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    I host an html page and swf Adobe Flash component, both stored inside the jar file, in memory and then I establish a fake webserver on the port provided by the admin in the config.yml file. Then, when a user connects to the "webserver" on that port I provide a html page (in memory) to the user that connects, that allows them to pick their minecraft id. Once they've done that, I redirect them to a html page, in memory, that is automatically generated to point the swf component to the music stream at the player's location (if any), that is stored in the yml files. The flash component then starts playing that stream. I used ffmp3 for the streaming, it can play both icecast and shoutcast and it is open source.

    Don't use the wilderness stations, they're broken and daredevilk said he wants to cut his teeth on plugin development by fixing that feature.

    As for having a global music station, I'll look into that. It is worth noting, though, that some stations have a physical limit to the number of listeners they can handle. This means that if I did provide a way for you to set a global station, you might want to be careful and only choose streams that have a large capacity.

    Note: I'm close to having support for OPTIONALLY streaming oggs via Spout. It won't be a requirement to have the Spout plugin. However, if you want to stream ogg music files directly from your hard drive without having to find Icecast or Shoutcast stations and/or hosting your own station using their streaming tools, then this will be an alternative. Please note that Spout does not support mp3, and there is nothing I can do about that. This would only be for ogg files, you can however convert many different music formats, including mp3, to the ogg format. Also, be aware that spout transmits the entire file, it does not stream tiny bits at a time. This means that for users with slow connections it will take a really long time to hear the music start.

    Even though I do have this working at the moment, I'm not yet ready to release this new plugin. It needs more testing. I just wanted to let those who keep asking for either a) Spout support, or b) the ability to stream your own music without having to use Icecast/Shoutcast, that this support is on its way.

    Also, worth noting that I will support the ability to queue up a play list of these ogg files on a region / faction. So, you could have a different playlist of songs on each land.

    It turns out to implement this I had to jot up some raw ogg vorbis reading code to determine the duration of the song, so I know when the song ends so I can begin playing the next song in the playlist. This is why it took longer to put out a release this time than normal. Also, Diablo 3.

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    Okay so I read this part

    1. When you run the server for the first time with the plugin installed it will create a default config.yml that looks like:
      wwwPort: 8888
      refreshUrl: http://localhost:8888/
      ...You can edit this to point localhost at your domain or you can put your ip address instead if you don't have a domain:
      wwwPort: 8888
    2. Start your server and login with the Minecraft game client.
    3. Set up a Factions faction, Towny town, WorldGuard region, Regios region, or iZone zone.
    4. If you want icecast, use findice, but if you want shoutcast you just type (NOTE: /ms can be used instead of /music):
      /music findshout grunge
      You can also type your own search sentence there to find your own style of music.
    5. You should now see a list of ShoutCast stations (taken from, so now type:
      /music pick #
      Where # is the number of the station from the list that you want to play.
    6. Open your favorite web browser (Firefox has been reported to be having some trouble lately by some users). Requires Adobe Flash 9 or better.
    7. In your browser type:
      You will be presented with a page that lets you type your name in, and then click the button to visit your music player page. Or, you can visit:
    and something is going wrong for me, I am hosting this of a dedicated server
    which IP do I put in there can you create an alternative list of instructions for someone who is hosting it from a server where it has a different IP and such.
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    Hi, I'm new to Minecraft servers so I was wondering if this worked standalone? I don't have any regios/WorldGuard/Factions or anything but just wanted a radio to play on my server with my friends.
    Any advice? Thanks :)
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    A few versions ago we had support for building an antenna in the wilderness. daredevilk says he's working on fixing it so that it works again. If you're willing to set up your own webserver you can go back to version 1.2.4 which still had a properly working wilderness station.

    In the instructions where I mention, that's where you want to place the IP address, which is where your minecraft server is currently hosted. The port would be something like :8888 or whatever you decide you want it to be hosted on.

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    I am thoroughly confused... I followed the instructions, i guess i'm just dumb. A tutorial on how to do that kind of setup would be nice, because i don't know any html code. well, i know a little bit. but nothing like this. I'm trying to use icecast but i'm having a tough time figuring out how to configure it, how to import music to it or even getting the plugin to work. I'm lost. Sorry, I am dumb haha. But a thorough explanation about what does what and why it needs to be done would be very much appreciated. This is a plugin i've looked for for so long it's not even funny and I'm dying to try it out. Requesting personal help, please :(
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    I'll add a brand new video tutorial on youtube on how to set it up and use it tonight.

    The video is now available at the top of our forum post and also on our bukkitdev page.
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    Great, that's exactly what I'm searching for. Thanks for developing it! :)
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    No problem.
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    wtf it says no tower here on my server how do i build the towere and out of what block
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    Great vid, palisade. Very thorough. However, i have a couple of questions.
    1. Why can't I use my ex-ip for the refresh URL? like could I just do that?
    2. I'm not sure I want to pay for a SHOUTcast service to host music... But icecast is difficult to figure out. If I end up choosing icecast, how do I use it? I've looked everywhere for a tut on how to use it... ._.
    3. I want to host my own music. What do I have to do differently to host my own music via icecast or SHOUTcast? I want to host multiple stations... if that is possible.

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    1. You can use your external IP for the refreshUrl, e.g.

    wwwPort: 8888

    2. Here's a video on how to configure DNAS support in the Winamp music player:

    NOTE: You don't have to fill in the aim/icq/irc areas that he fills in. And, also where he places the URL you can just put your IP address if you don't have a domain. Also, as he mentions in the video the bitrate at which you want to encode will need to be limited by your available upload bandwidth, he uses 128kbit as an example but you can raise or lower this to match your actual bandwidth capabilities. At the end of the video he tells you to put it on line input, don't do this unless you're a DJ in real life and have turntables/microphone/etc. You can just leave it on the option to play from the winamp playlist which you should load up with all your favorite music.

    I also found a tutorial for how to set up the commercial program on called SAM, this is for SAM3 so it is not the latest version but it shows the general idea of how to use that product:

    This guy has a tutorial on icecast:

    By the way I found all of these by searching for either "shoutcast tutorial" or "winamp shoutcast tutorial" or "icecast tutorial" and they were the first few results at the top of the search results page.

    3. You can host multiple streams on the same machine, just give each stream a different port number. For example, if you use 8000 for the first stream you can use 8001 for the second, and 8002 for the third, and so on.

    The tower code is disabled for now. You need to use towny, factions, regios, worldguard, izone or other supported region plugin so you can cordon off an area for the music to play in. Then while standing in the town or region you've created you can follow the directions in the tutorial I gave on how to use the music commands.

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    Emiya Shirou

    Does it work with iZone or without any zone plugins? Like you set it for certain area and then it playes.
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    You're my hero, palisade! :)
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    1 question when do you think you can get it to support pandora?
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    Yes it works with iZone. It does not currently work unless you have a region management plugin like izone, towny, worldguard, factions, etc. I have a list of region management plugins that I support in the first post.

    Pandora requires that you login to hear music. They do have a free trial but it only lets you listen to a few songs before it stops. I don't see support for Pandora being possible with these restrictions.

    No problem.

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    Soooo my music stop likes every 5 or 10 seconds.. How do I avoid this? My internet is 30mb.
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    Hi guys, the plugin seems to kinda work, im using firefox and IE8.
    the problem is it does lock into the station, and does stream, but i cant hear any audio with the musicservice weblet, any way to fix that?

    fine, screw you too mudduck, your plugin sux, it doesnt work at all, you lyin cheatin moash

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    will it works for Me i like the Plugin it Works 100% i like it
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    Discontinuing development.
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    That's too bad... it was a great idea. If I knew how to use JavaScript, I would gladly take up the responsibility of continuing the project for you, palisade! :(
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    D: I guess i should start learning JavaScript, This was a great plugin

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