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    Hey guys,

    Since Olof Larsson's vampire plugin seems to be inactive I will continue his great job, you can check the original version at Vampire Original Topic.
    All credits go to Olof Larsson, I've done some fixes that's all.

    Please if you find something weird or if you want something to be added or even a bug, please tell me ;-)

    Current version: 3.3
    Source :

    This plugin add the horror of vampirism to your minecraft server.
    Any player may turn into a vampire if they contract the infection and doesn’t manage (or doesn’t care) to cure themselves in time.
    The plugin is fully configurable, see the "Configuring the plugin" section.

    Turing into a vampire
    To become a vampire you must first contract a certain infection. This infection will make you sicker and sicker until you finally turn into a vampire. If you want to stop the infection you can either eat bread or use a good altar (read more about altars further down).
    There are three ways to contract the infection:

    1. Fight against vampires in close combat. For each attack (from either you or the vampire) there is a 1/30 risk that you will contract the infection.
    2. Use an evil altar. Any player can build such an altar (read more about altars further down).
    3. Ask a server operator to infect you. There is a server command for this.
    After you contract the infection you have one hour (real time not game time) before you turn. This is about 3 minecraft day night cycles.

    Since version 3.0 it exists two vampire types : The TrueBlood and the Common.
    The main difference is TrueBlood can infect other player, whereas Common can't.
    True Blood are those who turn into vampire thanks to an evil altar.
    The common are human infected (and turn) because of an other vampire.

    A human become True Blood vampire using an evil altar.
    A human become Common vampire when a TrueBlood vampire attack him.

    Being a vampire

    • Burn in sunlight, but not when it's raining/snowing/thundering.
    • Take no fall damage.
    • Can breath underwater… or rather does not need to breathe at all.
    • Has a reservoir of blood between 0 and 100.
    • Must drink blood from humans or animals to not die from starvation.
    • Can not eat normal food except fresh pork to recover blood.
    • Regenerates health automatically. (costs blood)
    • Won’t be attacked by monsters unless the vampire attacks first.
    • Can jump and fly using a red rose. (costs blood)
    • Deal more damage in close combat.
    • Take less damage in close combat except for attacks from wooden weapons which hurt them a lot.
    • Occasionally infects others in close combat.
    A vampire is considered to stand in sunlight if it is daytime and the blocks above the vampire is too transparent. So for example a vampire will burn under a clear sky but be safe under a cobblestone roof. If the roof was made of glass the vampire would burn. It is possible for vampires to take cover under trees if they are thick enough. It takes 4 leaf-blocks to block the sun… etc.

    To drink blood a vampire must damage other humans or animals. So if you are a vampire you will find that it is possible to go the vegetarian way… however humans are much more tasty (you get much more blood from them than animals). It is important to keep track of your blood supply. Use the v command every once in a while. If blood is over 50 the regenerate ability will work. You will slowly heal your wounds automatically at the cost of blood. However if you blood is below 50 you are thirsty and will slowly loose health. If blood is below 20 you are very very thirsty and will loose health fast.

    Curing a vampire
    The only way to cure a vampire (except for the admin cheat command) is to use a good altar.

    There are two types of altars. Good ones and evil ones. These altars can be built by any player. The evil altar can be used to contract the infection that after a while will turn you into a vampire. The good altar can stop the infection and even cure already turned vampires. The altars are made of one main block and 20 nearby blocks:
    Note how I wrote nearby. To be more precise nearby means within a radius of 7 blocks away from the main block. This means you may design your altar how you like. Put the secondary blocks in any way you think look nice [​IMG]

    To use the altar you right-click on the main block (gold or lapis).

    Configuring the plugin

    Show (open)

    So there are 4 configuration files :
    • Conf.json include general Vampire plugin variables.
    • Lang.json contains all the text. (So this is the file you'll need to translate if you don't want the text to be in English ;))
    • TrueBloodConf.json contains attributes about TrueBlood vampire.
    • CommonConf.json contains attributes about Common vampires.
    FAQ :

    First, to configure the plugin, edit the conf.json file located in Vampire directory.

    How can I change the necrosis system radius effect ?

    Set the radiusSpreadingNecrosis value to true/false.

    How to enable/disable the things becoming death when vampire are close to them (spreading necrosis system) ?

    Change "allowSpreadingNecrosis" value to true or false (respectively enable/disable).

    How to enable/disable draining blood over time ?

    Change "allowBloodLoss" value to true or false (respectively enable/disable).

    How to change the color vampire name when the vampire send a message in chat box ?

    Change the following variable that are use to set the vampire name color and the message color of a vampire :

    "vampireChatNameColor": "RED",
    "vampireChatMessageColor": "WHITE",

    The base chat console command is /v or simply v. This means you don’t need to write the forward slash if you don’t feel like it. [​IMG]

    The base command v can be used by vampires to display their current blood reservoir. There are also the following subcommands for server operators (OP):
    • v infect [playername] *[amount from 0 to 100]
      The player turns into vampire at infection 100. 0 means no infection.
    • v turn [playername] [TrueBlood]
      Instantly turn a player into a common or trueblood vampire.
      Ex: "/v turn Toto" will turn Toto in common vampire.
      "/v turn Toto trueblood" will turn Toto in True Blood vampire.
    • v cure [playername]
      Instantly cure a player from vampirism.
    • v list
      List all vampires on the server.
    • v load [config|players|all]
      Load data from disk.
    • v save [config|players|all]
      Save data to disk.
    • v time [ticks from 0 to 23999]
      Set the time. 0 means sunrise. 1 ingame hour is 1000 ticks.
    • v version
      Find out which version you are running.
    • v help
      Show help
    • v chatcolor [enable/disable]
      Enable or disable the system chat color : When a vampire write something, the vampire nickname is write in red
    • v burntime [From] [To]
      Set time when the vampires will burn. Ex: /v burntime 0 12400
    • v feed [playername][amount]
      Give blood to the vampire.

    1. Download the latest release:
    2. Put Vampire.jar in the plugins folder.
    A default config file will be created on the first run. You don’t need to modify it. The default file is good. But if you feel like it you can alter all ingame messages and a lot of the game balance from there.


    If you have an older version of Vampire, you may update the plugin, so the simplest way to update the plugin is to replace your current Vampire.jar by the one you downloaded and to remove Vampire directory.
    However if you don't how to delete them ('cause you've translated the conf.json for instance) you have to :
    (For instance : if your version is 1.3 do the things write in "If your version was < 2.1" but also the things write in "If your version was < 2")

    Show Spoiler

    If your version was < 3.2 /!\ VERY IMPORTANT

    Show Spoiler

    - Remove your Conf.json
    It will be created once again, when you restart your server

    If your version was < 3.1

    Show (open)
    Edit config.json in Vampire directory, and add the following lines :

    "allowBloodLoss": true,
    "allowSpreadingNecrosis": true,
    "radiusSpreadingNecrosis": 2,
    "messageTrueBloodVampire": "You are a True Blood vampire.",
    "messageBasicVampire": "You are a common vampire.",
    "turnTrueBloodMessages": [
    "Your heart stops. You don\u0027t breathe anymore.",
    "You are now a True Blood vampire, able to infect.",
    "To see your blood supply:",
    "Type \"/v\" or simply \"v\" in the chat."

    If your version was < 2.2

    Show (open)
    Edit config.json in Vampire directory, and add the following lines :

    "vampireNameColor": "RED",
    "vampireChatMessageColor": "WHITE",

    And add this lines in the part regarding helpMessages :

    "/v burntime [From] [To] Set time in which vampires will burn.",
    "/v chatcolor [enable/disable] Enable/Disable vampire player name color.",
    "/v help Show this message."

    If your version was < 2.1

    Show (open)
    Edit config.json in Vampire directory and remove the "Pork" item from food material :

    "foodMaterials": [
    "PORK" <-remove this

    If your version was < 2

    Show (open)
    Edit config.json in Vampire directory, and add this line between the second and third line :

    "allowOPToUseAdminCommand": true,

    Incompatibility with other plugins :

    You'll maybe meet some bugs if you use a Weather plugins.


    Version 3.3
    • When a human died, he may become a vampire (configurable).
    • Bug fixes
    • True Blood vampire can use different recipes than Common vampire , in order to cure.
    Version 3.2
    • Added the possiblity to vampire (True Blood and/or Common) to prevent from burning.
    • Configuration file (Conf.json) splitted in 4 :
      - Conf.json includes general Vampire plugin variables.
      - Lang.json contains all the text. (So this is the file you'll need to translate if you don't want the text to be in English)
      - TrueBloodConf.json contains attributes about TrueBlood vampire.
      - CommonConf.json contains attributes about Common vampires.
    • Red roses don't disappear if "spreading death" ability is enabled.
    Version 3.1
    • Drain blood overt time is now available and configurable.
    • Server operators can feed vampire (give blood to vampire)
    • A vampire will bring death to the world. It's mean all entity next to the vampire become dust.
      For instance, flowers will disappear, grass will become dirt, snow will melt.
    • Added True Blood vampire and Common vampire. True Blood are the vampire turn thanks
      to an evil altar, and common vampire are those infected by other vampire.
    • And other bug fixes...
    • CB 740->766
    Version 2.2

    • Added : help command : "/v help"
    • Added : set burn time (time during the vamprie will burn) command : "/v burntime [From] [To]"
    • When a vampire say something in the chatbox, his/her nickname is colored in red, this feature is disable by default. Use the "/v chatcolor enable" command to enable the chat color system.
    Version 2.1

    • Vampire can walk out the day when it's raining/snowing or even thundering.
    • Vampire can eat pork to get blood.
    • /v command fixed
    Version 2

    • Bugs fixes when it's day light, a vampire who flight over the 127th block (y) will now burn.
    • Removed Permissions Plugin Support due to some errors (only OP can use admin command).
    • Removed Help Plugin Support due to some errors (only OP can use admin command).
    Version 1.4.1

    • For CB602 -> CB617 and upwards...
    Version 1.4

    • Better jump and fly ability for vampires :) Now using red rose instead of feather.
    Version 1.3

    • Permissions Plugin Support
    • Help Plugin Support
    Version 1.2

    To update: You should rename config.json to config.json.old. Then start server and stop it. Then paste your custom messages and changes (if you made any) into the new default config.json file.
    • There is now altars that can be built to infect and cure vampires.
    • Some bugfixes.
    Version 1.1

    • Important bugfix. Players did not get infected correctly.
    Version 1.0

    • The first release
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    Yes it will be implemented , don't worry ;)


    I am working on Night vision for vampires thanks to nickguletskii help ;-)
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    This is awesome man :D Thanks for continuing this plugin!
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    Thank you so much for picking this up, my guys love this plugin! I also love the idea of the text being in red, thus identifying them as vampires. Ideally this would only be noticeable when someone is close, but shoot I've no idea how to better make that happen...

    Crap... I can't turn people into or from vampires at the moment even though I am an admin... is this a bug or do I need to change something? I did, for the record, place the extra stuff in via your walkthrough on updating. I am also on CB: 766 and Vampire 2.2
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    First off, thanks for continuing work on this mod, I find it very enjoyable. I am very excited to see this nightvision for vampires!

    I had trouble too by placing the extra stuff in the config file. It kept coming up with errors. I eventually just deleted the old file and had it recreate itself with the new vampire.jar. You'll have to re-edit the config file sure, but it's not too difficult as long as you have your old one handy.

    The newest problem I am having is that sunlight is not burning the vampires. Here's what I have set up for the code right now:
      "combustFromTime": 0,
      "combustToTime": 12400,
      "combustFireExtinguishTicks": 0,
      "combustMessage": "Vampires burn in sunlight! Take cover!",
      "materialOpacity": {
    If I need to show you another part of the code, I can get it to you. I'm not sure what the problem is - I never did change anything in this section.
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    Do a "/v time get" command to see which time is it, and if it's over 12 000 it's normal vampires won't burn.
    Another thing is I guess the plugin can be incompatible with an other plugin managing time (I think about ExtendDay for instance)


    Thanks for the hint, I modified my thread title.
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    Thanks for pointing this out, I did try this at first but as I've re-worded 90% of the config I was hoping there was an easier way.. Also I only noticed it after I used the old config with the alterations. I suppose i'll just bite the bullet though if this is an isolated error that I can fix by doing so :p
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    Dont even know if this is doable, but everyone on my server always wants day and there are switchs in the admin towns to make it day again, now i've limitted the vampire burn so it only burns them between say 11:00 and 16:00 but i'd rather vamps (or even normal players as well) to be able to see better in the darkness. dont know if it can be done without client side mods. i'd really like to introduce the plugin on my server but i will probably find it difficult with the constant "Day pleeeaseee" droning XD

    oh also a footnote, a command for restoring blood and/or infinite blood (for your lovely head vampire moderator XD)

    Edit (number2) can you give a player luminousity? maybe could do something with that?
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    Some people are helping me to add the ability to see better at night for vampires ;)

    About the command to give blood it will be done ;)
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    update, i found that /v turn on someone who is already vamp restores blood to 100, so theres a work around for that ^^
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    i've got an idea if vampires are wearing armour can you make it so they arent 2 hit by a stick?
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    Something I wanted in the old one was the ability to setup individual altars with difference prices so there could be random altars around the world that have a 'default' cost while in a town there could be another one with a different price. Think you could get this?

    1. I don't think it should drain at all since vampires do take damage at times and this will drain blood on it's own. If you were to implement the draining of blood it should be with the armour reducing sun damage as well.

    2. A human shouldn't be allowed to cure a vampire, they already can easily kill a vampire with wooden items :p

    3. I'd like that but I do agree they should take something like 1/5 of the damage.

    4. That's a cool idea aside from the gun powder since a person could continually kill themselves and get a large amount of gunpowder.

    Also could you change the download link to a direct link? Saves us admins a little bit of work since we don't need to click the link or use a command line browser to download it. DropBox seems to be a good choice.
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    A little bug (not sure if this has been reported yet or not) but when a non-vamp eats pork, he gains blood and his blood pool remains, but /v still says I'm not a vamp (and ofc no other vamp effects happen).
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    Yes it's possible , but tell me if I'm wrong : You want all vampire to be able to use whatever altar, right ?
    But some altar will be more expensive than other ?
    You don't want some altar to look different from others ?

    If I am right , so yes it will be possible ;)

    It will be added in the next version, but you'll be able to disable this feature thanks to the configuration file

    Ok .

    Ok, but I still thinking if it's a good idea or not ...

    Yes, but what if the gunpowder is dropped by chance ?

    That's sourceforge system :p

    Thanks for reporting, I will fix this ;)

    Moreover, someone (moderator or admin ??) can tell me why this topic is still here, in the "Plugin submission" forum :) ? I mean .. is there something wrong that prevent the topic from going to "Plugin release" ?

    Thanks ;)
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    Hay its me again ive thought of some features that could be implemented
    Different configs for different vampires... eg 1 vampire could be set to burn throughout the day and another can roam freely around the day, 1 might be able to eat food and 1 might not be able to.
    An admin/op can control special powers eg lightning or the ability to kill on sight without touching the enemy.
    With the adding drops to a dead vampire for the people who dont want it all they have to change is perhaps in a config file VampireDrop: 276 to VampireDrop: 0 so the vampires drop nothing extra
    My old post would be cool too :p
    Different types of vampires.
    A freezing aura of some sort eg a op/admin vampire can use a command maybe /ice and block they step on gets a layer of snow ontop and if you walk onto water it freezes it to ice?
    Maybe also vampires could have a very weak glow like maybe 1 from a redstone torch, configurable for each vampire or only for a certain type of vampire.
    Maybe some permission nodes eg Vampire.noburn and Vampire.burn ? and Vampire.Infinitebreath Vampire.breath?
    :p thanks for continuing this mod
    EDIT: maybe also adding a node for if this vampire can infect or not like Vampire.Infect Vampire.noninfect
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    1. Yes I would like to make certain altars more expensive than others.

    2. That'll work, thanks.

    3. Take your time on the armour idea, no rush over here.

    4. Well even by chance I wouldn't like it. Maybe make the drops and drop rates configurable to tickle everyones preference regarding drops.

    5. That's the problem with sourceforge, more work for direct link downloads sometimes. DropBox is free as well and allows direct linking. If you're lazy like me and many others when I download an update for this plugin I could mirror it as a direct link to the .jar file.

    Think I read somewhere in here that someone was looking into some kind of radius thing(not interest enough to go back and look tbh) but any chance of some kind of 'night' vision for vampires?
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    I will consider your ideas. ;)


    1. So yes I will made it, 2 or 3 differents altars is good for you ?

    4. Yes it will be configurable ;)

    5. Ok :)

    Yes about radius thing, exactly when a vampire cross the world, it bring death to the world. It means flower become dust (disappear), snow melt, grass become dirt etc.. I've made it, but not yet released ;)
    And about "night vision", I really don't know, it seems rather hard to develop :S

    Vampire plugin 3.1 released :

    Version 3.1
    • Drain blood overt time is now available and configurable.
    • Server operators can feed vampire (give blood to vampire)
    • A vampire will bring death to the world. It's mean all entity next to the vampire become dust.
      For instance, flowers will disappear, grass will become dirt, snow will melt.
    • Added True Blood vampire and Common vampire. True Blood are the vampire turn thanks
      to an evil altar, and common vampire are those infected by other vampire.
    • And other bug fixes...
    All these features can be enable/disable thanks to the conf.json.

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    What do I need to add to the conf.json and where?
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    It's written in the first post ;) :

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    Yeah, sorry, I was too quick. The post was not updated yet ;)
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    1. Yes, I actually only intended on one expensive one in town.

    5. If you are saying Okay to me mirroring the files, for security reasons add an md5, sha1 or some prefered checksum for each version. I'm sure very few would actually use this but there is always those few people who scream wolf lol.

    For that decaying type thing, before it's released could you make it so it's kind of timed? Such as how grass spreads and snow melting due to a torch/heat source.

    In regards to the night vision, the only thing I can actually think of that wouldn't be a torch following(which I'd imagine would add a fair CPU work load). But that'd also make them visible... For server side I couldn't even fathom and idea for a 'night vision' type of thing, just thought I'd throw it out there in case you could think of anything
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    well adding a torch that ONLY THE VAMPIRE can see is no problem ... already succeded in this
    also @TrainYourBrain I suggested the plants and stuff to be removed only client side - I take it its serverside in your implementation? If so thats kinda bad because I dont want vampires to ruin all my grass on my server .. thats why I wrote about the packet which would enable an effect that is visible but wouldnt stay after severrestart/reconnect

    for my part I already got all this client side stuff working about changing blocks or adding a torch .. only thing is .. torches are ugly xD
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    how do you get a red flower to fly if it kills the flower?
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    Yes it's server side... in fact I still don't know how to change the client world without affecting the server world, so if you've made it, could you share your knowledges ?
    Thanks ;)


    Yeah... you're right :S
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    You can fix it in the next update :p
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    Request: Separate config sections for True/Common vampires.
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    THANK YOU! This is my favorite plugin, thanks for keeping it going!
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    ZOMG thank you for adding my idea :D havent gone a day without your plugin :) nice work :D

    I check this forum every day and think of ideas from it at the moment I can only think of 1
    Could true bloods not burn in sunlight? or perhaps have it editable in the conf.json if it already is what part

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    Of course, it will be fixed in the next update ;)


    I'll do what you said ;)


    As Nytemare3701 suggest, I will create 2 configuration files, one about TrueBlood and an other about Common vampire, so you will be able to make the True blood not burning at sunlight ;)

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