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    The Werewolf
    The Werewolf version 2.2
    New BukkitDev page: here
    please post your questions/suggestions there
    The Werewolf is the werewolf plug-in created to bring you the ultimate werewolf experience!

    It’s ideas are based of various myths/legends and and our personal ideas about how the plug-in should function.

    If you have any suggestions for the plug-in or need help, please tell us in the comments! We (Firemars and me) are a dedicated team and will try to read and answer every single one!

    RPGOverhead v1.0 is required for the latest version! This plugin will ensure compatibility with as many other RPG-style plugins as possible. It can be downloaded here.

    We recommend that you also download both the Spout.jar for your server and use the SpoutCraft client so you can enjoy the full Werewolf experience!

    The Werewolf features:

    Almost every feature is customisable in the config file! All the features named here are the default settings.

    • To become a Werewolf, you have to get bitten (attacked) by a wolf or Werewolf at night and contract the Wolven-infection (small chance). This infection turns the Human into a Werewolf when they step outside the next night. It can be stopped by staying inside the night after contracting the infection.
    • A Werewolf automatically turns into his Wolf-form at night.
    • A Werewolf can sprint in Wolf-form by using the shift-key.
    • A Werewolf cannot wield weapons (low damage) while in Wolf-form, but does high unarmed damage!
    • A Werewolf cannot wield Armor while in Wolf-form, but has a high natural defense! When turning in a Werewolf, the player drops his armor.
    • When in wolf-form, all wolves are friendly (unless another Werewolf controls them).
    • Prevents your wolves from being damaged while you are offline.
    • Werewolves are very vulnerable to “Silver” (Iron) weapons.
    • A recipe creates an item that cures Werewolves and turns them back into humans, when using the item, there is a 1/4th chance the user is cured. There is no way of telling wether the user is actually cured until the next night.

    Visuals & Audio [FONT=Arial](Requires Spout and Spoutcraft!)[/FONT]:
    • Achievements (Notifications):
      • [FONT=Arial][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Arial][COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)][FONT=Arial]The Infection - Contract the infection[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT]
      • The Werewolf - Turn into a Werewolf
      • The Packleader - Have some wolf-companions
      • The Spreader - Infect a human
      • New Sherrif in Town - Kill a fellow Werewolf
      • The Cure - Make a Werewolfism-cure
    • When in wolf-form, character skin changes to a Werewolf skin.
    • Howling sound when a character transforms

    • thewerewolf.togglewerewolf..............allow toggling of werewolf status
    • thewerewolf.toggleself.......................allow players to toggle their own wolf status
    • thewerewolf.infectwerewolf...............allow infecting players by command
    • thewerewolf.infectself........................allow players to infect themselves
    • thewerewolf.cure...............................allow players to use the cure
    • thewerewolf.infectother.....................allow players to infect other players by hitting
    • thewerewolf.becomeinfected............allow players to become infected by hitting
    • thewerewolf.thewerewolf...................allow players to enable/disable the plugin

    Toggle Werewolfism.................................../togglewerewolf [PLAYERNAME]
    Toggle Werewolfism on yourself................/togglewolfself
    Infect player with Werewolfism.................../infectwerewolf [PLAYERNAME]
    Infect yourself with Werewolfism................/infectwolfself
    Toggle plugins on/off state........................../thewerewolf


    Look in the %server%/plugins/TheWerewolf/config.yml file for these options. I only describe the more important/harder to understand options here.
    • Modifiers.Night.Resolution changes the update cycle speed. Slower servers should insert higher numbers
    • Modifiers.Hardcore, hardcore mode makes werewolfs drop their items and disables them to talk properly
    • Files.Skin for a custom skin file
    • Files.Howl for a custom howl noise (when turning into a werewolf)
    • Disallowed.Items Insert any number of comma separated (spaces are ignored) item materials or id's here. Werewolfs can't use these items in any way.
    • Multiplied.Weapons are the weapons which do extra damage to a werewolf
    • Recipe.Materials for a custom recipe, again item name or item id, or null if spot should be skipped (going from topleft corner to the right, then the next line etc.)
    • Recipe.Result for a custom cure item
    Possible Future Features:

    • Customizeable per-player/per-group skins
    • When transforming to and from Wolf-form, the characters emits particles (similar to those of a Nether-portal).
    • Instead of damage prevention, despawn wolves while you are offline.
    • Whole new achievement screen with custom achievements.
    • Abitilies:
      • Growl - Stuns nearby hostile creatures
    • Anything else you submit!
    Known Bugs:
    • Please help with this plugin by submitting any bugs you found while playing!

    A BIG thanks to everyone who made this plugin possible! Especially the lead-designer of this plugin, Firemars. New features will be added through him!

    The test team (Minecraft Names) A-Z:
    • Daanie
    • DutchyDev
    • Firemars
    • Pimmi
    • Supershoarma
    (They also came with cool ideas for the plugin)

    The default skin:
    Beelzabeth, check him out, he makes some awesome skins!

    • v2.2 - Unnecessary update!
      • fixed tiny bug which shouldn't occur?
      • changed name of speed modifier for ppl having trouble running
      • split Speed in Speed_Multiplier and Jump_Multiplier
    • v2.1 -
      • Improved running, you won't need to use shift anymore
      • Higher jumping
      • Fixed a bug where RPGOverhead couldn't be found
    • v2.0 - bug fixes:
      • TheWerewolf would initialize faster than spout
    • v2.0 - features:
      • Extending RPGOverhead to enjoy maximum compatibility
      • added 2 commands + permission nodes to change yourself into a werewolf
    more... (open)

    • v1.5 - bug fixes:
      • armor wouldn't drop while in hardcore mode
      • angry wolves captured from other players would attack their new owner
    • v1.5 - features
      • splitted hardcore mode in chat-scramble and item-drop in config file
      • chat-scramble only occurs between wolfs and players (players get the text scrambled)
      • chat-scramble messages are now editable
      • insta-friendly of wolves can now be disabled
      • werewolfs armor will act for every damage source (also fall damage!)
        • sources can be disabled (armor won't act)
        • minimum damage of 1 even if armor would lower it to 0
      • werewolfs growl when other entities target them
    • v1.3 - Corrected tiny console bug
    • v1.2 - Implemented some user ideas:
      • Customizeable items which a werewolf receives extra damage from
      • Customizeable recipe/cure item
      • a command, /thewerewolf, to turn the plugin on or off
      • optional 'hardcore mode'
        • Werewolfs drop their items and can't pick them up
        • Werewolfs can't talk, all they do is make beastily noises
    • v1.1 - Fixed bug where players would never turn after being infected
    • v1.0 - Initial release!
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    He is currently doing an introduction week of his university, sorry for the delay.
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    Will he come back soon ?
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    Very nice will be installed on my server soon.

    Suggestions are in red! Thank you for a great plugin. Also maybe add more classes for a better roleplay feel.

    Maybe even a costume inventory's for each class?
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    I already planned an overhead plugin in which other transform-like plugins can hook so only a single or a few transformation can be combined
    Hmm, being infected doesn't seem like a problem to me, but I will add mobarena support as I love that plugin :p. Will make it so that you won't transform to your wolf-form while in an arena
    Hmm sounds a little strange. Will look at it.

    I think I can track the damage cause and add an option in the configuration to allow reduction for various causes

    I think I still have this implemented but disabled :p. Will add it back as a configuration.

    I wanted this but with the CB build at the time of release it wasn't possible yet. I think they actually made it possible in #1000 or #1060.
    I am :p
    speed is already configurable.
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    oh ye i posted here an idea with alpha werewolf what you say about it?
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    Marcos Cosmos

    cool thanks c:
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    Bug report : the werewolf doesn't drop his armor in hardcore mode.

    We also need a node which allows or not monsters to be friendly with werewolf's.
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    Here's a list of things I would quite like to see:
    -Each player can have a custom Werewolf form skin (Already suggested before, I know)(Maybe do this by the player having a skin file in their .minecraft folder to use, and if they don't have one, it goes to Default(Just a suggestion))
    -When the Werewolf speaks, only humans see the *Makes Growling Noise* Message, and other Werewolves would see something like <InsertUsername>: {Werewolf} < InsertMessage>
    -Also, can the chat adjustments be made configurable?
    -It was said that the plugin may be made to turn the player into a full-on quadruped wolf, like the in-game mob, rather than the player character skin. If this becomes the case, could it be toggleable if the user becomes a wolf or the secondary skin?
    -Maybe make an option where if a hostile mob locks onto you, you let off a growl (Maybe the same sound angry wolves make sometimes)

    So far, I haven't been able to play this mod yet, because I don't have a server to host, and the server I regularly play hasn't got around to testing it for compatability yet. If any of the above are already in action, can I be corrected? The mod looks awesome, though!

    Best of luck with your future modding!
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    hmm the bug sounds kinda strange, I will take a quick look. The monsters being friendly is already available as a vampire. I want to make some clear differences between the two ;)

    yup, was already on my todo list.
    That's quite a nice idea!

    Allright, fixed 2 bugs, added all easy to implement new features you suggested and updated.​
    If you feel you really need a bugfix right now, you have to post it as soon as possible. I have a tiny little bit of time tomorrow and after that I'm gone for at least a week (maybe another 2 weeks if I run out of time)​

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    We will implement this in a way that you can set an individual URL for each player's Were-skin.

    It doesn't work yet, but when it does we will make it toggleable (per player?) ;)

    Again guys, Dutch_Devil is gone for a while, but I will read through all your suggestions / bug reports.
    Thanks for your understanding.
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    Oh yeah the were-skins per player I can't wait for it !

    The thing that I want the most, I already told you, is werewolf's charging and attacking humans without being controllable when they are too close. This is exactly what characterizes the werewolf in fantasy novels : he could kill his best friend.

    Another thing that I was just thinking about : a night counter. You know, in real life the moon isn't at its full every night; so what about a counter for nights ? For example the transformation happens after 3 or 4 night cycles. And maybe you could make changing the moon texture and having crescent moon... half moon... and FULL MOON [cake]

    If you add that, it would become the ultimate werewolf experience.
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    Skin doesnt seem to change when night comes.
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    I hope you're using Spout + Spoutcraft?
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    My whole server is spout. :/ no non spouters aloud. XD
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    Do you have any other Spout plugins that change the skin of your players? It works on my server...
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    Could you verify in the logs if the Spout plugin is initialized before the werewolf plugin ?
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    XD I do not understand what you want me to do but I went thru and got as much as I could a removed some errors and cant keep up thingys. But I am off to work :D

    Spout essentials.

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    Yes that's what I thought :
    Try to rename your plugins "1.Spout.jar" and "2.TheWerewolf.jar".
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    i'm not changing in a wolf skin
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    me too no skin change....

    My plugins:

    and sound is not playing
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    i have change the names but skin and sound dont work

    15:39:46 [INFO] [TheWerewolf] Spout is not enabled on this server, disabling spout parts...
    15:39:46 [INFO] [TheWerewolf] Permission system not detected, defaulting to OP
    15:39:46 [INFO] [TheWerewolf] added recipe for cure
    15:39:46 [INFO] Spout has been initialized


    The names of plugins is 1.Spout.jar and 2.TheWerewolf....

    ok now work i have change the name in a.jar and b.jar

    now i attack a player but he not infected. why??? sry for my bad english ^^

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    Where are you from ? When you hit a player he has a small chance to be infected, you can change the percentage in the config.yml
    Nice idea the a.Spout and b.TheWere... !
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    add config so werewolf can transform at day too please!!!
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    any way that you could link with snp, just to replace their werewolf cuz theirs kinda sucks. i know that probably wont happen but just wondering, also could you make more like this? kinda like snp only with spout! that would be sweet. kthxbye
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    I come from germany.

    I have now a new plugin: AngryWolf.jar
    it works with your plugin?
  28. I guess its a bug: Werewolfs on hardcore mode can pick items out of chests.
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    I must agree about guys that suggest to add the possibility of making the name completely invisible when you're a werewolf !
    And I mean, absolutely completely, like if a werewolf was a mob, and not juste a guy in "sneak" mode like all the others plug ins usually do !

    GREAT work BTW :D
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    yea i dont know how to do the config, this is what my config looks like:
            Wolftype: fullwolf
    keep in mind that my username is wolfthewerewolf and its spaced like that because i use notepad++ and i do not see the settings that can be changed?

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