[MECH] GeometricMagic v1.01 Bringing Fullmetal Alchemist Style Alchemy to Minecraft [1.0.0-R1]

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    Geometric Magic

    BukkitDev Link

    GeometricMagic adds the functionality of Geometric Magic, like that shown in Fullmetal Alchemist and more. Through redstone designs on the ground, one can do wondrous things such as teleport, transmute blocks, and build grand sculptures with little to no effort.


    • Teleportation (works better if the player actually puts time into calculating where they want to end up)
    • Transmutation (change blocks of one type into another, with future energy costs)
    • Transformation (build a tiny version of your masterpiece, draw the transformation circle around it, and watch it be magnified to enormous proportions)
    • Set-Circles (circles with a specific purpose which can be activated remotely through Alkahestry)
    • Philosopher's Stone (an item that will magnify your alchemical power, the construction of which comes with a terrible price)
    Commands and Permissions

    There are permissions now! Check them out here!
    This plugin is meant to remain commandless, utilizing just the redstone drawings.


    Click to find out how to utilize the current circles!

    Known Bugs In Current Release

    None so far.


    Changelogs are included with each file release on BukkitDev.

    Bug Reports

    Check the known bugs section above first, and then post your bug in the bug reports subforum of the forum.

    Future Plans
    • More circles with varying effects
    • Video explaining the workings of this mod. If you would like to make instruction videos for this mod, I will link them to the OP and the BukkitDev page with your permission, since my computer is not fast enough for me to screencast instruction videos for the mod.
    • Some kind of worldGuard or anti-grief plugin compatibility
    • Probably some more stuff that I am forgetting...
    Feature Requests
    There's a forum for that too, so try to keep it out of the main page comments.
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    Looks good, but it could be better.
    1. Screenshots
    2. Videos
    3. Permissions Nodes (Compatible with PermissionsEx/bPermissions)
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    currently my server has to put off running this because we can't keep people form leveling mountains. its a real shame because this is a greatly done plugin and would be really useful and fun. please add bpermissions again well done

    Edit: i wouldn't mind doing this but i don't know how to make it compatible :/

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