Inactive [MECH/FUN/RPG] Monster Apocalypse - A Complete Rework of Minecraft Mobs. [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by blainicus, Dec 31, 2011.

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    No. It would be too complicated to include. You can somewhat get this effect using spawn points, or you could try the plugin ModDamage instead.

    No, but I will consider this as a feature request.
  2. Whoa! This looks awesome!
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    Hey, I'm having trouble in that; I need to reload the plugin everytime I turn on my server for it to work.

    I checked it out, and it turns out that.
    Entry: [INFO] Monster Apocalypse: Invalid world name <worldname>. Plugin disabled.

    I can see that it loads itself before multiverse-core does, which means it may not be able to find said worlds. Is this the case?
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    This definately sounds correct. Unfortunately, reloading MA is indeed the only work around. MA was designed for use on vanilla style servers (Overworld, Nether, The End).
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    Okay. Thanks for replying.
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    I just installed this today but am having some problems getting the spawning to work. I am using the zombie config file and when the plugin is enabled no hostile mobs spawn, but if I disable it all mobs spawn as normal. If I re-enable it zombies are not burnt by the sun.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am new to bukkit and plugins.
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    Version 4.1 and the zombie config are bugged until i release the 1.1 version. Use 4.0a.
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    hey Blainicus a few questions

    I currently have my setup to spawn a large bonus wave (20 per player) of only zombies (that are very weak) however, due to this i dont seem to see natural spawns, ive flown around and looked for natural spawns but i see none, any idea why this is?
    also, is there a way to make a bonus wave all zombies but then say, have a chance for a single creeper? (creepers on my server do explosions 10x the normal ones)

    If not when you say 'block' do you mean the Name? or is the Block ID ok?
    and seconds i assume if i did 'cobble' 3 then it would be 3 seconds right? (i ask cause other places in the config file use milisecs)

    Also i dont understand these options completely - what do they mean

    Enable monsters attacking from a massive range?: true (Is this Mega arrgo right?)
    Mega-aggro range: 250 (the range they sense players from right?)
    How far mobs should stop away from players: 1 ( this? i dont want monsters to stop attacking players...?)

    Additonally, is there any way to Modify EXP values?
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    I have not tested the mod, I'll do it very soon. but we can only have a single configuration, not by one world, right?
    because I wish I could set up multiple world differently.
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    To the first question, there is a hard cap on natural spawns, which also includes custom spawns. Once you have this amount spawned, natural spawns stop happening. However, I have a very very desirable feature which fixes this coming in the next version.

    There is no way to set individual chances on creature types.

    For zombie destruction use craftbukkit enums, generally capital proper names. (COBBLESTONE, IRON_BLOCK).

    Mega-aggro gives mobs a sense of smell, they are attracted to players from farther away.

    No, you can't adjust experience. I'd be willing to bet another plugin does this, though.

    You are correct. If you wish to set different worlds differently, I advise you use spawners or unique bonus spawn settings, or else run the worlds on separate instances of craftbukkit.

    Hang tight for 5.0 guys. I can't release it until CB recommends a 1.1 build.
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    thanks man, i cant wait your mod is awesome!
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    hey is there a list of these craftbukkit enums somewhere?
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    I feel like i'm not using the right version. I click on that link and it downloads the .jar file but when it starts up it says : Monster Apocalypse v<0.0.1>

    Is that right? Secondly a previous poster stated that he was unsure what IronFence:20 what i don't have that anywhere in my config.yml file.

    Also if the config file is incorrect, it seems to rewrite everything in the file with some default config.yml file. Is this on purpose?

    lastly, is there someone that could show me their line in the config.yml that has entires for what blocks the zombies can/can't destroy, no matter what format i put in there nothing seems to work and the config.yml gets overwritten.

    Great mod i love it i just want it to be deadlier and the zombies don't seem to be digging or knocking walls down.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Metasin here is what my zombies use and it works great !

    - DIRT:10
    - SNOW:10
    - CLAY:10
    - BRICK:160
    - GRASS:1
    - WOOD:20
    - LOG:20
    - WORKBENCH:20
    - WOOL:10
    - WOODEN_DOOR:10
    - GLASS:5
    - WOOD_DOOR:10
    - IRON_DOOR:30
    - LEAVES:5
    - SAND:10
    - PUMPKIN:10
    - WOOD_STAIRS:10
    - CHEST:10
    - FURNACE:20
    - STONE:20
    - GRAVEL:10
    - IRON_ORE:20
    - GOLD_ORE:20
    - COAL_ORE:20
    - IRON_BLOCK:60
    - GOLD_BLOCK:40
    - LAPIS_BLOCK:30
    - LAPIS_ORE:20
    - ICE:5
    - STEP:20
    - DOUBLE_STEP:20
    - GLOWSTONE:10
    - FENCE:20
    - IRON_FENCE:40
    - FENCE_GATE:10
    - HUGE_MUSHROOM_1:10
    - HUGE_MUSHROOM_2:10
    - CACTUS:5
    - LADDER:5
    - TRAP_DOOR:10
    - JUKEBOX:10

    any idea when we are going to get the next version blain?

    this mod stoped working for me all of a sudden blain and i have no idea why, or most of it did anyway

    having ALL the correct options flagged for true the following DO NOT WORK-
    Monster health
    Monster advanced options (breaking blocks, or spawning a new monster on Death)
    Custom Drops

    What does work is (Creeper explosion increase, skeleton arrows Exploding, bonus spawns)

    what did i do?? the only other bukkit addons im using is world guard, mineral vein, and spawn points nothing that touches monsters

    i wanted to launch my world monday!!

    any idea's or anything you can do to help?

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    Thanks for the response, i'll have to try this. So it would look something like this:

    Attackable blocks: [
    - DIRT:10
    - SNOW:10
    - CLAY:10
    - BRICK:160
    - GRASS:1
    - WOOD:20
    - LOG:20]

    Or without the brackets?
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    No Brackets, and ya make sure you indent the - to the A and a space after the - as well, i only say this as trying to fix my problem i did a full config delete, and copied my own list and ran into thoese problems :p
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    16:48:41 [SEVERE] Config file plugins/Monster Apocalypse/config.yml isn't valid! while parsing a block mapping
    in "<string>", line 1, column 1:
    expected <block end>, but found BlockSequenceStart
    in "<string>", line 443, column 2:
    - DIRT:10
    Maybe its because i'm running the latest 1.1 version of craftbukkit.

    I didn't want my users to have to roll back.

    This is what i did

    Attackable blocks:
    - DIRT:10
    - SNOW:10
    - CLAY:10
    - BRICK:160
    - GRASS:1
    - WOOD:20
    - LOG:20

    OK i got it, this config file doesn't like tabs only spaces. Sort of opposite of solaris syslog.conf which does't allow spaces only tabs ha :)

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    If I change a creeper to drop cake and it gets killed by a skeleton will it still drop a music disc?
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    Sorry for the long wait on responses guys. My internet was out for 2 days. That said, what's taking so long for the bukkit recommended build amirite?

    The iron fence is part of the zombies destroying blocks special config. It lets them destroy IRON_FENCE if they are stuck for 20 seconds.

    The config rewrite is unavoidable in some cases. Usually, however, it won't do this.

    I suggest you download the zombie config from the main page. Don't forget you need to use version 4.0a for now.

    What is this I don't even.
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    Your plugins are great! (I'm argentinian, my english is bad, OK?) This plugin is very cool, 10/10, but, i can't use it like an event that lasts for 1 hour. When I put the virtual spawners on any place,the amount of monsters that appear is one every ten minutes (aprox), and my users can eliminate they too easy.

    Please, tell me what I can do with my config.yml so when I put the virtual spawners on the world the zombies appear immediately

    My config.yml is the same of the official config.yml for zombies
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    If he's in the middle of the woods and there is no one to see him, then yes he will drop the disc.
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    Spawnpoints are broken. You'll need to wait for the next version (included with the 1.1 recommended build of craftbukkit) and change the 'period'.

    Version 5.0 for CB-1.1-R1 is out!

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    i could provide you with a gameplay vid if you want me to :)
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    I would greatly appreciate that.
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    13:15:35 [INFO] [Monster Apocalypse] Loading Monster Apocalypse v<0.0.1>.
    13:15:35 [SEVERE] Plugin attempted to register delegated event class class org.b
    ukkit.event.entity.EntityCombustByBlockEvent. It should be using class org.bukki
    13:15:35 [SEVERE] Plugin attempted to register delegated event class class org.b
    ukkit.event.entity.EntityCombustByEntityEvent. It should be using class org.bukk
    13:15:35 [INFO] Monster Apocalypse enabled.

    I get these errors when I start the server now. I will test to see if explosions/fire starting still works as that seems to be what it is referring to.

    EDIT: The custom explosion/fire I set on chickens still works so IDK what that error is for or even if it really matters.
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    Thank you, this bug has been identified and fixed. You will see it in the next minor patch.
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    This does work with multiverse, right? Because when I use this:
    Worlds: world
    Always night: true
    Enable natural hostile spawns?: true
    Enable natural passive spawns?: true
    Enable spawn points?: false
    Enable bonus spawns?: true
    Only enable bonus spawns on one selected world?: true
    It's not always night in that world, neither are the mobs aggroing from far away (it is set to true). I restarted several times, am I missing something?

    Thanks, Jeroen V.
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    You're not formatting the "worlds" list right. It should look like:
    - world

    Not sure on the spacing, but you will see the format if you reset your config.
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    I'll explain a little more,in vanilla Minecraft creepers can drop music disc if killed by a skeleton, however the config has a override drop option and If I override to drop something else (say cake) will it drop cake or a disc when killed by a skeleton? (sorry it didn't make sense the first time)

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