Inactive [MECH/FUN/RPG] Monster Apocalypse - A Complete Rework of Minecraft Mobs. [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Version 8.1

    Welcome to the ultimate monster hell. I have brought together everything anyone everyone could ever want to do with monsters into one completely hellbent plugin. Use at your own risk.

    Warning - Destructive plugin, please backup your worlds.

    MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING CRAFTBUKKIT-1.2.5-R4.0, you WILL have problems with 8.0+ otherwise.

    Official Host Server

    • Complete control of all monster power- health, damage, item drops, burning in sunlight, explosion radius, immunity to specific damage types, even spawn rates!
    • Consume the world in darkness - Always night mode, and bonus spawns!
    • Incredible new abilities - Mobs can explode on death, spawn allies, kill torches, attack from miles away at high velocity, and even claw and scratch their way into your home!
    • FULLY customizable- ALL options are toggle-able, you can even just disable creepers!
    • Nightmare Mode for the ultimate increasing challenge!
    • Skeletons can be set to turn into quake pro snipers, shooting accurately from FAR in the distance!
    • FULL **World-Guard region** support
    • Multi-world support - Will only run on worlds YOU select!
    • Mega-aggro system - Mobs can smell you from miles away and attack!
    • Spawn Points - Set up virtual spawners with custom timers!
    • True damage - Allow mobs to pierce that pesky diamond armor!
    • Wolf and PigZombie aggressiveness control.
    • Control which blocks mobs spawn on.
    • Permissions nodes to make certain players immune to monster aggro and damage.

    Warning, videos below contain mild mature language:

    Download Version 8.1!

    8.1 Release Notes:

    • Version 'A' fixes a null pointer bug introduced by the EnderDragon checks.
    • Version 'B' greatly improves monster AI in close range of players.
    • Version 'C' fixes ocelot, irongolem, enderdragon, and giant drops.
    • Version 'D' fixes the global flag for disabling corpse piling (previous did nothing, enabled corpse piling with mega-aggro on), greatly improved corpse piling AI, and caused corpse piling to no longer occur inside blocks+not drop water/lava blocks when placed in them.
    • Version 'E' fixes a slime/magmacube duplication bug which used to cause massive lag, and worldguard checks for death explosions and super arrow explosions. Additionally, a config option has been added to disable adding the MA command, so that multiple installations with edited plugin.yml files can be used.
    • Added a new zombie block destruction mode, wherein blocks have effective health and can be worn down over time until broken, 10 minutes pass, or the server restarts. This mode will work far better for configs with longer block breaking times than 10 seconds.
    • Added all property information for ocelots, giants, irongolems, and ender dragons.
    • Added an option to disable Ender Dragons from destroying blocks. Ender dragon destruction will also be affected by worldguard checks. This is a global flag.
    • Added an option to disable endermen picking up blocks EVERYWHERE. This is a global flag.
    • Added a new option to check for mobs dying inside blocks after spawning and remove them. This is a global flag.
    • Added a small radius minimum for old-style mega-aggro pointers to prevent interference with players movement.
    • Added Ocelots and Iron Golems to check for disabling passive mob spawns.
    • Updated the default Y max values from 128 to 255.
    8.0 Release Notes:
    • ONLY runs on CB-1.2.5-R4.0
    • Fixed mass aggro for Skeletons, Zombies, and Creepers
    • Added an option to adjust run speed for monsters mass aggroing!
    • Implemented nightmare mode to automatically scale up spawn rates over time. This affects Naturalistic and Bonus Spawns. See this page for information:
    • Fixed all errors with drops in config
    • Added a message and removed the error print when /ma is used without a command parameter

    Monster Apocalypse was created by one man, working nearly full time continually. Please donate if you would like to see more features or new plugin releases, or just feel like my time is worth your gratitude.


    -Partially updated for 8.0

    You will need to reference craftbukkit enums for drops and block attacking to work, failure to use valid enums could potentially break your plugin. You can find them here:

    If you wish to develop your own plugin with my health API, check this page:

    For Nightmare Mode, check here:

    8.1 Zombie Config
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    This looks like an awesome plugin! So customizable! Keep up the good work. Cant think of a thing that you could add to make it more awesome.[diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    I was waiting for this thanks a lot :D !!!!
    I just didn't understood The ''replacement" part in the config ?
    And do you intend to add The EnderDragon :D ? (at least for The drop ^^)
    And can it make mob Like Ghast or PigZpmbie spawn il The normal world ? And you could add a config to choose if PigZombies are already agressives when they spawn ;)
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    I do not intend to support ender dragons, as they are extremely destructive.
    You can make anything listed in the natural spawns spawn via bonus spawns, so yes Ghasts and PigZombies can be bonus spawns.
    I might add pigzombie aggressiveness in the future, if you download v1 they already ARE aggressive with mega-aggro turned on, because of a bug where it picks them up as zombies. v1.1 fixes this bug.
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    Wow this looks very cool, and very customisable too! Love it :D
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    Nice, approved
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    would be amazing if you could add pathfinding, honestly zombies are retards
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    Brilliant! Any way to determine what areas they spawn in?
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    I didn't notice anything about Giants in your sample config, is that planned?
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    Do you intend to add Giant and the "Monsters" (steve mob) ?
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    This will make Nighly Mob Hunts a bit more intresting.....
  12. First of all, that plugin sounds awesome. It would be even more awesome if it worked :p I hope that it's my mistake so I can easily fix it... I costumized the config file and I don't get any errors so far but a null pointer exception for "not being up to date" :(
    Here the error log, maybe you can fix it/tell me how to fix it myself:
    2012-01-04 14:39:46 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Monster Apocalypse v<1.0.1> (Is it up to date?): null
        at blainicus.MonsterApocalypse.healthmanager.addall(
        at blainicus.MonsterApocalypse.MonsterApocalypse.onEnable(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.reload(
        at org.bukkit.Bukkit.reload(
        at org.bukkit.command.defaults.ReloadCommand.execute(
        at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.b(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
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    This is really nice, but what with the version in the title?
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    Looks great so far! And yeah, I saw giants and Monsters were not in the config, too.

    MagmaCubes are also missing.

    Also, do you know if your mod is compatible with the Heroes API? i'd love to use both on my server. Right now when i load up your properties and Heroes at the same time, randomly mobs will drop to where I can one shot them with any weapon.

    Oh, and on the drops section, can it be made a variable drop, like 1-5 for 1 to 5 of the said items instead of a set amount? Thanks!
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    @Wiinick I wanted to do this, but it's impossible without using Reflection.

    @fmamcrl Region support is coming soon.

    @ icecoland ondechoc Giants and steves will not be supported.

    @nonamesleft You set your world name wrong, unless it's your first run of the plugin. If it is, just fix it in the config and that error should disappear. I will add a catch for this problem in the next version.

    Magma cubes and slime can never be supported beyond spawns because there is no way to read their size. However, I will add magma cube spawn soon.

    Heroes is missing the page for describing the API. However if you disable custom monster properties and use the other nodes only, it should work with Heroes. I will consider moving burns in sunlight to advanced properties and splitting advanced from basic.

    You can set that type of drop rate already, set the count to the max and set the chance proportional to how much you want normally. For example for a uniform 1-5 drop, the closest setting would be 20%. Granted, it's not perfectly uniform, and it's not quite the same as a random number 1-5, but it's pretty close.

    Edit days later: Actually you can just set more than one line with the same item. For example for 1-5, put 1:100%, and then four lines of 1:25%.
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    Awesome info all around. I wasn't aware the default properties being disabled would still allow the advanced properties. Those are the big ones I'm concerned about (and the sunlight. :) ).

    And, if you do ever want to check out the heroes API, here is the documentation I found on their forum:

    Thanks again. Great mod and fast support. :)
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    The advanced properties require the basic ones too, which makes the current version incompatible with heroes if you want to change anything about mob stats/damage.

    If you would like me to write a custom plugin for you, PM me, I can extract any features you like.
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    Nah. I won't ask you to do something that complex. We'll stick with the current setup we have using heroes, ecocreature, and sunscreen. Thanks though. :)
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    What is reflection? I am trying to make this idea of pathfinding possible.
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    Reflection is a process by which you over-ride the original class within a java program by using method constructors and over-rides from an external source. In short, changing the server source code during the time the plugin is enabled.

    Pathfinding is part of the obfuscated minecraft source, which is set to private.

    Regardless of all this, pathfinding might be possible using an extremely complicated and cpu-hogging ruleset for spawning and removing targets for a mob.
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    thanks for replying and awesome! Region support ftw haha
  22. Great plugin. I tried to change the default name of the world "world" to "zombie" (the map I want for the plugin) but it gives me error.

    I have really wanted to test the next version, to see if this solved the problem.

    A greeting;)
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    Hm. Slight bug that is going to keep me from using the other extra components of this mod. Even when I have the monster properties and drops disabled, it is still doing the 1 hit kill with about half the creatures that spawn. Any chance of a mod that either fully shuts off the other features and leaves only the spawns/aggro/block busting? Those are primarily the ones that don't have other mods out there and could really use something like this to support 'em.
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    It should DEFINATELY not be causing this behavior if you have custom monster properties: false. Double and triple check that you have that custom properties disabled. Health and damage handling is required to run any of the other custom properties (you can use only drops wall attacks and spawns alone without damage/etc). Also make sure you're running the latest version.
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    Could you please add an option to disable hostile mob despawn?
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    I have a problem.
    Whenever i change the config file to my likeing it resets back to default the minute i save it.
    Im not sure if its caused by me having more than one world in my server folders (i only use 1 though)
    The world im attemptng to use it called zs, and as im using a deticated hoster, i cannot remove the old "world" level.
    Any help would be nice :D
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    I haven't seen this problem yet. Are you getting any error messages in the console? It's very likely you're getting an InvalidArgumentException for setting something wrong, which causes the plugin to exit without saving configs. Try downloading the zombie config, setting the world name, saving that, and then editing afterwards from that.

    This is impossible to do. I definately wanted to. However, most of the time, if you spawn mobs using the bonus spawner, they will not despawn, especially if you turn on mega-aggro. Natural spawns will stop though around 150 mobs.
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    Notch is releasing a mod api, im sure this will enable you or anyone else to finally mess with some stuff, on top of that, spout is thinking about making their own server, this will be awesome and maybe reflection will be possible.
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    I have been waiting for a new mob control plugin ever since CrowdControl stopped being updated. Even then, CrowdControl had a bug in the spawn rate code that eventually caused mobs to cease after about 90 minutes of play.

    I will start testing this out shortly. If this does everything it advertises to do, count me in as a donor!

    Is there a way to generate multiple configs for each world?

    I'm thinking this is going to be a problem with Nether. It looks like your current config will treat World and World_nether with the exact same spawn configs so that means zombies, spiders, creepers, skeles etc. in the normal world.

    Let me know if I have this wrong. Otherwise, I would just suggest a config for each world that is enabled. I absolutely love all the potential with this plugin. I'm still testing though, so I'll have more feedback in about an hour.

    Also, +1 to the suggestion of controlling pigzombie aggressiveness. I'm already using a plugin to make them spawn aggressive in the normal world, but I'm still looking for a way to make them aggressive in the Nether.

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    Currently, it will only run on one world. So if you enable it for the overworld, the nether will not be affected.

    Multi-world configs are planned.

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