Inactive [MECH] GravelClay v1.3.5 Gravel becomes clay with water! [CB 1.2.3-R0]

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    GravelClay - Turning your gravel into clay when submerged in water
    Version v1.3.5

    Usage is simple, place some gravel blocks on the ground and dump water/allow water to flow on them/touch them. VOILA! they turn into clay.


    Also, if you exploit the redstone block update/water flow redirect trick, you can design machines that flood a room with water, turning all the gravel inside into clay, then hit a torch holding a couple blocks of sand to stop the flood, making the room easily accessible.

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    hmm i cant seem to get it to work. placing water on them doesnt do anything.
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    Are you getting any console errors?
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    I don't know why then, on build 677, 684, and 709, dumping water above gravel or letting it flow onto it turns all the touched gravel into clay. My only suggestion would be to make sure the plugin is in your plugins directory, and if you haven't stopped your server, /reload
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    This I like a lot. Thank you - I had very little to look forward to with my gravel supplies, other than possibly farming them over and over for flint.

    Now, I'm in the process of building a gravel pit. Target shaped (hollow 5x5 square, with a single column of gravel in the center, and no corners), with water poured on top. Guarantees all the clay transmute.

    Otherwise, unfortunately, it seems limited to 2 squares away, with no guarantees (the corners, for example, might stay gravel). Even so, +1 diamond.
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    It covers the top, north, south, west, and east faces of the surrounding gravel, if you had a setup say
    # #
    where # was gravel arranged in a square, and the empty spot in the middle had a block of gravel one block lower, the middle block and the top/bottom left/right ones would turn, while the corners would remain, granted water was placed in the middle gap. I apologize if my explanation is hard to understand :x

    But thanks, I was surprised a standalone version hadn't existed yet, because gravel is pretty useless unless you were looking for flint :p
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    You still should give the mcMMO plugin credit for this concept, it's a great plugin.
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    I reference it in the description.
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    Should I assume no feedback is good feedback?
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    it works fine :D. you should make it possible to have gravel drop sulfur when mining or when mining dirt have it drop seeds :/
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    works perfectly!
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    Ross Jolliffe

    Great work, gravel is always such a pain to find a use for. Permissions support maybe? So that only certain groups of users may do this, or maybe implementing a transmute per second optional limit. I don't like the idea of my users being able to do this on a mainstream scale.
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    It isn't working on my server [733].

    I am currently running Permissions [677], Commandbook [709], Worldedit [709], and Lockette [733].

    Any ideas why?

    I put the .jar in the plugins folder, restarted the server and it doesn't show up under the /plugins command. I /reload plugins and it still does not show up.
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    If you placed the .jar in the plugins folder, there would be some sort of server feedback as to why it wasn't activated. Are there any errors and if so, could you paste them here?
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    Can't seem to DL it.. when I click the link, it gives me "Incorrect format for file ./languages/da.txt on line 7.
    Format is "variable name[tab]value""
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    great idea, i always hated how gravel was the most useless block in the game. Now its time for a brick house!
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    Thanks! Though the idea was originally coined by mcmmo, this was my intention; clay is scarce, so brick is a right pain to create normally.
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    Even more useless than slime (item not a block, but still counts :p)?

    Good plugin darklust. A suggestion: bucket of water + gravel in inventory gives the same number of clay back.
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    As you can see the .jar is in the plugins folder. All other plugins are working correctly. However, gravelclay.jar is doing nothing. it throws up no errors and when I type /plugins into the minecraft console it doesn't list it. If I type /reload plugins, it still doesn't add it.
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    I honestly don't know, I've tested it on the 733 server instance and I can confirm no errors. However, I notice that you're using a remote game hosting service; perhaps that has something to do with it? Try hosting a local server for test purposes and seeing if the problem is resolved.
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    Alright, set up my own server on my computer, it runs, put the same plugins on, Permissions [677], Commandbook [709], Worldedit [709], and Lockette [733].

    Now that I can see the cmd.exe it has this error.

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    :confused: In that case, try downloading it again, I have no methods in my plugin that handle zip files at all...

    Just uploaded version 1.2, same link. Inspired by what retsrif suggested, I took a spin and instead of using the inventory, (lazy) people can just chuck their gravel(using q) into water without placing it, and it will yield the correct amount of clay dust (4 per gravel block)

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  25. Nice feature, but could you add a configuration file disabling each methods ? Because I only want the dropping gravel into water feature :}
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    The old version still does not work, but this new one does!!!

    Thanks for your help, and a great plugin.
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    Will implement this in next release, glad you like it though :]

    Thanks! Glad to hear that, I have no clue what was going on before xD
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    At the request of Digi, I have updated the plugin with a configuration file that can enable/disable the features of the plugin.
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    Awesome! feels like native behavior that should've been baked in in the first place. While not necessary, rain support would be amazing if at all possible. I dunno if bukkit has hooks for weather at that granular a level?
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  30. Nice thanks :p
    Still, I noticed that the config file is in the root of the plugins file, it should be in a folder named "GravelClay" or something, AFAIK it's bukkit requirement.

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