choose which mobs are to spawn (suggested first by haita)
    • Settable likely-hoods of each mob spawning (idea first suggested by Adam Bilbaeno)-
    • Time limitations (only at night, only during day, all the time)(suggested first by xlilcasper)
    • Message to alert the server who has been targeted (first suggested by RomaClanServer)
    • Ability to set area's where Horde is to operate only-
    • Configurable messages on Horde spawns
    • Horde events can be set by time of day (real time) not by timer, or time of day to start timer (this and two above first suggested by H4Mmr3)-
    I would like to thank omnirusted for the idea
  2. I have just released version 1.02 of Horde :) It address's most of the bugs and glitches that had been spotted by people (see the change log for details). I have been working on this update for a few weeks as I haven't had much time recently (see above for details, if you want :) ). Unfortunately, I haven't added any of the requested new features, I was wanting to get Horde working first. But now it is working ( :) ), I am going to start working on the new features in the todo list. Now, I can't decide, work on all the todos and release them all in one massive update or release the new version after every new feature?

    What do the people here think, all at once, or one at a time? :)
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    As the others said, it would be cool to have set zones and which mobs IN the zones. MY idea is that the mobs ONLY spawn in these zones and each zone is configurable. So you could have a creeper invasion in the country and zombies in town at the same time!
  4. I have fixed the time out before it causes any problems. Turns out the way I had coded it was causing it never to time out, allowing it to cause total server freeze. Hope this didn't cause anyone problems in the few hours the new version has been up :)

    Tested with recommended craftbukkit version 766. Works as far as I can tell :)

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    Alright, loading it in to my server, and giving it a try. Awesome as always Sam_Lex.

    Alright, loaded it up, and within 3 seconds I watched a creeper spawn about 3 blocks away in front of me, on top of a torch, only to instantly blow up. That's a big problem.

    EDIT: At my players request I've disabled it, again. Monsters are spawning in the daylight right in front of people only a few blocks away.

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  6. OK, my two priorities then will be setting of times that the plugin will operate and distance from selected player settings. If think the fact that creepers spawn so close is the reason why it instantly triggers their explosions. I will work on this as quick as I can, thanks for your patients. Omnirusted, you could try having the block distance up at about 200, that would bring down the chance of monsters spawning next to people :)
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    Sam_Lex, you're amazing, you come to realize my dream on Minecraft *o*
    One at a time =D
    I hope you make this feature as soon as possible <33333
    -Ability to set area's where Horde is to operate only
    'Each night, my house is under attack by horde of zombies' *o*
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    Perhaps you could add a minimum range as well?
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    I gotta say, when i first logged in with this enabled it scared the living HELL out of me and all of my users (Good job) XD

    The only bad thing is when it is on, monsters spawn inside of buildings that are lit up, which they arent suppose to, and they spawn endlessly and die during the day time
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    Hey! Great plugin!!
    I might suggest 3 things.
    1) Move your properties file into plugins folder. Many server admins don't like plugin file structures that are different from the way most other plugins work. It'll just help keep things more organized.
    2) Label what each value is for in the properties folder... really shouldn't have to check the thread each time we want to change a setting.
    3)Add a monster list setting. Telling the plugin to only spawn from the given list of monsters.
    edit: all of which, I now see, is on the to do list :)
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    I can't use this on my multiplay server because of the weird way the config is. It never detects the properties file.
  12. That sounds very strange. Could I have a little more detail on what's not working, and maybe a copy of your properties file, please.
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    The plugin is actually making my server crash. I'm using NoSpawn and MobLoot. I dont know if that is causing the problems, it may be. CB build 766.
    The client crashes to: exception: Read timed out
    and the serve becomes non responsive
  14. Neither of those plugin should cause a problem since MobLoot is about mobs dying and NoSpawn only stops 'natural' spawns (I think though I can't check cause it isn't open source). Anyway that sounds like a server error rather than one caused by a plugin, but I may be wrong. Could I maybe have a little more detail as to the conditions this happens under (Horde properties file, number of players in server at the time, number of plugins, etc.)?
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    I can't access it. Normally, when I install a plugin on multiplay, it creates a properties file and notifies me, then places it in the config control panel. Horde doesn't, but it seems to work other than that, multiplay just never picks up the file. If you are doing something different from other plugins with the properties file, that is why it won't work on multiplay.
  16. I really have no idea what a multiplay server is :( I do know that I need to sort the problem that the properties file is not put in the plugins folder/directory. Maybe once I address that problem, that might help? :)
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    Multiplay is a horrible MC server host IMO.
    Sam, what I am trying to achieve with your plugin is to scare me and my players inside at night. If they venture out at night outside of lit areas, they WILL die. Pretty much hardcore mode on SMP. Is this possible with this plugins?
  18. Not yet, but as soon as I get the light level stuff on AntiMobSpawn sorted and the 'connection' between Horde and AntiMobSpawn working, then yes it will be perfectly possible :)
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    What I wanted to do was to have the plugin spawn a bunch of chickens inside a room on a set timer. I needed this for an archery range so that it spawns creatures inside the room every few minutes or so. Can I do this?
  20. Unfortunately, not yet. But when I get around to a few of the updates, it will be! :)
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    This sounds like a fine solution to increase spawn rate around populated area, which is exactly what I need.

    Sadly the property file doesn't auto-create for me.

    Could somebody please share his so that I can manually set it?
    Also, should it be at the root of /plugins or is it in /plugins/horde/ ?

    Thanks! Looking forward to use this!
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    Yes that should almost certainly fix it.
  23. Just a quick update. That's my exams finished, so there will be a Minecraft 1.6, Mulit-world supporting v2.0 of this plugin being released in the next few days :)
  24. Sorry for the delay in the update. I've recently started my Highers at school and haven't had much time to work on the plugin. The school holidays are soon, so I will definitely have the updates out within a fortnight :)
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    Can't wait till you realease the update, i need this plugin :)
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    Can you add custom messages? Like "(player) has attracted the horde!"
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    Patch it plz :D
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    I really like the idea of this mod. It will fill a major need for my server.

    It seems to work randomly though. I get the following error when randomly though

    12:53:07 [WARNING] Task of 'Horde' generated an exception
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2
    at uk.samlex.horde.HordeExecution.spawn(
    at uk.samlex.horde.HordeExecution.<init>(
    at uk.samlex.horde.Horde$
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(C
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(

    Have I done something wrong?
  29. Its a problem to do with how it chooses the player to target. I'll fix it when I release the next update
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    PPPLLLLLEEEAAASSSSSEEEE update! i love this plugin but it isnt working, and i think it isnt working because its outdated
  31. The update for this plugin will be out very soon. I am so very sorry for the massive delay there has been. I just need to finish a few things off then I will be able to post the updated version here :)

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