[MECH/FUN/RPG] ScarredLands v0.1 - Fight to reclaim your world [1060]

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    ScarredLands - Fight to reclaim your world [1060]
    Version: v0.1

    I created a plugin called CursedLands a little while ago, which focused on the act of "cursing" an area of a map, which caused blocks to be slowly replace with netherrack. The problem however was that changing an increasing number of blocks every second was very taxing on the server. Plus there was never really a point to it, as the curse was normally faster than you.

    Anyway this is taking that idea but changing it into more of an RPG experience. It is no longer about watching the nether spread (as fun as that was) but about what happens after your whole world has been scarred.

    The general order of things is; first an admin takes a map (fun if you take the regular one with stuff built) and scars and area of land, then builds a safe place for players to spawn by curing some of the land.

    Everyone else then joins in and teams up to claim back the world. Logs are needed to convert a pillar (one block from bedrock to sky) from scarred to cured (netherrack to soulsand), this allows that pillar to be built on and the cured land (soulsand) can be converted back to normal materials (not what they started at, using a random number and a probability table). Players they slowly reclaim the land around them and gather materials.

    Also if they want to venture out into the scarred lands they will need full gold armour to avoid burning horribly.

    • Easy to set up a map area to be scarred using an in game command
    • Scarred land burns if you walk on it, unless wearing full gold armour (or an admin/op with the right permission node)
    • To cure a block of scarred land place a log on it (will cure a 1 block pillar from bedrock to sky)
    • Cured blocks turn from netherrack to soulsand
    • To convert cured blocks back to normal uses seeds on soulsand
    • When using seeds on cured, the block will change into a normal block based on a random number
    • You cannot destroy netherrack or soulsand
    • You cannot build in any Scarred pillars
    Download v0.1 - ScarredLands.jar

    Quick Video Overview:

    To set up a scarred area is very easy. You must have the right permissions (or op if you are not using permissions plugin)

    /scar scarland [radius] !Don't make radius too big or it will crash/hang server!

    For the radius don't make the number to big (about 50 is normally about right) you can always move around and scar more chunks, just don't make the server do the whole thing at once.

    eg. "/scar scarland 10" will create a scarred area, with the centre at your current position which stretches for 10 blocks in each direction (as a square).

    • scarredlands.noBurn (will not burn when standing on the curse)
    • scarredlands.scar (is allowed to create scarred land)
    Configuration File:

    • ScarMaterial: 87 (sets the material id of the scarblocks, default netherrack)
    • ConversionItem: 295 (sets the item that is used to convert the cured blocks back to normal, default seeds)
    • CuredMaterial: 88 (sets the material id of the cured but still not converted blocks, default soulsand)
    • GoldFireProtection: true (whether full gold armour prevents burning when on scarred)
    • PlayersBurn: true (whether players will burn if on scarred, can be prevented with gold armour, if allowed)
    Try not to use obsidian for the scar or cure material, part of the scar command removes all obsidian and replaces it with lava (to help with the water to lave conversion)

    To Do:

    • Add a way of changing mob spawns/types on the scarred
    • Add an extra part to the scar command that leaves an area in the middle of the scar as it was originally (starting base thing)
    • Command to remove the curse (maybe even set it back to the original)
    • Sort the source out with a GitHub or similar
    • Stop people being able to escape? (wall/instantdeath/teleport)
    • Some form of reward for curing

    • None known yet
    Download v0.1 - ScarredLands.jar

    Change log:
    Version 0.1
    • First Submission
  2. Haven't tested, but looks awesome :D
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    changelog has to show at least two versions without a spoiler
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    Anyone got any ideas as to how to improve this?
    It is pretty much just the basic structure at the moment, would it benefit from a reward system?
    Are there any other plugins that I could hook into to make this more fun? I was thinking of looking at including spout integration so that when you are in the scarred land the texture pack could change to a suitable creepy one and the sky turns darker. Like in Terraria :p

    Added a quick video, hope that helps people understand what is going on :D

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    Thanks i might use this for an "Expansion" for my server.
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    Make wood change to glowstone and leaves change to spiderwebs, if possible. It makes it seem more otherworldly...
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    Oh is it possible that you can revert it back to the original block the netherack replaced?

    (By the way will this affect buildings in any way?)
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    Made a few changes to the plugin, if you download a new copy you can set what materials trees turn into in the config.


    Good call with the ghost trees :p

    At the moment blocks will become a random type (come more common than others) when you convert them. But I am working on saving the original state of the blocks, but this is slightly more complicated and will result in some large save files that have to hold every block state.

    I'm trying a few methods :) Will be sorted soon. :p

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    aaawwwwww yeaahh im using this now :D
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    Will then ether still spread ? and if yes how fast ? configurable ?
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    Nope this version doesn't spread over time, I made this separate for people that want the rpg feel of reclaiming the land, but not the server stress of loads of blocks changing each second
  12. Could you make something like this cover a world? I mean, making it so new land are made out of neather?
    Instead of making a "heaven" to start from it would be great to have a hole world "cursed" and players would start on another world that is normal and could tp to the cursed world and try to cure it.

    This made me think some more. When you walk to the edge of the world so that new land are rendered, are the new land normal? Just thought about all the lazy players that rather rendered more land than trying to cure the old one :p
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    When the land is cursed monsters should spawn and the should be giant gaps in the scarred land with recks of buildings - and maybe a totem which cures the whole thing if you find it!
    Just an idea - hope you like it!
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    I know what you mean, it is effort to keep expanding the scarred area. The idea of having block scar when they are generated is a very nice one... would mean it would have to live in it's own separate world though. But I could always make it as an option. I shall read to see if this is possible. But I will add if I can.

    I am testing out cool ways of setting the environment in the scarred to be different. Always night, more monsters, lightning etc. But the building thing I think you would have to build them yourself.
  15. To make it its own separate world works great, thats the plan I had in mind anyways :D
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    Spreading would be cool. :D Like CursedLands. ???
  17. Wow, just wow! Your cursed land plugin was already very interesting but with this you shot through the roof! Decent work! Will do some tests and maybe I come up with a few suggestions...
    Keep up the good work!

    I hope that somewhere in the future a fully scarred world can be generated, so players have to create their own, cured enclaves to live on! Survival on the next level! *dreams*
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    Ye Spreading would be awesome.
    Like have it spreading so players have to combat it so it wont take over the land!
    Maybe have some kind of pylon you can build that keep it from spreading in that area?
  19. Very entertaining foundation so far! @Exote , do you think you could add an option to re-convert the scarred pillars back to the original blocks? Or to regenerate them to world-seed default?
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    this is awesome but there's no way to get wood naturally...
    if healing it changed it back to the block it was before then that would be awesome :D
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    Is there any way to make a circular scar (or something similar)? It's not really that important but a square scar just seems. . . too perfect. Lol.
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    Is it possible to add an option to scar the world as each new chunk is loaded?
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    you could update cursedlands it was better
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    maybe even mobs can't die while in the scarlands?
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    Thanks for the awesome plug-in. Reminds me of StarCraft.

    I created a small secondary world which I scarred completely.

    Player would use the portal to the safe fort and reclaim the land from there.

    Things that would be cool to see;

    (options to)

    Land adj. to scarred land would be reclaimed by scarredland after so much time.

    Scarredland spreading very slowly (like cursed lands but on a extremely slow scale.)

    Also friendly mobs should die when on scarredlands

    I have also found that once i restart my server the land converted to nether will not convert back. (which is quite often as setting scarred land does crash my server for me occasionally.)

    This leaves me with a world that cant be cured.
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    Any way you could add in a specific block, that creates a barrier so the scar land can't pass it? some idiot made his house underwater where I used the command -.-
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    please make that a new type of tree and a world generator :O

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