[MECH/FUN/TP] SimpleCarts v1.6.0 - Simplified Minecart functionality [1.4.7-R0.1]

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    SimpleCarts v1.6.0

    Simplified Minecart functionality for Bukkit servers.


    What is it?

    SimpleCarts is a player-oriented solution to making Minecarts on your server easy and efficient to use. It is an alternative to similar plugins like MinecartMania and CraftBook Carts, but with less hassle.

    How does it work?

    German/Deutsch Video

    This plugin uses configurable "control blocks" placed under a Rail, Detector Rail or Powered Rail to perform one of many different actions. When a Minecart moves into the space above one of these blocks, that action is performed. Available control blocks are:

    - Booster: Speed up a Minecart by 2x speed (default Gold Block).
    - Bouncer: Reverse the direction that a Minecart is traveling (default Wool).
    - Brake: Slow down a Minecart by 1/2 speed (default Soul Sand).
    - Ejector: Eject a player from a Minecart (default Iron Block).
    - Elevator: Teleport a Minecart up/down onto another Elevator block (default Diamond Block).
    - Intersection: Choose the cardinal direction for a Minecart to travel (default Brick).
    - Station: Stop a player-filled Minecart entirely, and launch once powered (default Obsidian).

    All blocks excluding Intersections can be disabled by an active redstone current by default. SimpleCarts also includes the following "utility blocks" (the block types of which are not configurable):

    - Collector: Gather a Minecart upon collision (always Chest).
    - Dispenser: Spawn a Minecart once powered (always Dispenser).

    Why use this plugin?

    [​IMG] Player-oriented:
    SimpleCarts only deals with Minecarts which are being used by a player. Unoccupied and mob-filled carts are left untouched. This plugin is great for servers which use Minecarts as a means of transportation. Vault may be used to charge players for rides.

    [​IMG] Redstone-friendly:
    This plugin focuses only on player-filled Minecarts. As such, most redstone devices like Minecart switches will continue to function properly.

    [​IMG] Total control:
    Players can easily set Minecarts in motion by punching the cart, in addition to traditional methods. The power to stop movement is provided as well (when not disabled). With entity removal, neither Cow nor Creeper dare stand in the way of an occupied Minecart.

    [​IMG] Multi-world functionality:
    Not comfortable with SimpleCarts in the Nether? Through the configuration, it's easy to enable or disable which worlds the plugin is allowed to work in.


    Version 1.6.0:
    - Removed CraftBukkit dependencies (fix for Ticket 37/39).
    - New localization code (thanks desht!).
    - Implemented Russian localization.
    - Language is now Locale in the config.
    - Locale args will accept underscores.
    - Updated license to GPLv3. Source on github.
    - Removed solid block checks.

    Version 1.5.6:
    - Fix for Ticket 35.
    - Added Russian localization (fablerion). File only, not yet implemented!
    - Bit of code cleanup.

    Older Logs (open)

    Version 1.5.5:
    - Restored config.yml defaults.

    Version 1.5.4:
    - Auto-updating config.yml!
    - Added /ds blocks command.
    - Changed /ds info to /ds help.
    - Minor aesthetic changes (mostly /ds help).
    - New config options per Ticket 33.
    - Using plugin logger instead of "Minecraft".
    - General code cleanup.
    - Tested compatible with CraftBukkit Build #2377.
    - Removed code for Dispensers (feature was added to Minecraft).

    Version 1.5.3:
    - Revised localization methods
    - Support for accented characters
    - Locale files now available for editing
    - Setting speed-multiplier to '0' exhibits vanilla behavior
    - Tested compatible with CraftBukkit Build #2175
    Version 1.5.2:
    - Fixed carts being indestructible with 'destroy-on-exit' enabled
    - Added German localization (KJA1997)
    Version 1.5.1:
    - Speed-multiplier should be working again
    - Tested compatible with CraftBukkit Build #2117
    Version 1.5:
    - Added language localization (update config,yml)
    - Added English localization (HappyPikachu)
    - Added Spanish localization (HappyPikachu/MrCayke)
    - Added French localization (Warzouz)
    - Commands now use arguments
    - New /sc lang command
    - Boosters work correctly with redstone set to 'false'
    - Brakes work correctly with redstone set to 'false'
    - 'Drop-on-eject' is now independent of 'destroy-on-eject'
    - 'Drop-on-exit' is now independent of 'destroy-on-exit'
    - Carts no longer drop when destroyed with 'destroy-on-exit' enabled
    - Removed 'Minecart.at-intersection' from config.yml
    - Removed 'Minecart.on-enter' from config.yml
    - Tested compatible with CraftBukkit Build #2060
    - License change from GPLv3 to BSD License
    Version 1.4.1:
    - Server ops are no longer charged for cart usage with Vault enabled
    - Minecarts no longer sporadically ignore control blocks on slopes
    - Added preliminary code for language localization
    - Tested compatible with CraftBukkit Build #1988
    Version 1.4:
    - Player messages when creating a control block
    - Softdependency for Vault economy
    - Minecarts can now charge money per use
    - Carts stop moving if entered when economy is enabled
    - Elevators no longer assume 127 is the max world height
    - Added ID of Redstone Lamps as an acceptable control block
    - Collectors fixed as per here: https:bukkit.atlassian.net/browse/BUKKIT-396
    - Debug collision messages fixed as per here: https:bukkit.atlassian.net/browse/BUKKIT-396
    Version 1.3.4:
    - Updated event handlers for CraftBukkit Build #1818
    - Launchers have been renamed Stations
    Version 1.3.3:
    - Launchers react correctly to redstone current
    Version 1.3.2:
    - Intersections work again
    - Dispensers function properly against Powered Rails
    - Tested compatible with CraftBukkit Build #1722
    Version 1.3.1:
    - Fixed Minecarts occasionally getting 'stuck' in Dispensers
    - Tested compatible with CraftBukkit Build #1720
    Version 1.3:
    - Minor code optimization
    - Tested compatible with RollingMinecarts 0.2.7
    - Increased compatibility with area protection plugins
    - Traveling on sloped Powered Rails works correctly
    - Detector Rails no longer disable control blocks
    - Fixed south/west issue with Dispensers
    - Removed ability to dispense Storage/Powered Minecarts
    - Boosters are noticeably more effective than before
    - Implemented speed multiplier (default of '100')
    - Players cannot reverse direction with 'punch-to-stop' disabled
    Version 1.2:
    - Added Collectors (Chest)
    - Ability to enable auto-dispose on Collectors (disabled by default)
    - Fixed Redstone settings not being executed properly
    - Configurable entity and player collision
    - Control block settings displays in '/scinfo' command
    - Player's ability to stop the cart can now be disabled via config
    - Updated collision information for '/scdebug'
    Version 1.1.1:
    - Minecarts maintain velocity when traveling uphill on Boosters/Brakes
    - Dispensers are now multi-world compatible
    Version 1.1:
    - Added Dispensers (Dispenser)
    - Ability to enable auto-refill on Dispensers (disabled by default)
    - Powered Rails and Detector Rails now function at Intersections
    - New command '/sceject' (forces user from a Minecart)
    - Checks for solid blocks when parsing config.yml (on enable)
    Version 1.0.1:
    - Fixed console error when non-Player entity enters a Minecart
    Version 1.0:
    - Release (tested compatible with CB 1337 to 1.0.1-R1)
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    Version 1.1 released. Enjoy! :D
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    Version 1.2 released. Happy New Year!
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    Approved, happy (late) new year
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    Thank you, good sir! This is exactly what I was looking for.

    As a side-note, though: I am afraid to try the "kick-player" under "Path". Does this kick the player from the game? I would like a feature that just pushes the player out of the way... maybe rockets them skyward? :D
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    No problem! Yes, it kicks the player from the game (it provides them with an explanation).

    The problem is that I'd have to make it so that players don't get pushed aside if there's nowhere to go (if there's a ceiling or wall in the way). I opted for something that would always work.
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    Wow, this is...brilliant. I'm working on a coaster, and this should allow more time to slow down, reverse etc.
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    Version 1.3 will be released soon, with a bit more customization and a few bugfixes. I'll keep that in mind!
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    No option to disable the punch thing [EDIT: Where you can make the minecart move in a direction]? We on our Server need the Dispense and Dispose thing for minecarts soooooo much.. You can disable everything.. but not this immense manipulation of the minecart behavior. Could you please fix/ update this? Would be 3 lines of code and would help me and may other people so much.
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    There is an option in config.yml to disable stopping of the Minecart starting with v1.2. However, I overlooked the ability to reverse direction of the cart. This will be added/fixed come v1.3.

    As discussed on BukkitDev, I will not include an option to disable the "punch thing" which allows players to set a Minecart in motion. I have yet to find a situation where this would be useful. Additionally, part of the concept behind this plugin is to hand control of the Minecart to the player. Disabling the "punch thing" would make this concept inconsistent across servers, and possibly be confusing to frequent users.
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    Hi ! great job and thank's for your plugin, it will be very useful in my server.
    But just two things : When I enable "Collector : auto-dispose" the minecart disappeares when it goes in the chest. But when I disable auto-dispose the minecart goes in the chest !
    Secondly : When I enable "Dispenser : auto-refill" no minecart reappear in the dispenser

    Is there a thing that I do wrong ? Thank's for your answer ;)
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    Do you have any plugins which might protect the Dispenser? Here's a description of each setting:

    auto-dispose: When enabled, auto-dispose will cause a Collector to automatically dispose of any absorbed Minecarts. This solely affects Minecarts (not other items in the Collector).
    auto-refill: When enabled, auto-refill will cause a Dispenser to automatically refill after spawning a Minecart. This solely affects Minecarts (not other items in the Dispenser).

    For more info on config.yml, click here. Glad to hear you're enjoying the plugin. ^.^
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    No, I haven't any plugin of protection, just : essentials + groupmanager, worldedit, bombercraft, xcraftgate.
    I have read all the features about your plugin and there is just this two things (auto-dispose and auto-refill) which don't work.
    Maybe I don't understand the aim of this two things because I'm french !! Can you do a little video to show us how it works ?
  14. Yeah, mine seem to work fine if the dispenser is facing north/south but not east/west... :( fix it? :)
    can you make in a config.file gett off not allow ? :)
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    Yeah i cant wait for maybe a simple video also. I get most of it to work, but cant seem to get the elevator to work with diamond block. I am sure its a step i am missing, or doing something wrong, like proper placement of the blocks and rials. I will keep trying cause this will replace two mods i am running now for carts. Then i can just run this one, and dump the other two. Good work! :D
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    Version 1.3 released! If upgrading, you will need to update your config.yml. With this update, Dispensers work properly and a speed multiplier has been added!

    Please upgrade to v1.3 and let me know if the problems persist.

    Fixed in Version 1.3. :D

    Funny you should mention that. Coming soon!
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    There should be an option to allow unoccupied blocks to be affected, my friend and I want to make bank of sorts on our server(with chest-carts underground) and that could help tons!

    For the elevator, just make sure that the second block (the one you're teleporting to) is on the same block as the first one, either above or below it. Hope I helped!

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    Thanks for putting a video together - that really helped!

    It would appear Collectors (auto-dispose) are working correctly. However, your Dispenser isn't working because the Dispenser needs to be placed directly in front of the rail (on the ground).
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    So when we write true to auto-dispose the cart desappears, is that ? with false the cart stays in the chest.
    For the dispenser seriously I don't know. You can't do a little video please ?
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    Here's a video from another plugin that functions similarly:
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    Thank you ! with this plugin I finally arrive to create my auto station ! thank's again !!
  23. this looks good, when i restart my server map and stuff i will try this
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    Great plugin! I'm having one issue at the moment though (simple carts v1.3.1, CB1.01-R1) and that is the intersection only seems to let me go forward or backward. I can't seem to get the cart to turn left or right. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.

    Update: I reverted to v1.2 and intersections worked again.
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    This has been fixed in v1.3.2. Sorry for the confusion!
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    Sweet! Thanks, you rock!
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    Version 1.3.3 released. Fixed Launchers.

    No config.yml update required.
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    I can't set tracks onto any of the mentioned control blocks.

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    Which plugins do you have installed? My guess is it's caused by a protection plugin.
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