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  1. Horde - The Havok Creating Plugin
    Version: v 1.02

    CREEPERS EVERYWHERE!! Well not quite... This plugin spawns a random or users set number of monsters, each random, on a user set timer, within a user set distance of a randomly selected player. This plugin also lets you disable monsters burning in sunlight.

    • Spawns random monsters
    • A user set or random amount
    • On a user set timer
    • Within a user set distance
    • Of a randomly selected player
    Download Horde(DropBox)

    How to use:
    When the plugin is first loaded, a new properties file(called HordeProperties) is created. By default, the timer is at 30 seconds (the first line), the number of monsters is set at 0 (the second line) (when set to 0, the plugin randomly chooses a number between 1 and 10), the distance is set to 50 blocks (the third line) and the last line sets whether monsters burn in sunlight (true for they don't, false for they do). Just change the values as you see fit (just a warning, don't use notepad, use another text editor and keep the format the same)

    Change Log:

    Version 1.02 (Version 1.03 on git(Typo))
    • Mobs now spawn reliably
    • The spawning is run through Bukkit's scheduler making it thread safe
    • The spawning location checks are now more extensive (is the mob going to spawn in mid-area with these coordinates kind of checks)(so extensive in fact I had to add a time out to stop the server freezing as it tried to find a suitable location). Even with theses editions, I still get a few mobs spawning under ground and in walls but the frequency is less, can't work out why though :S
    • You can now choose the amount of mobs you want to spawn, none of this spawning about a million at once and crashing the server when you just wanted 1.
    • Removed player listener as it is no longer used
    Version 1.01
    • Fixed NullPointerException reported by MineralMC
    Version 1
    • Released Horde
    • Add in spawns for the other monsters (at the moment, only creepers, zombies, spiders and skeletons are spawned)
    • Rework the properties file
    • Multiworld support (different timers, different worlds) (suggested first by Asymetrikon)
    • Choose which mobs are to spawn (suggested first by haita)
    • Settable likely-hoods of each mob spawning (idea first suggested by Adam Bilbaeno)-
    • Time limitations (only at night, only during day, all the time)(suggested first by xlilcasper)
    • Message to alert the server who has been targeted (first suggested by RomaClanServer)
    • Ability to set area's where Horde is to operate only-
    • Configurable messages on Horde spawns
    • Horde events can be set by time of day (real time) not by timer, or time of day to start timer (this and two above first suggested by H4Mmr3)-
    I would like to thank omnirusted for the idea
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    Wow nice. Ive been looking for something like this.
    The Burn off Option is very interesting for me.
    Ill definetly test this. :)
    Any chance for Multiworld/Permissions Support in a future Update?
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    I love the concept of this, but can't get it working. As soon as I start the server, or reload it, I get this:

    2011-04-28 00:11:41 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-136"
    2011-04-28 00:11:41 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-04-28 00:11:41 [SEVERE] at
    2011-04-28 00:11:41 [SEVERE] at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
    2011-04-28 00:11:41 [SEVERE] at Source)

    The timer number is always different, but it's the same error.
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    Thanks a lot! I've been looking for this kinda thing for a while. However, it could do with a few more configuration options, as for the moment anyway it's very clumsy when used to increase survival difficulty. One would be the option to stop mobs from spawning in higher light levels, so that you don't find yourself surrounded in the middle of your house. The second would be the ability to have a monsters type black list. For myself I'm looking to have the horde made up only of zombies.
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    Yessss, not die in sunlight is exactly what I've wanted to make monsters more scary.
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    Also, the ability to make this a triggerable plugin rather than an automatic plugin would be /incredibly/ useful for PVE/RP events. As it stands, we have to use mob spawners, and it's a tacky way of controlling panic events.
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    turning it on and off in certain worlds would be nice
    other than that looking good :D
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    Adam Bilbaeno

    Is there a way you could modify which monsters are spawned, instead of random?
    Maybe even differently likelyhoods for each monster.
    Trying to balance the horde for certain pvp events.
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    would like an option to make it only function at night.
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    A cool feature would be a toggleable message like "{player} has been targeted by the hoard!" This looks really cool, thanks
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    Can we select wich monsters we would like to spawn?
    Cause I really would like this plugin to spawn a "Monster" mob on players, so they get scared of herobrine.
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    Wow, looks like you've created a monster Sam_Lex. Get it? GET IT?

    This mod works great. I HAVE noticed that there is a problem with the plugin not checking for light levels, and monsters spawning where they REALLY shouldn't be.
    There should also be options for distance / max distance, such as the normal rules (20 blocks away, 60 block max distance) that way monsters aren't spawning RIGHT behind you.

    EDIT: A couple more problems.
    1) I just had a skeleton spawn in a wall. No holes there. No nothing. Just a wall. He drowned in stone.
    2) I think there's a memory leak. I have f3 on and I'm watching my RAM usage go up 2 MB every few seconds. It seems to go down after a bit randomly, but it's worrying all the same.
    3) Does this effect normal spawns at all? I'm not finding any other mob spawns now.

    Otherwise great work! I'm very impressed with the results!
  13. Thanks for all the feed back. I have added all the suggestions to the todo list as I think they are all good ideas :) I have exams coming up soon, so the updates will have to wait a few weeks though :( I have fixed the NullPointerException that MineralMC pointed out :) I have a few questions to ask about the suggestions though:

    Asymetrikon: How would permissions support be useful?

    MineralMC: What kind of trigger would you want for this plugin?

    And omnirusted, I have no idea why a skeleton spawned in a wall, it's not mean't to do that, tell me if it is a recurring problem. This plugin has a lot of loops and timers and if and all sorts so that probably why the memory is all over the place, but tell me if it starts to cause a real problem and I'll look into it. Also, this plugin should not touch 'natural' spawns so, check that another plugin isn't touching them or that they aren't turned of in the file, if there is still a problem tell me and I'll see if there is an underlying problem there :)

    EDIT: Also, when AntiMobSpawn support is brought in, that will address the ability to set the light level as that is in the books for AntiMobSpawn. I also don't think I will address the problem of monsters spawning right behind you at the moment, maybe a lot later. As a sort of fix, try setting the distance to a higher number, the higher the distance is set to, the lower the probability it will be close to you :)
  14. Could it become compatible with WorldEdit areas ?

    It could be very fun if Admins can set ares for spawning monsters !

    Ex :

    Every day at 8pm, a city is indaded by monsters ! And admins can set multiple waves !

    If we could add some messages at spawn, it could be a great daily event !

    Great idea, thanks for this plugin !
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    +1 For world config.

    Also if a world is set to peaceful, will this plugin spawn monsters?
  16. I don't know, it might. I think that peaceful refers to 'natural' spawns, so probably this plugin WILL spawn monsters on peaceful worlds. Hope that's not a problem :S
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    Haha.. i put this for my horde properties


    And within a few seconds it spawned hundreds and hundreds of mobs, lagged the server so much had to shut it down.. don't know if its a bug on my side or what?.. only wanted it to spawn two extra mobs every so often =X
  18. Hmm, it would appear that there is a bug in the non-random selection of the number of mobs to spawn. I will look into it properly tomorrow. Thanks for noticing that ars80. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    is it possible to specifically set a user? or can it only be a random player. I would really love this if its possible
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    Any chance you can add something like when they kill a zombie/skeleton, it will spawn more zombies ?
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    I've had players complaining of NO spawns ANYWHERE at ALL since I put it in. I've had some sometimes, but it definitely seems less than normal.
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    It happened to me the other day, I punched a tree and out came hundreds of mobs causing me to fall to my death off of a cliff. :'( Then the server crashed.
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    no, on peaceful it deletes hostile mobs off, apparently ghasts just (sit out) cus ghasts in real world sucks cus if they are there once... they spawn off eachother if u lose one.. you might have to reconsider making/finding a plugin that will get rid of them off the world
  24. Sorry about all the problems that there seems to be with Horde :( I haven't got a clue what's up and it is going to need a lot of testing to work it out. As I said, I have exams in a few days, so these problems are going to have to wait until my exams are over (30th May). Sorry for this but it can't be helped, please keep the reports of errors coming in so as to help me work out the problem when I have time :)
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    Looks like monsters burn no matter what and setting a spawn distance doesn't stop them from spawning right on top of you. Also if you set the spawn amount to anything but 0 you will be swarmed with dozens of mobs
  26. The burn animation happens on mobs, but they will not take damage from it, the spawn distance is not intended to stop them spawning on top of you, it is a distance within which the will spawn and the set a number glitch has already been pointed out several times, but thanks for the feedback :)

    Just on a side note, can everyone using this check they have the latest Java update
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    I know I do Sam_Lex. Horde is a work in progress. Maybe there's some other devs you can get to take a look at it too? More eyes never hurts.
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    Just a great plugin, hope u extend it :)
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    Deletet, can't use this Plugin because my users was annoyed, there spawn Monsters some millisekonds on a world without monsters. Please make multiverse-support.
  30. Multiverse-support is already on the todo list and, if you had read the posts above, you would know that this plugin is currently not working but I am currently doing exams so I do not have much time to be developing plugins. Please have patients, this plugin will be working shortly :)

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