[MECH] HandRefill 0.1.1 - Refill those dispensers with the type of item in your hands[CB 1.1-R6]

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  1. Latest version: 0.1.1
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    Refill those dispensers full with the type of item in your hands
    Want to refill a dispenser with items by hand? I mean, easily? Well, this plugin is for you
    • Refill any left-clicked dispenser with the type of item you are currently holding
    • It uses commands to put the refilling process to on/off
    • When server starts, refilling is off
    /handrefill : See the settings applied right now by the plugin
    /handrefill on : Refilling process now active. Left click a dispenser with the desired itemType in your hand to refill it
    /handrefill off : Refilling process now inactive.
    Download the zip file Unzip the contents with your favorite archive program to your plugins folder
  2. New version out!

    - Updated for latest CB recommended build (1.1-R6)
    - Fixed bug where right-clicking would refill dispensers
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