Inactive [MECH/FUN] SpawnerAdjuster v1.8.1 - Monster Spawners enhanced! - [1.3.2-R2.0]

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    Please visit our page for up-to-date information.​
    SpawnerAdjuster v1.8.1 for Craftbukkit #ihavenoidea (1.3.2-R2.0)​
    What is SpawnerAdjuster? It allows Monster Spawners to be utilized in various fashions, but it has 3 primary functions.​
    1. Allow what is spawned by the spawner to be changed by simply clicking on it.
    2. Force the spawner to do its thing by feeding it a redstone signal
    3. Allow a spawner to be moved by simply breaking it.
    Why create a this mod? Surly one exists already!

    • Yes, indeed. I saw 2 actually. However they both lacked a chunk of things I wanted. 1 had permissions support but requires /commands to work with a spawner, and I believe a player should never have to resort to the / key. The other one, while allowing interaction with just clicking was not up to date with 1.8 and the author said "6 weeks" before he update it. No, no I'll write my own, thank you.
    -----Enough about why, lets talk about how-----​
    Most information can now be found on our bukkitDev page, here:
    However, I do still check this thread daily monthly (usually on accident), feel free to post here if you don't like curse or something.​
    The Config File explanation page has been moved to

    The list of Permission nodes has been moved to:

    The Changelog has been moved to

    *The full zip isn't really necessary. The jar will create the config files that are missing.
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    Must ... get ... it ... done ... tonight... before ... mass ... effect ... consumes ... me.
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    Yay! Thankyou dude! and enjoy Mass Effect ahaha is awesome.
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    You should be able to turn it on and off by using a stick. I think that would be cool.
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    Omg, Good Job and thanks! Btw does this support PermissionsEx? If so what options should be changed to support this. I put ignore permissions to false but other players that don't have the nodes are still able to use this plugin. O_O I must have the config incorrect.
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    Looks good, but I think i'll stick to using falsebook for this.
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    FYI, the issue I mentioned once earlier with the image, it's still around.
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    I use permissionsEX, with the legacy bridge. IgnorePermissions is false and superperms is false.
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    if you can make the mob spawner spawn when the player enters its radius then YOU WIN. and then we all win. is this possible?

    i could make the best dungeons with this with out having to make redstone traps
  13. Hi,

    I wish to run this plugin on my server, it is very basic at the moment not running any permission or as such.

    The issue is, that every time I want only Ops to be able to change the spawner it resets every time the server is launched, thus having the abilitie for anyone to change the spawner and that is not what I want, do you know why this is happening?
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    You should post the contents of your config.yml, so I can try to reproduce the error.
  15. system:
    opsChangeSpawnTypeOnly: false
    SpawnersRespondToRedstone: true
    allowDroppedSpawners: false
    debugLogs: false
    SuperPerms: false
    ignorePermissions: false
    deactivedByRedstoneStatus: false
    mustHaveValidPermissionsToAlterSpawner: false
    maxNumberOfEntsNearSpawner: 6
    TotalSpawnedEnts: 50
    spawnerEntCheckRadius: 6
    redstoneForcesSpawn: true
    allowChicken: true
    allowWolf: true
    allowSheep: true
    allowCow: true
    allowBlaze: true
    allowOcelot: true
    allowIronGolem: true
    allowEnderDragon: true
    allowMagmaCube: true
    allowMooShroom: true
    allowSnowGolem: true
    allowVillager: true
    allowSquid: true
    allowPig: true
    allowEnderman: true
    allowCaveSpider: true
    allowSpider: true
    allowCreeper: true
    allowSkeleton: true
    allowZombie: true
    allowSilverfish: true
    allowSlime: true
    allowGhast: true
    allowPigZombie: true
    allowGiant: true

    The opsChangeSpawnTypeOnly: false keeps resetting to false instead of staying True
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    I found the cause of the bug, and it will be fixed next version (which contains some other heafty changes and is not yet ready). In the mean time, I may have found a workaround.

    First, set "opsChangeSpawnTypeOnly" to true, next under "redstoneForcesSpawn: true" put "onlyOpsChangeSpawnType: true" then reload SpawnerAdjuster and that should trick the settings loader.

    edit: fix pushed to source

    I've been thinking how a person would do this without hooking onto something like onPlayerMove. I have a few ideas. Just wanted to let you know that I'm playing with your suggestion.

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  17. It did not work, the added line even gets deleted and the first line gets back to false.
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    Maybe you could add craftable spawners?
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    Choelian You should add the ability to change a current mob spawner with an Egg, making it the type of the Egg you use. Would be easier for setting up multiple spawners.
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    I like this idea. Added to the to-do list. (It will be off by default, but enabled in config)
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    Great job bro!
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    I'm using PermissionsEx 1.19.1 on MC 1.2.5.
    SpawnerAdjuster seems not to properly refer to permissions.
    Even players without permission for it can adjust spawners.

    My config:
    Click me (open)

      onlyOpsChangeSpawnType: false
      SpawnersRespondToRedstone: false
      allowDroppedSpawners: false
      debugLogs: false
      ignorePermissions: false
      mustHaveValidPermissionsToAlterSpawner: false
      TotalSpawnedEnts: 10
      redstoneForcesSpawn: false
      useRadiusChecks: true
      maxNumberOfEntsNearSpawner: 5
      distanceToCheck: 6
      allowChicken: true
      allowWolf: false
      allowSheep: true
      allowCow: true
      allowBlaze: false
      allowOcelot: false
      allowIronGolem: false
      allowEnderDragon: false
      allowMagmaCube: false
      allowMooShroom: false
      allowSnowGolem: false
      allowVillager: false
      allowSquid: false
      allowPig: true
      allowEnderman: false
      allowCaveSpider: false
      allowSpider: false
      allowCreeper: false
      allowSkeleton: false
      allowZombie: false
      allowSilverfish: false
      allowSlime: false
      allowGhast: false
      allowPigZombie: false
      allowGiant: false
      stopPigSpawns: false
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    same here

    our server player can break the spawner even they don't have the permission to do so

    running craftbukkit 1.2.5 r1.0 recommanded build
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    any update on the permissions fix? I had to use 'op only' at the moment. as with it off, anyone can change spawners, with or without perm node.
  25. could you add an enable/disable function ?
    I use Catacombs on my server (a dungeon with many spawner) and we cant put torchs on spawner to stop them .. also, the spamming every times you tries to put a torch in is really annoying (was : Pig, Is now : Pig )
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    G1R Productions

    1) How to turn off total # of spawned ents. I want it to continue to spawn infinitely and never stop.
    2) This error occurs (I'm guessing when total # of spawn ents is reached)
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] INFO    at
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] INFO    at
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTracker.updatePlayers(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.track(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.scanPlayers(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.updatePlayer(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] INFO    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.sendPacket(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] INFO java.lang.NullPointerException
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE Unexpected exception
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE    at
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE    at
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTracker.updatePlayers(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.track(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.scanPlayers(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE    at net.minecraft.server.EntityTrackerEntry.updatePlayer(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.sendPacket(
    13.05 12:29:25 [Server] SEVERE java.lang.NullPointerException
    3) You say you check this daily though you haven't posted since march
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    When did I said I check it daily ?
    I can't develop since my computer broke down. I can't post anything towards this.
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    G1R Productions

    Most information can now be found on our bukkitDev page, here:
    However, I do still check this thread daily, feel free to post here if you don't like curse or something.​
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    Updated to 1.6.0.
    -Vault support
    -Obeys block break event (Factions/WorldGuard/Residence)

    Edit: Updated original post to show that I check this thread ... monthly?
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    How do i change the spawner without doing"/spawner [mobtype]"?
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    The irony being that there isn't a command to change the mobtype of a spawner.

    No son, just go right click the spawner (assuming your permissions are configured correctly)

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