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    Please visit our page for up-to-date information.​
    SpawnerAdjuster v1.8.1 for Craftbukkit #ihavenoidea (1.3.2-R2.0)​
    What is SpawnerAdjuster? It allows Monster Spawners to be utilized in various fashions, but it has 3 primary functions.​
    1. Allow what is spawned by the spawner to be changed by simply clicking on it.
    2. Force the spawner to do its thing by feeding it a redstone signal
    3. Allow a spawner to be moved by simply breaking it.
    Why create a this mod? Surly one exists already!

    • Yes, indeed. I saw 2 actually. However they both lacked a chunk of things I wanted. 1 had permissions support but requires /commands to work with a spawner, and I believe a player should never have to resort to the / key. The other one, while allowing interaction with just clicking was not up to date with 1.8 and the author said "6 weeks" before he update it. No, no I'll write my own, thank you.
    -----Enough about why, lets talk about how-----​
    Most information can now be found on our bukkitDev page, here:
    However, I do still check this thread daily monthly (usually on accident), feel free to post here if you don't like curse or something.​
    The Config File explanation page has been moved to

    The list of Permission nodes has been moved to:

    The Changelog has been moved to

    *The full zip isn't really necessary. The jar will create the config files that are missing.
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    Yep, that is what it does. Keeps pumping mobs out, not caring about any limit at all.
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    after this, i think its because i am not inside the same biome
    i placed the spawner with golems on same level as before
    and everything works fine !

    but i cant use commands
    /spawner blaze
    or such new NPCs,
    is it about u or different plugin, essentials maybe ?
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    Hey does this Plug-In allow you to place spawners? im not sure how to place one because there is not a block in creative.
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    I don't dabble in creative mode, so I can't really comment on that. But to my knowledge, no, it doesn't. You'd have to find the spawner naturally or use some other plugin to craft it. I believe there are plugins that allow custom workbench recipes so you could look that direction for creating the block from scratch
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    Mine allows the crafting.
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    How do you spawn the giant? It never seems to spawn for me.
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    try /spawnmob giant
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    if force spawning is off, the Giant can't spawn, since, without force spawning, a spawner must follow the natural spawning rules.
    Turn force spawn on, and stick some redstone nearyby, and you'll get what you're looking for
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    is there a way to sell these spawners through admin shop or other chest shops and have them retain the mob type?

    Also looking at your current set up it allows ppl to mine spawners but will the types retain? Meaning can they place them and have it be with the type they mined up before? Also If i set it all to true but only give the permission node to say moderators and admins only can change the spawner type?

    Just want this info verified cause I use creature box and honestly Im tired of waiting for a fix to be found and implemented that will allow the spawners to retain the original types but make it to where that only admins and mods can change the spawner types cause this is a big economy thing for us with out set up.
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    I want to allow players to take mob spawners out of dungeons and re-purpose them as they see fit, kind of like an added reward for finding a dungeon. Does the entity spawned by the spawner remain with the block when it is broken? My concern is when I give myself a spawner using admin commands and this plugin I can break it but it only spawns pigs and I specified in the configuration file that I don't want pigs to spawn. This may be because I give myself the block with commands and just want to see if a player finds say a zombie spawner that he can break that spawner and use it to spawn zombies (and only zombies) somewhere else.
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    The mob type is not currently preserved. I believe I can fix that. I'm currently in the process of moving my development to a different machine, so it might take me a day or two.
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    Hey there!
    Nice plugin, I too dislike forcing players to learn long lists of commands.

    We used to run Creaturebox on our server, but (amongst other things) it no longer retains creature type when a spawner is broken and picked up. As such, any spawner placed by a player is pigs.

    What we really aim for on our server is a fairly close to vanilla survival experience with some bonuses... So players can't set spawner types willy-nilly, but they love being able to break, pickup, move, and trade or re-place them. Of course when that results in the spawner turning into a pig box, it's not so hot. :)
    I'll look forward to any future developments in that area, as I'd happily switch from CreatureBox.

    Apart from that, best of luck with the move to a new machine! Hope all goes smoothly.
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    Any progress relating that limitation of mobs in an area around spawner?
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    Its a tricky one to reproduce, but I miiiiight have fixed it. Anyway, I'm just waiting for the RB of 1.1 to come out before I let loose the next version.
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    same issue here, selling spawners now for people to make traps, but getting massive lag as people funnel them into a room and go AFK building up 100's of mobs (combine this with 10 people doing it, you can see where this is going)
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    any way to get the spawner show up as the actual mob?
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    i read somewhere that is a minecraft problem not about the plugin
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    This is correct. Its a bug in vanilla multiplayer minecraft. I'm surprised it has not been fixed yet.
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    I can't see any Squids to spawn when scrolling through moblist on the spawner?
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    I never really paid much attention to the squids, I'll thumb through and test them this weekend and get back to you.
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    lol, typos all over...
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    Me neither, actually I downloaded this plugin primarily for a squid-spawner :p
    Love the redstone feature, good work =)
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    Choelian Even with this latest version the bug with limits around a spawner remain, I can create a room about 15 blocks away from the spawner, fill it with 50+ mobs and the spawner set to limit 20 mobs and on a 35 block radius keep pumping out more mobs.

    The blue box has got ~50 zombies in it, the yellow box has just got a zombie spawner which will not spawn anything. The red box is exactly the same but in the red box spawning occur even though within the radius check.

    Show Spoiler

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    I'm in the process of doing away with the radius check, its been far too much of a headache. I'm still experimenting with different ways to throttle spawns in such a way that prevents spawners from being an easy way to grief a server.
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    There is a terrible bug that kills my economy,
    a spawner in a dungeon and the land is protected with world guard,
    ther always drop a spawner when somebody try to pick it up
    but the original will not be destroyed

    is it a bug from this plugin or is it from LWC ?
    i ask this cause i let them auto protecd from LWC when placed by builders,
    but this bug is with a "original" spawner from a dungeon
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    Caused by the interaction of the two. It could probably be fixed on my end though.
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    Updating for 1.2.3? =3 I want to spawn Ocelots
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    Sweet, good job! Can't wait. :)
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    Hey! waiting for the 1.2.3 upgrade. Thanks for this awesome plugin!

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