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    The Werewolf
    The Werewolf version 2.2
    New BukkitDev page: here
    please post your questions/suggestions there
    The Werewolf is the werewolf plug-in created to bring you the ultimate werewolf experience!

    It’s ideas are based of various myths/legends and and our personal ideas about how the plug-in should function.

    If you have any suggestions for the plug-in or need help, please tell us in the comments! We (Firemars and me) are a dedicated team and will try to read and answer every single one!

    RPGOverhead v1.0 is required for the latest version! This plugin will ensure compatibility with as many other RPG-style plugins as possible. It can be downloaded here.

    We recommend that you also download both the Spout.jar for your server and use the SpoutCraft client so you can enjoy the full Werewolf experience!

    The Werewolf features:

    Almost every feature is customisable in the config file! All the features named here are the default settings.

    • To become a Werewolf, you have to get bitten (attacked) by a wolf or Werewolf at night and contract the Wolven-infection (small chance). This infection turns the Human into a Werewolf when they step outside the next night. It can be stopped by staying inside the night after contracting the infection.
    • A Werewolf automatically turns into his Wolf-form at night.
    • A Werewolf can sprint in Wolf-form by using the shift-key.
    • A Werewolf cannot wield weapons (low damage) while in Wolf-form, but does high unarmed damage!
    • A Werewolf cannot wield Armor while in Wolf-form, but has a high natural defense! When turning in a Werewolf, the player drops his armor.
    • When in wolf-form, all wolves are friendly (unless another Werewolf controls them).
    • Prevents your wolves from being damaged while you are offline.
    • Werewolves are very vulnerable to “Silver” (Iron) weapons.
    • A recipe creates an item that cures Werewolves and turns them back into humans, when using the item, there is a 1/4th chance the user is cured. There is no way of telling wether the user is actually cured until the next night.

    Visuals & Audio [FONT=Arial](Requires Spout and Spoutcraft!)[/FONT]:
    • Achievements (Notifications):
      • [FONT=Arial][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Arial][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Arial]The Infection - Contract the infection[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT]
      • The Werewolf - Turn into a Werewolf
      • The Packleader - Have some wolf-companions
      • The Spreader - Infect a human
      • New Sherrif in Town - Kill a fellow Werewolf
      • The Cure - Make a Werewolfism-cure
    • When in wolf-form, character skin changes to a Werewolf skin.
    • Howling sound when a character transforms

    • thewerewolf.togglewerewolf..............allow toggling of werewolf status
    • thewerewolf.toggleself.......................allow players to toggle their own wolf status
    • thewerewolf.infectwerewolf...............allow infecting players by command
    • thewerewolf.infectself........................allow players to infect themselves
    • thewerewolf.cure...............................allow players to use the cure
    • thewerewolf.infectother.....................allow players to infect other players by hitting
    • thewerewolf.becomeinfected............allow players to become infected by hitting
    • thewerewolf.thewerewolf...................allow players to enable/disable the plugin

    Toggle Werewolfism.................................../togglewerewolf [PLAYERNAME]
    Toggle Werewolfism on yourself................/togglewolfself
    Infect player with Werewolfism.................../infectwerewolf [PLAYERNAME]
    Infect yourself with Werewolfism................/infectwolfself
    Toggle plugins on/off state........................../thewerewolf


    Look in the %server%/plugins/TheWerewolf/config.yml file for these options. I only describe the more important/harder to understand options here.
    • Modifiers.Night.Resolution changes the update cycle speed. Slower servers should insert higher numbers
    • Modifiers.Hardcore, hardcore mode makes werewolfs drop their items and disables them to talk properly
    • Files.Skin for a custom skin file
    • Files.Howl for a custom howl noise (when turning into a werewolf)
    • Disallowed.Items Insert any number of comma separated (spaces are ignored) item materials or id's here. Werewolfs can't use these items in any way.
    • Multiplied.Weapons are the weapons which do extra damage to a werewolf
    • Recipe.Materials for a custom recipe, again item name or item id, or null if spot should be skipped (going from topleft corner to the right, then the next line etc.)
    • Recipe.Result for a custom cure item
    Possible Future Features:

    • Customizeable per-player/per-group skins
    • When transforming to and from Wolf-form, the characters emits particles (similar to those of a Nether-portal).
    • Instead of damage prevention, despawn wolves while you are offline.
    • Whole new achievement screen with custom achievements.
    • Abitilies:
      • Growl - Stuns nearby hostile creatures
    • Anything else you submit!
    Known Bugs:
    • Please help with this plugin by submitting any bugs you found while playing!

    A BIG thanks to everyone who made this plugin possible! Especially the lead-designer of this plugin, Firemars. New features will be added through him!

    The test team (Minecraft Names) A-Z:
    • Daanie
    • DutchyDev
    • Firemars
    • Pimmi
    • Supershoarma
    (They also came with cool ideas for the plugin)

    The default skin:
    Beelzabeth, check him out, he makes some awesome skins!

    • v2.2 - Unnecessary update!
      • fixed tiny bug which shouldn't occur?
      • changed name of speed modifier for ppl having trouble running
      • split Speed in Speed_Multiplier and Jump_Multiplier
    • v2.1 -
      • Improved running, you won't need to use shift anymore
      • Higher jumping
      • Fixed a bug where RPGOverhead couldn't be found
    • v2.0 - bug fixes:
      • TheWerewolf would initialize faster than spout
    • v2.0 - features:
      • Extending RPGOverhead to enjoy maximum compatibility
      • added 2 commands + permission nodes to change yourself into a werewolf
    more... (open)

    • v1.5 - bug fixes:
      • armor wouldn't drop while in hardcore mode
      • angry wolves captured from other players would attack their new owner
    • v1.5 - features
      • splitted hardcore mode in chat-scramble and item-drop in config file
      • chat-scramble only occurs between wolfs and players (players get the text scrambled)
      • chat-scramble messages are now editable
      • insta-friendly of wolves can now be disabled
      • werewolfs armor will act for every damage source (also fall damage!)
        • sources can be disabled (armor won't act)
        • minimum damage of 1 even if armor would lower it to 0
      • werewolfs growl when other entities target them
    • v1.3 - Corrected tiny console bug
    • v1.2 - Implemented some user ideas:
      • Customizeable items which a werewolf receives extra damage from
      • Customizeable recipe/cure item
      • a command, /thewerewolf, to turn the plugin on or off
      • optional 'hardcore mode'
        • Werewolfs drop their items and can't pick them up
        • Werewolfs can't talk, all they do is make beastily noises
    • v1.1 - Fixed bug where players would never turn after being infected
    • v1.0 - Initial release!
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    So I think I'm not doing something right here.. I spawned a few wolves and had them kill me for about 5 mins and I changed the default infect chance from 0.05 to 99.99 to see if it would turn me, however.. When I die it says 'No skin set' and skills/skin doesn't change. Am I doing something wrong? I am also changing it from day to night using commands. Do I have to literally wait one day? Please help. :<
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    You don't have to wait a day, changing time with commands should work. Don't change too quickly though, give the plugin some time to notice the day/night change. Note that the first time you get infected you get an achievement (if you are using spout of course). This way you know you are infected without having to change the time
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    That's odd... I have Spout installed yet I have not received an achievement yet. Do you think it could be something else? I mean, I thought it was working when it said 'no skin set' when I respawned after my death by a wolf but it doesn't seem like it works.
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    Ok it works, thanks for the advise ;)
    Also, I kind of jump... EXTREMLY HIGH xD
    The speed_multiplier seems to be connected with the jump ability, could you separate them please ? That would be so awesome :p

    Thansk for all your great work :)
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    Hmm, that's really strange. The message was kinda like a debug message so it shouldn't be there :p. But it does mean the plugin is working.
    Are you sure you don't have the achievement yet? You can look it up in the config file (Players.<Player name>.Achievements. It could be that you didn't get the message but did get the achievement. But the strangest thing is that you aren't transforming into a wolf.......
    Maybe you can try to transform yourself with /togglewolfself. If that works, try infecting yourself by command and if that works, it's really really strange......

    Uhm... Yes, the speed multiplier also changes your height :p, but I can change it if you want?
    Wolf_distance is the range in which wolfs start to be automatically friendly
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    I just changed my message sorry :p
    I'm copying it ;)
    "The speed_multiplier seems to be connected with the jump ability, could you separate them please ? That would be so awesome :p

    Thansk for all your great work :)"

    So yeah, I'd loooove it if you change that :D
    Ok thanks for the wolf_distance, I thought it was that :p
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    14:24:27 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins/TheWerewolf.jar' in folder 'plugins': RPGOverhead
    org.bukkit.plugin.UnknownDependencyException: RPGOverhead
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.<init>(
        at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.<init>(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
    I get this error, could you please help / fix this would be an epic plugin to use
    And I was using 2.2 on minecract 1.7.3
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    done (I keep it as version 2.2 as I don't think it really is a change ;))

    and you have RPGOverhead installed? Cause if you read the post you'd know it is required for my plugin ;)
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    Thanks, so awesome ! :D
    Works perfectly fine with me :)


    By the way, in the "disallowed" - "damage" there's plenty of stuff like "suicide", that's fall_damage right ? 'cause I'm still having damage while falling (and with the jump ability I kind of lose health quickly), so I removed it just to be sure (the "suicide" part), and still having damage too

    Is it possible for me to remove the fall damage ?

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    You sir are a god.

    -Edit At night time all works it says (you have become a werewolf) ect but, the skin doesn't work? i checked the link and everything in config it just isn't working.
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    If it says to you that "you have become a werewolf", then it's not detecting spout or something like that.
    Only players who do not have Spoutcraft get this message ;)
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    Reply oh ok thanks, I will get spout craft!
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    Keep in mind that even if YOU own the server with spout in it, you are still a client even if you run minecraft directly on your server computer. That means you HAVE to get spoutcraft.jar for getting all the good stuff :p

    By the way, if you're not familiar with it, you just have to launch it with java (on windows) and it will install just exactly like minecraft.

    Keep us posted :)
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    Yeah, there seems to be a problem. Does this conflict with any other plugins? I can't even use the commands :/
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    Marcos Cosmos

    Actually, there is now an dcs and .app launcher (for windows and mac respectfully,) and custom item/block etc is coming soon o.o, (ability to create client plugins rather than client mods) ;D
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    What? So you're going to make it so I can look like [​IMG]
    if I don't have Spout, right? Cause that's what I want. I want my upcoming server to not require Spout in order to see werewolfs.
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    An idea would it be possible to, instead of just changing the skin of the player, but as well the shape of the player!
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    @Dutch_Devil, can you make a new parameter about the fall damage ? Because it's frustrating to see that in werewolf form if we jump before going one block down we lose some health because of the higher jump...
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    We've been thinking about this for a while now, especially because in our server there are almost no vampires because they have a clear negative effect: They burn in sunlight.

    As @M4xwellou stated, everyone hates werewolves because they lose control. This is not an option for this plugin. We tried to think of good negative effects we could add, but all we came up with (and implemented) was the silver (iron)-weapons vulnerability. If anyone can think of more (balanced) negative effects, please let us know.

    Oh and we are also on BukkitDev now, check it out: .
    We may make this our default download location, so please comment there!

    Uhm no, you will definitively have to have Spout in order to see the effects

    Hehe, don't worry, we've got that planned, but Spout just isn't there yet :D

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    @Firemars @Dutch_Devil
    I think that the hardcore mode is a good negative effect if activated

    I juste thought of something : If you're a werewolf, maybe while in human form, your max health would be reduced by let's say, half , or in the same way, while in human form you take twice damage than a "normal" human would ? (that would be configurable of course)
    I don't no if that's possible (even with spout)
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    It sure is possible, but we've come up with something else. Something that will be as extreme as the Vampire's inability to walk in the sun.

    A Werewolf (when in wolf-form) cannot use tools.

    This makes sense, because you are a wolf.
    This will of course be configurable, but we recommend that when you run this with the Vampire plugin, you enable it.
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    Yeah of course, actually in wolf form I made the use of every tools impossible (by editing the disallow part), except for the diamond pickaxe, and everything in stone (wood is a good weapon against vampire so I had to deny it too)

    I also had to think of a way to make impossible for the werewolf to become a vampire since the Vampire plugin doesn't have the permission node for that:
    You can become vampire only by going to an altar (no disease trought vampire). This altar is Worldguarded, anyone who's not in a Vampire group in Permissions can't access to the altar (entry deny)
    And of course, Vampire doesn't have the Permission to become Werewolf :p

    I 'd prefer a more RPG way but there isn't... (except maybe for the Supernatural player plugin but I'm too attached to Spout)
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    All good except the skin and sound which is sort of quite annoying cus it means people on your server cant even tell if you are a werewolf
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    Firemars ? Dutch_Devil ?
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    1) I think you should make the player an actual wolf with red eyes (And make the player can see himself as a wolf in third person (Not possible yet in the current spout api))

    2.1) Change the achievement text "Make a werewolfism-cure" by "Make a lycanthropy cure"
    2.2) Make achievement texts configurable

    3) Make the chance of curing a werewolf configureable (percentage)
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    Good idea about the whole "attack a friend" thing :)
    But in that matters, it just becomes an annoying plug-in that has no real advantage :/
    That means even if you just want to be quiet and build your thing with a friend, you can't do it properly when night comes unless if you lose some precious time at preparing a cure that will EVENTUALLY cure you...
    No seriously, that would just be so frustrating...

    That's of course, just what I think about it :)

    PS: Don't forget that for a player, losing the control of his character (in a non scripted scene) is one of the most horrible thing that can happens, it's frustrating and not funny.
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    As for the whole attack a friend thing i would recommend...

    -Make it configureable (obviously)

    -Increase spawn of wolves and make some automaticly hostile.

    -Make the infection much harder to get rid of.

    -Make it harder to cure.

    And there you go. The plugin now add an added RISK of becoming a werewolf.
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    could you test it without other plugins? I think it has to be a conflict but there are no known plugins which change the werewolf's behaviour

    well, actually mobdisguise works without using spout. Problem is that you can't see yourself as a wolf and it worked quite buggy in combination with our plugin

    There is a new (spout) vampire plugin in the process of being developed (not by us). It will use my RPGOverhead plugin so they WILL be compatible. Also, I'm going to stimulate developers to use my platform for compatibility.

    cure chance is already configurable ;)
    by changing the cure chance it is automatically harder to cure. You can also change the recipe items to items which are harder to get.

    and to all the ppl having trouble with the fall damage, there is a quick fix by decreasing the armor multiplier in the config file. Note however that this also reduces other sources of damage.
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    ok, what is the number for 100% chance of infection? I tried everything.. .01 .1 1.0

    which one?!
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    Marcos Cosmos

    I'm new to java.. well. I Will be in a few weeks, planning on trying to build a Spout Client Mod project based off another game (or try and get it far enough for a proficient coder to be interested enough to pick up with it)... What exactly does the overhead library facilitate? It'd be useful as an idea of how to do a libary, even if can't use yours, (I will need a libary, too many aspects to hold to one plugin, I want to give options about how far from natural Minecraft and Survival the server goes (I plan to build post 1.8, because well, EXP manipulation would be rather useful for my project. for 'munni' and power xD)... my siggy didnt update?

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