Inactive [MECH/FUN/RPG] Monster Apocalypse - A Complete Rework of Minecraft Mobs. [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by blainicus, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Console dosent seem to be giving any errors, but downloading the config dosent seems to work.
    I doubt it is a problem with your plugin, im guessing it may be a simple error with the hoster.
    But if you would look into the inssue i would be greatful :D
    Edit: Better plan, ill edit the config on my computer then just re-upload it back into its folder. easy peasy
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    Note to all, proper world config is done by doing World: WorldName and not
    - WorldName
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    Wow, now that's the kind of problem that I want.
    I would imagine you're having too many mobs for two reasons.
    1. Your "Bonus Spawns" per player is set too high. If it's had 4, try turning it down to 1-2.
    2. You have Mass Aggro on. So even though only a few more mobs are spawning overall, they are traveling a great distance to reach your location and thus causing the mob swarms that we see in your screenshot. Set Mass Aggro to false or turn the setting way down to something like 30 or so. I believe the normal aggro distance is something like 24 so if you have the suggested value of 120 for your Mass aggro, you will be seeing these massive numbers of mobs coming to your location.

    Blainicus might have more for you, but those are my two cents.

    Mind posting your config file to Pastie and linking here then providing what Bukkit version you're using? I'd love to know how to duplicate your results. It would also give Blainicus all the details for your situation too. Thanks

    And after looking at your screenshot one more time just for fun, I realize that your issue is almost definitely your Mass Aggro value being too high. You can tell from the screenshot that you're at least 20-30 blocks in the air plus there is a skeleton off to the upper right yet 20-30 blocks away from the ground that is walking to your location. Turn that setting way down and you'll probably stop seeing these huge mob swarms.
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    @Haliotro Your world is set wrong, that's the source of all your problems (next major build already has a catcher for this). Use like 'World: Exile' rather than a list format. Also, update your version to the latest if you're still using 2.1 or earlier, as they never worked well, but they did use a list format for worlds (which wasnt actually working to keep it contained). If the newest version won't work for you because your worldname isn't the default, you will need to add that worldname line manually even if it isn't in the config after the first run.

    @Mercury Haliotro is pretty much right, also you can't just add new properties to mobs like you did with spiders, it will do nothing (how does a spider burn in sunlight?).
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    Yep, that was it. lol
    Now to retest everything.

    FYI, one thing that I noticed immediately from just some quick testing, is that being able to set PigZombie and spider hostility would be a very nice bonus. I am using another plugin to set PigZombies to hostile upon spawn, but your bonus spawns work around that and so they always spawn passive.
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    Mercury :p

    I think i'll leave it as it is, if it won't lag.
    I kind like this hardmode.

    Can we spawn a dragon :p ?
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    RB 1597 + several other mob spawning related plugins active

    Bonus spawns - works perfect
    Mass aggro - works perfect
    Mobs breaking torches - works perfect
    Zombies breaking blocks - works perfect
    Spawn rates per mob - works perfect
    Bonus spawns per light level and height restrictions - works perfect
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    Thanks for this information. Would you be interested in testing every aspect of my plugin against other plugins so I can compile a list of non-conflicting plugins?
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    Best plugin I've seen in a long time and should be up their with worldedit and voxelsniper in my opinion. Diamond armor is so break right now and 5 people together? mobs couldn't kill players
    Ideas: you could add configure poison of blue spiders, teleport rate of enderman,fire rate of blazes and skeletons,mob speed,chance of spider jockey and charged creeper spawn(yes I know they don't spawn naturely),but there's always room for improvement and this is already so great.
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    hey i was wondering if you could set up a new feature i was looking for.
    the idea is basically to be able to make spawn points that a certain mob would spawn in every X amount of minutes. this way you could create WoW/runescape styled training grounds to catch a very traditional rpg experience. if you could implement this feauture it would be much appreciated.
    of the arcanecraft staff
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    I'm thinking about doing this two major versions from now. Try CreatureBox for now, it still works as far as I know.
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    No problem. I will do more testing tomorrow with some more of your features. I haven't seen any conflicts, but I have seen that your plugin does take priority over other spawns since it is your plugin that is actually generating the spawns. For example, if I set another plugin to set health of mobs upon spawning, but then your plugin does the spawn via Bonus Spawns, then your plugin's mob settings will take precedence. Not a conflict, but just how it works.

    Your plugin is quite amazing sir, quite amazing. Thanks for putting it together. By the way, the zombie attack features actually work far better on your plugin than they did on the original zombie attack.
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    You should see the zombie algorithm updates coming in the next version, it blows this one out of the water.
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    I wait eagerly to find out. That zombie code you have already makes my server amazingly interesting to play on now.
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    I have a question.
    On previous version i had Mega-aggro range: 90
    After an hour server started to give me errors "[Server] WARNING Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?". Server started to lag. Then server crashed because of "SEVERE java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"

    Is that because of the number i have set in Mega-aggro range? What is safe bumber?
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    This problem is typical of high player count machines. I haven't been able to reproduce this problem, but I know it can happen easily on like a laptop if you're trying to run up to 10 people. Definately sounds more like a hardware issue. If not, any information you can gather would help. The mega-aggro range shouldn't really affect this, it works the same at all distances. More likely, if it's my plugin, you may have spawned too many monsters. Try using essentials to /killall and count the monsters and/or checking/changing your bonus/count spawn rates.
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    Well my hoster is - I hope they are not running their servers on laptops ^^.
    I used command like /butcher to get rid of mobs. I have disabled Mega-agro. Tomorrow I am going to update for 3.0 version. I'll report later.
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    Yea, 3.0 fixes a lot of performance problems (not all but a lot). I had a permanent host for a while and running out of memory was a consistent problem without any serious plugins.
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    You forgot to include custom Monster Properties (health, damage) for MagmaCube :)

    Btw. Server didn't crash yesterday after i disabled Mega-Agro. Now its time to update to 3.0 and Mega-aggro range: 60. Hope it wont crash this time.
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    Slimes, wolves, and magma cubes can't be supported for custom hp/damage because of their nature. However I did fix a bug where they only had 1 hp and did no damage (due to not detecting they can't be supported).
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    So here's my dilemma:

    1. Your plugin is amazing and I absolutely love it on my servers. I don't really want anyone else to know about it though because it adds such a unique experience to my servers.
    2. I want everyone to know about your plugin so that you are encouraged to continue to grow and expand your ideas.

    Anyway, +1 for improved Zombie AI, +1 for aggressive pigzombies, +1 for enhanced performance on your latest update.

    I am very happy with your work. Donation sent! I hope many others do as well.

    If I were to throw out any other feature suggestions, it would probably be Nether / multi-world support. This would add a lot of interesting dynamic to servers that wish to make their Nether a more challenging and chaotic world. From this, there would be some related feature requests to follow.

    Because of how you're doing the bonus spawns, I would assume this would allow pigzombies to be spawned aggressive in the nether as well. If not, you would want to figure out how to do that. Thirdly, you might then want to consider the option to toggle their block breaking just like zombies in the overworld. This would make for a totally customized mob experience for all aspects of a non-multiworld server (except for The End of course). When attempting to use your plugin in the nether, things will get a little tricky. You may want to generate an additional config file. By default in the Nether, mobs spawn at all light levels so you wouldn't really want your overworld settings to alter the Nether spawn settings too much if not by choice.

    Great work!
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    Bonus spawns can already do that if you dont enable combat ^_^ Thanks for donation dude, and happy crafting!
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    I noticed that the "don't burn in sunlight feature" is in with the health / damage properties. Eventually, it would be nice to separate that out or just move it in with the advanced properties.

    Basically, I like the don't burn in sunlight feature and want to enable it, but in order to use it now, I have to use your health / damage settings vs settings from another plugin.

    Yeah, I'm just looking through your new config right now and I see that you already separated out the Health / damage settings. Well done.

    I edited my post a little bit ago, lol. I'm trying to keep the thoughts coherent, despite the fact that I keep editing them as I learn new info with your plugin, ha.


    Wow, ZombiePigman can break blocks too. I like this.

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    Just bugfixed the next release to fix this by default but you can toggle it back on. Thanks!
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    I think I'm going to put up a temporary zombie apocalypse server this afternoon in honor of your plugin.
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    doesn't work for me. It enables, but doesn't do anything. HELP?
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    Make sure you set the world name to the name of your server's world. Otherwise, it will not work even though it will say that it's enabled.

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