Inactive [MECH/FUN] Turrets - Add turrets to your world! [Alpha] [1.3.2-R2.0]

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    Original Author: azazad
    Automated turrets for your Bukkit server!

    Building turrets is easy: Just place a fence post, then right click with a minecart on top. It's so easy, even a guest could do it! (That's why Turrets has permissions support.)
    Breaking turrets is also easy: Just left-click it until it breaks, just like a minecart.
    Dependencies: Vault

    • Turrets target hostile mobs
    • Turrets will avoid shooting through walls
    • Turrets use ammo chests (configurable).
    • Turrets are upgradable!
    • Upgrade a turret by replacing the block under its fence post: iron -> gold -> diamond
    • Better turrets can shoot faster, farther, more accurately
    • Firing speed, range, and accuracy can be changed in the configuration
    • Turrets are breakable! (With permissions, of course)
    • Players can strategically destroy enemy turrets for epic team PvP (Planned feature)
    • Permissions support through Vault
    Planned Features (Not implemented yet)
    • Maximum number of turrets per player
    • Friend/Enemy lists so players can be targeted too
    • Make the turrets shoot more than just arrows
    • Make the damage needed to break a turret configurable
    • Economy support so players have to pay to make turrets
    • Factions/Clans integration
    • Targeting API
    • /turrets save - Save all turrets to database
    Permission Nodes
    • turrets.create - Allows a player to create turrets
    • turrets.destroy - Allows a player to destroy turrets
    • turrets.admin - Allows a player to access administrative features
    Known bugs
    • I am aware that the turrets' arrows fall short of their targets. I have not yet implemented upward angling.
    • Right after a turret is created, it hovers above its post
    • If the server is shut down improperly (without using the /stop command) turrets may turn into regular minecarts and remain. Punch them until they break and go away. :p
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    Awesome! keep up the good work!

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