Inactive [MECH] Ghard - if player dies gets banned by certain time

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  1. This is an updated version of outdated hardcore plugin from this site: Original Source If player dies, gets banned by certain time. Special thanks for mushroomhostage for introducing new event system in source code because it gave me chance to start updating this plugin ;)

    • It can bans only while pvp
    • You can set how long gets banned
    • You can set how long lightning is
    • Commands for admin
    • Logging death along with level, exp, location and death message in csv format .
    • You can change ban message (from 1.1)
    I'll try to keep this plugin alive as long as I can and later I'll also try put some new features.

    • /ghard remove [player] - removing player from dead list
    • /ghard info [player] - Checking info about player
    • /ghard kill [player] - kill and temp ban player

    • ghard.kill - allows you to kill a player.
    • - allows you to see the info of player.
    • ghard.exempt - Allows you to die and not get banned. - for now it doesn't work FYI ops doesn't gets banned.
    • ghard.remove - allows you to remove a player from dead list.

    • rewrite permissions system
    • Change Commands
    • Add MultiLanguage (Polish and English) or custom edited by administrator of server
    This will be a little bit hard developing, but I think I can do this :)
    Challenges for me :D (not bugs):
    • Set exempt permissions for specify group
    • Trying to make custom messages from messages.yml file

    No known but We'll see in future

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