Inactive [MECH/FUN/RPG] Monster Apocalypse - A Complete Rework of Minecraft Mobs. [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by blainicus, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Good work! Really nice plugin. Can you add in the next version a "spawnymax" value to the config? I want to make the dungeons much harder. ~
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    Generally spawnymax wouldn't do anything, being that most of the area above caves is sky (where they can't spawn anyway). I suggest you simply mod hp and damage and it will still be harder!
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    Yeah 07.01 18:50:16 [Server] WARNING Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?
    Started again. I disabled mega-agro once again. Will report tomorrow.
    using 3.0
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    You likely have too many mobs spawned. (meaning 300+ with only 2-5 players). If not, then I would be quicker to point to another plugin first, as I have been testing this one thoroughly and cannot reproduce the crashes.
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    This is not a bug. This just means you don't have enough RAM / CPU for your server to keep up with the number of players and / or entities active on your server.

    First Solution: upgrade server

    Secondary Solution: reduce # of entities alive at any given time. That means lower the bonus spawns from whatever you have it set at to a much lower number.

    I run a high capacity server and have seen as much as 1900 entities alive at once without noticing any server lag. However, you will notice extreme client lag if there are two many mobs nearby any given player as their MC client just won't keep up.

    Hardcore zombie survival...brought to you by Blainicus's amazing plugin:

    Here's a link to the config file I'm using for this:
    Config file

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    Enable monsters attacking from a massive range?: true
    Mega-aggro range: 30

    Server is running fine now. No lockups.
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    I've been messing with the plugin and like it so far. But I would like some clarification. The main purpose of adding this plugin was to boost monster spawn rate. What are the units of spawn chance, percent? Does setting it to higher than 100 do anything?

        spawn: true
        spawncount: 5
        spawnchance: 1000.0
        spawnymin: 1
    What would this configuration do, the only thing I was able to learn for certain is that Skeletons are now spawned in groups of 5. I would like to boost the frequency of the skeleton groups spawning, how would I do that?
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    Natural spawns stop occuring after a certain amount spawn, you can never really make the natural spawns go higher than the server cap, they will be the same number but clumped together.

    Spawncount is how many mobs spawn to replace the natural spawn.

    Spawnchance is the percent chance for a mob to spawn on each spawncount iteration, so for example 50.0=50%, and 1000.0=1000% (which rounds down to 100% because you can't have a higher than 100% chance for something to happen).

    If you would like to have a lot more mobs, you will need to use the bonus spawn node, as they are not restricted by natural caps.
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    Ok, thanks. Is there a way to alter the server cap? I seem to be getting a lot more mobs on single player, but bukkit SMP is nerfed for some reason.
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    No, there isn't, or I would have added it. Mobs on single player seem more dense because they spawn directly around you, whereas on multiplayer they are spread through all the chunks.
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    What if you could add despawn and spawn more closer to player ? So there will be less just wandering mobs.
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    Oh god...this looks awesome! I have some very good requests. Is it possible to add the ability to modify the speed of mobs? Im running a server and we are making a world dedicated to zombies. Zombie apocalypse, 2 hit kills, plus speed of players sprinting = WIN.
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    How to attack someone all monster of the world?
    please make it : /attack nickname
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    I am trying to limit the number on entities with entitysuppressor.

    server I am running has 1GB of ram. How many entities in total i may spawn ?
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    Use the bonus spawn setting and you should have this effect. Bonus spawns are not limited by the natural cap.

    Unfortunately it is isn't, I wanted to do this though.

    This feature isn't planned, it doesn't fit the theme and it would be a lot of work for a feature that few people could even find a use for.

    I'm not really sure, I haven't run any tests. The only information I can come up with is that my computer has a 2gb ram and can definately handle 1000, and I know of a 24gb server which had zero lag as a result of 2000. However you may want to be careful with having too many in one specific area, the client can start to lag above 1000.
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    Does this mean that "Bonus monsters per player: 4" will spawn 4 mobs or this number varies between 1-4 ?
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    It depends on your bonus spawn chance setting, if it's set to 100% it will spawn 4 mobs in different random locations for each player.
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    For example it's chance of 50% every 60 seconds of 4 monsters.
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    Awesome work. Greatly appreciate your efforts on this.
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    I have put up a quick and dirty urban zombie survival test server.
    You'll spawn in an infinite abandoned city, full of zombies and the occasional creeper/spider.
    I have tried to replicate the modern zombie movie feel with this server.

    The spawn point is currently on the top of a very large building. A ladder is provided that will take you to the basement and a basic supply chest.

    The sewers contain vaults of valuable materials.

    Occasionally a supply cache will be announced via chat, which is a hidden chest with seeds, food, and other items not normally found in this world.

    Zombies will break glass, wooden doors, and destroy torches. Zombies will NOT burn in daylight, but spawn levels will be greatly reduced.

    Will be up and down as I test things out. No moderators online, no admins online, basically an anarchy server.
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    There is problem with duplicating doors when zombie breaks it.
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    Now that there is WG regions supported is there any change of having mob health/damage specific settings to a specific region? Say you wanted to have a normal, medium, hard, and insane settings for different area's in the world (dungeons?) depending on the level of the player.

    Also, friggin LOVE the plugin. Amazing work, possibly the best mob plugin to date.
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    The hard part with that is that you would have to completely reset a mob's hp when it changed areas. Additionally, I would have to add a very large node simply to store damage data. While I understand the appeal this has to some people, I think they will equally appeased through use of spawn points in the future.
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    So your saying, you hope to have configurable spawn points in specific regions (ie x,y,z) rather than having region settings which can understandably be messy. And that spawn point would spit out monsters that suit a specific level of settings? Maybe set up different 'types/groups/nodes' of monsters and you'd label them then decide what types would come from that spawn point?

    I'd be 100% with that. Then the monsters can roam for X distance naturally from that point and it will just be a 'general difficulty' area you venture through rather then hard set numbers. I'm totally board with that.
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    It would be still be somewhat difficult to mod their damage under this circumstance, but you will be able to set the spawn period, chance, type, and count. (Thereby making it harder/easier depending on the number rather than regional damage settings). The reason modding damage by area is hard is that the plugin is currently coded to simply draw the damage of a mob from a list of mob types when the event fires, and the individual mobs have no method of any sort to track their damage dealing. Checking regions would complicate this process a LOT, probably beyond that already used to store hp. On top of that, the region data would have to be stored in a separate container class, which also needs a linking method to specific region names. It would be possible, but a huge mess.

    With bonus spawns, even extreme armies are possible. I was on a server the other day which had over 3000 zombies spawned with no lag chasing players around. This is why I'm not too worried about people needing to buff mobs in a region, they can just spawn more and get the same effect but with more atmosphere.
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    Ok, that makes sense. I think using the bonus spawners, boosting numbers and adding certain scary ones into the over-land will work the best I can.

    Thanks again.
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    Is this bukkit bug?

    When player dies, later comes back where he died. Collects all items but items will be still visible and has to relog. Happens with mobs too.

    You can see on the picture that i have same items already picked up what are laying on the floor + 1 skeleton is inactive and standing ground still, doing nothing.
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    I think this is a bukkit bug, or spoutplugin bug, or something. I have had the same problem even before installing monsterapocalypse.
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    I have a problem with the config file. The world name its good, but when i start bukkit it says: Monster Apocalypse config error, check your config font and format!
    How can i fix that?

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