Inactive [MECH/FUN/RPG] DarkBrotherhood v1.5.1 - climb walls, assassinate players, and more![1060]

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    I would like to point out I am no longer supporting this plugin. If a reputable developer would like to take this over I will gladly let them assuming they contact me first.

    DarkBrotherhood: climb walls, throw shuriken, assassinate players, and more!
    Plugin Version: 1.5.1
    Server Version: /version: git-Bukkit-0.0.0-905-g9277096-b1000jnks (MC: 1.7.2)
    Download: DarkBrotherhood

    Thanks to Lyiin for the idea of climbing walls!

    • Climb up walls!
    • Assassinate other players/mobs!
    • Throw shuriken!
    • Perform leaps of faith!
    • Poison weapons!
    • Pick locks!
    climbing (open)
    To climb right-click any block that is considered climbable(you can change this list in the config) while not holding anything. You must be holding shift to stay on the wall, upon releasing shift you fall to the ground.

    assassinating (open)
    To assassinate any mob simply attack them while you sneaking and you are behind them.

    shuriken (open)
    To throw a shuriken left click with a piece of flint in hand. Each shuriken does 1 heart of damage; however on a successful assassination it will do up to 4.5 hearts of damage.

    Leaps of Faith (open)
    Hold shift upon landing and it will negate fall damage, assuming you have the proper permission nodes

    Lock-picking (open)
    Right click any chest with the lock-pick tool (configurable, by default string) if the chest is locked you have a configurable chance of opening it if you fail you take a configurable amount of damage.

    Poison (open)
    To poison your weapon simply right click with the poison item in hand (configurable, by default red mushroom) The next entity you hit will be poisoned. The poison then lasts for a configurable amount of seconds each second doing a configurable amount of damage.

    Video Tutorial (open)
    A little outdated not much though:

    A neat combination (open)
    Combine this plugin with EffectiveArrows! this will yield the ability for varying arrow types allowing your players to perform neat combinations. Such as using smoke arrows to cover their escape! Or maybe do a little flaming arrow ambush.

    Permissions (these are Super Perms!):
    These permissions are only used if the usePermissions value in the config is set to true otherwise it is op only.
    • DarkBrotherhood.climb-allows the player to climb.
    • DarkBrotherhood.assassinate-allows the layer to perform assassinations.
    • DarkBrotherhood.use.shuriken-allows players to throw shuriken.
    • DarkBrotherhood.roll-allows players to perform leaps of faith.
    • DarkBrotherhood.use.poison-allows players to use poison.
    • DarkBrotherhood.use.lockpick-allows players to use lock-picks.
    • Add an assassin guild style thing. With rewards for murdering players.
    • Add Spout support and corresponding dash ability (thinking it will activate when some button is pressed). (done not sure if I want to implement it though)
    Fixed for RB 1060.​
    Added poison and lock-picking.​

    Previous changes (open)

    Added shuriken, and leaps of faith!​
    Released plugin!​
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    As of the moment you can't they will always be able to see the glass block. To do it so they don't see the glass block would require me to start messing with the packets the server sends.
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    So it's not possible? Not even in a future update?
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    Can you tell me why to use super perms, maybe ill use it in the future.
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    No I may fix it it would just take a lot of time.
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    Wow, i hope u can fix it :D
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    Pickpocketing ???
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    Not yet though it coud be done easily.
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    Nice to hear.
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    This is a really cool plugin! :p Is there anyway you can take away the glass block while climbing walls? Maybe use the creative mode flying but tie them to the blocks right next to you? Anyway, thanks.
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    Working on it albeit slowly Im really bsuy
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    I can't find Super Perms on Bukkit Forum and BukkitDev. Could you send me a link.
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    its not a plugin it is the bukkit integrated permission handling system. If you want a better explanation ask codename b
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    Ok, this plugin is awsome BUUUUUUT.....
    It doesn't work with the BUILT IN permissions...

    Also I know how you could easily remove the glass block...make it treat the climbable objects like ladder...then it works.
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    Um yes it does
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    I have just recently installed this plugin to my server, but when I try to climb walls, whenever I get to the top of one, my glass block stays, and I don't need shift to climb walls either. If I just normally right click a wall with nothing in hand, it lets me climb walls, but the glass still stays.
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    This is due to a slow server...

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    This plugin works once, i restart, no work :/

    Also are you updating it?
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    This should work with the new build i know it does for me.
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    The problem is the '*' permission node in PEX, my assassins can use them, I (admin) cant.

    Thanks anyways :)
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    Oh that is an issue I have no experience with.
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    Okay, do us ALL a big favor, and develop a roleplay plugin involving this, and MANY OTHER classes, so that we dont have EVERY single person on the server an assassin. Then, you could team up with the creator of effective arrows, so you BOTH profit, and BOTH have made an amazing plugin.
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    Have you thought about stealth al a the vanish plugins? Maybe a temporary effect or one that consumes resources in your inventory. Perhaps one of those devs would get you an API call to set vanish on someone for X seconds. Just ideas... :D
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    Umm I am the creator of effective arrows.... You know you can add other rpg plugins since they all are permissions based, which would allow you to have multiple classes.
    That would be neat... I'm thinking like a smoke bomb you would use it and then would be invisible for the next x seconds.
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    Oh, i didnt know you owned effective arrows. nice job dude.
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    I have a request that I think is simple (hopefully it is). Can you please make it so that theres an option to make it so that everyone can use darkbrotherhood (maybe if theres something like use ops only: false) without using superperms. I love this plugin soooo much and I want everyone to use this. Its fine if you don't do this though.
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    Oh woops that would be helpful there wouldn't it? Will be fixed shortly. (May take a while I'm very very very busy, like 1 hour of sleep busy)
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    Thats no good. Need to get more sleep so you won't be tired :) Thanks so much.
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    Nice plugin! But I have another cool idea. How about being able to sneak past traps? Maybe when the player is in sneak mode, he/she can walk over pressure plates without triggering them. Maybe make the chance of triggering the pressure plate configurable and make movement speed slower when sneaking across a pressure plate. Does that sound doable?
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    We have LWC on our server and the lockpicking doesn't work

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