[MECH/FUN] SwordsGame v1.4 - A GunGame like gamemode for Minecraft [1185]

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  1. SwordsGame - A GunGame like gamemode for Minecraft

    I've moved the project to BukkitDev.
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    Thanks Tauryuu. I removed essentials and install it after, and that's work. Something in the old folder essential may conflict with swordsgame.
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    Can you allow multiple lobbies for 1 arena?
  5. Not with the current system. (lobbies, arenas and games all use the same key (the name of the arena) to keep things simple)
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    "Spout (will be automaticaly downloaded)"

    Spout do request that you don't auto download it:
    "NOTE: Please DO NOT make your plugin automatically download Spout by default." its on the DevBukkit page.
  7. Not when I made this plugin, and I can't change anything about at the moment. (I'm still on holiday)
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    Hm... not working(working but player get end of stream) CB1060 plugins: Borderguards, Swordsgame, Spout...
  9. I have not tested with CB1060 yet. (I will finish my todo list for every plugin tomorrow)
    Could you post the stack trace?
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    I wish i know what is it :| i'm not really good at stuff like servers and java (I'm thirteen and i'm from Lithuania)
  11. The stack trace is the error that pops up in the console. It should look like this:
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Random exception
            at proguard.shrink.UsageMarker.void visitInstruction(proguard.classfile.ClassFile,proguard.classfile.instruction.Instruction)(ProGuard:576)
            at proguard.classfile.instruction.GenericInstruction.void accept(proguard.classfile.ClassFile,proguard.classfile.instruction.InstructionVisitor)(ProGuard:431)
            at proguard.classfile.CodeAttrInfo.void instructionsAccept(proguard.classfile.ClassFile,proguard.classfile.instruction.InstructionVisitor)(ProGuard:145)
            at proguard.shrink.UsageMarker.void visitCodeAttrInfo(proguard.classfile.ClassFile,proguard.classfile.CodeAttrInfo)(ProGuard:522)
            at proguard.classfile.CodeAttrInfo.void accept(proguard.classfile.ClassFile,proguard.classfile.visitor.AttrInfoVisitor)(ProGuard:129)
            at proguard.classfile.ProgramMemberInfo.void attributesAccept(proguard.classfile.ProgramClassFile,proguard.classfile.visitor.AttrInfoVisitor)(ProGuard:125)
            at proguard.shrink.UsageMarker.void visitMemberInfo(proguard.classfile.ProgramClassFile,proguard.classfile.ProgramMemberInfo)(ProGuard:251)
            at proguard.shrink.UsageMarker.void visitProgramMethodInfo(proguard.classfile.ProgramClassFile,proguard.classfile.ProgramMethodInfo)(ProGuard:229)
            at proguard.classfile.ProgramMethodInfo.void accept(proguard.classfile.ProgramClassFile,proguard.classfile.visitor.MemberInfoVisitor)(ProGuard:55)
            at proguard.classfile.ProgramClassFile.void methodAccept(proguard.classfile.visitor.MemberInfoVisitor,java.lang.String,java.lang.String)(ProGuard:405)
            at proguard.classfile.visitor.NamedMethodVisitor.void visitProgramClassFile(proguard.classfile.ProgramClassFile)(ProGuard:51)
            at proguard.classfile.ProgramClassFile.void accept(proguard.classfile.visitor.ClassFileVisitor)(ProGuard:356)
            at proguard.classfile.visitor.ClassFileUpDownTraveler.void visitProgramClassFile(proguard.classfile.ProgramClassFile)(ProGuard:109)
            at proguard.classfile.ProgramClassFile.void accept(proguard.classfile.visitor.ClassFileVisitor)(ProGuard:356)
            at proguard.classfile.visitor.ClassFileUpDownTraveler.void visitLibraryClassFile(proguard.classfile.LibraryClassFile)(ProGuard:186)
            at proguard.classfile.LibraryClassFile.void accept(proguard.classfile.visitor.ClassFileVisitor)(ProGuard:369)
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    Ok i copied it from serverlog :)

    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [INFO] killerb [/*.**.***.**:*****] logged in with entity id 2 at ([world] -**.*****, **.*, -144.5625)
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [SEVERE] at java.lang.System.arraycopy(Native Method)
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [SEVERE] at java.io.BufferedOutputStream.write(Unknown Source)
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [SEVERE] at java.io.DataOutputStream.write(Unknown Source)
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.Packet51MapChunk.a(Packet51MapChunk.java:88)
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.Packet.a(Packet.java:116)
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.f(NetworkManager.java:107)
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.d(NetworkManager.java:263)
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [SEVERE] at net.minecraft.server.NetworkWriterThread.run(SourceFile:107)
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-09-03 23:17:16 [INFO] killerb lost connection: disconnect.genericReason

    I added stars to ID jus by editing
  13. It does not look like there's a problem with my plugin. When do you get this error?
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    Hmh when i trie to login... I tried to login without your plugin i loged in and there were no "End of stream" but when i login when Your plugin is in then i always get "End of stream" :( my friend tried to login the same happend to him :(
  15. I'm currently working on an update and cleaning up lots of code.
    Does anyone really need/use the documentation? It's giving me headaches.:)

    I've uploaded version 1.3. The cap of four players has been replaced by a hard cap of 20, and arenas can have between zero and 20 spawns! :) (it was about time...)
    Keep in mind that updating will cause your arenas.dat file to be deleted, because of the way object serialization in java works.

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    Ok my prob got fixed don't know how, but there is another problem... I type /sg nothing happens I type /sg define
    nothing happens :| no eror in the console (ps i have no spout on my client and server)
    Btw: thats a really nice plugin you made there i wish it work on my server :|
  17. Do you really not have Spout installed? If so: download Spout. The latest version won't download Spout automatically anymore.
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    Thanks works with spout :)
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    i ThRoW sToNeZx

    Mind posting a video or something?
  20. I'd need a video before I can post it. :)
    EDIT: I've found one on youtube and posted it to the OP.
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    Hey Bro how make 20 people instead of 8?
  22. You can already make an arena with twenty slots.
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    Hey guys i have a problem.
    If i type /sg define it say that thing with .... right click into both corners.... but if do this nothing happend.
    first i thought it was finished. i typed /sg define gladi ( map name ) and it say you are already defining an arena
    in the console it says Player: (my ig name) was not properly updatet during login!.
    bukkit 1060
    mc 1.7.3
  24. Some other plugin is probably conflicting, btw, you can left click to cancel defining.
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    Thats the problem if i do left click its not canceling ( sorry for my "bad" english, i'm still learning )
  26. Does reloading the server solve anything?
    So am I. :)
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    What permissions does the plugin need ?
    i dont know i now using the plugins
    ( so i'm using permissions 3......)
  28. "swordsgame.play" is required in order to play, and "swordsgame.define" is required for creating and managing arenas.
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    i mean the plugin.
    does it also need swordsgame.*? its still not working
  30. "swordsgame.*" will give you both "swordsgame.play" and "swordsgame.define".
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    Could you say what plugins except spout i need

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