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    version: 1.1.2

    ArrowPro creates many new types of arrows to be used. It also supports the ability to level up an arrow skill and both unlock new arrows and improve your speed, and damage of arrows. Also with the use of MobStats, the arrows can be put in the hands of skeletons and stronger mobs will produce more arrow experience.

    To setup the plugin place the .jar file in your plugin folder, start the server, edit the config to your liking, and reload the sever. You are ready to start shooting arrows.

    If you have any ideas for new arrows, comment bellow and I will try my best to make it happen. Also tell me of any bugs or feature requests.

    • Many special arrows.
    • Levels for archery.
    • Choose the level and the explosive power (if it explodes) of every arrow.
    • Configurable speed, damage, duration, and amplification based on levels using equations.
    • Normal Arrow: Works identically to the vanilla minecraft arrow.
    • Blind Arrow: Applies the blind effect on the entity that it hits.
    • Confusion Arrow: Applies the confusion effect on the entity that it hits.
    • Creeper Arrow: Spawns a Creeper where it hits.
    • Explosive Lightning Arrow: Strikes lightning and explodes where it hits.
    • Fiery Explosive Lightning Arrow: Strikes lightning and makes a fiery explosion where it hits.
    • Fiery TNT Arrow: Makes a fiery explosion where it hits.
    • Fire Arrow: It is an arrow that catches fire.
    • Iron Golem Arrow: Spawns an Iron Golem where it hits.
    • Lava Arrow: Places lava where it hits.
    • Lightning Arrow: Strikes lightning where it hits.
    • Poison Arrow: Applies the poison effect on the entity it hits.
    • Redstone Torch Arrow: Places a redstone torch where it hits.
    • Skeleton Arrow: Spawns a skeleton where it hits.
    • Slow Arrow: Applies the slowness effect on the entity it hits.
    • Snowman Arrow: Spawns a snowman where it lands.
    • TNT Arrow: Explodes where it hits.
    • TP Arrow: Teleports the shooter to where the arrow lands.
    • Torch Arrow: Places a torch where it lands.
    • Tree Arrow: Generates a tree of a random type where it lands.
    • Triple Arrow: Shoots three arrows at once.
    • Water Arrow: Places Water where it lands
    • Weakness Arrow: Applies the weakness effect on the entity that it hits.
    • Zombie Arrow: Spawns a Zombie where it lands.
    Commands are typed by typing /ap [command] <args>
    • /ap (nothing after): A list of all commands.
    • /ap [some arrow]: Gives a description of the arrow.
    • /ap arrows: List all arrows that are enabled.
    • /ap me: Tells the player their level, their experience and their current arrow.
    • /ap change: Changes it so that when holding a bow in the current hand slot, it will shoot the chosen type of arrow.

    Experience: Has all the ways of giving players experience. There is Entity and Player and each one contains Hit (when the arrow hits the entity) and Kill (when the arrow kills the entity). For Entity, kill may be changed to Kill Equation to make an equation using a mobs level for the x value (requires MobStats).

    Player Levels: This is an equation that will determine, using the player's level, how much experience is needed to level up. The level used is the current level and not the next one.

    Arrows: Each arrow has its own section. In this section, the minimum level, and the power may be set in the appropriate section. The Bow Cost and Cost may be set by making a list of item stacks with the form of "id, amount." The Bow Cost is removed from the player's inventory when using the change command with that arrow, and the Cost is removed when the bow is shot. All bows have a Speed and Damage equation and arrows that apply effects (Blind, Confusion, Poison, Slow, and Weakness), also have Duration and Amplification (Strength). Excluding an arrow from the config will disable it. A complete list and description of arrows can be found in the info.yml file.

    Equations: There are many equations that can be used in the plugin to determine values. Each place has been described above but here is how to make them. There are six types that can be used and they are:
    • Quadratic: Values are a, b, c to be filled in the equation ax^2 + bx + c. Setting a to 0 makes a linear equation, c is the value when x is 0.
    • QWD: A Quadratic but the values for a, b, and c can have a d put next to them to multiply that value by the default value of what is being calculated.
    • QMD: A Quadratic that gets multiplied by the default value of what is being calculated after it has been calculated. Setup the same as a regular quadratic.
    • Exponential: Values ar a, b, c, d, f which are to be filled into a(b^(c(x - d))) + f.
    • EWD: The same as a QWD but using an exponential equation instead.
    • EMD: The same as a QMD but using an exponential equation instead.
    Put the type in the "type" section of the equation and then for each letter, make its section and assign a value.

    All equations can have an upper limit and a lower limit called max and min respectively. These may be excluded to have none. Entity Kill, Player Levels, Duration, and Amplification should not be QMD, QWD, EWD, or EMD since they have no default.

    Download: ArrowPro.jar
    Source: ArrowPro Source
    MobStats: Forums, BukkitDev

    - added support for build 1.4.6-R0.3

    - added support for build 1.4.5-R0.2

    - Fixed so that explosive type arrows and lightning arrows increase experience for kills by effect.
    - Fixed command that grabs arrow information.
    - Removed Fiery Lightning Arrow since it was just the same as Lightning Arrow.
    - Changed values for Lightning Arrow in default config.

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    - Release of the plugin
    - Build 1.3.2-R2.0

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