Inactive [MECH/FUN] QuickStrasse v1.1 - Fastest Minecraft Transport [1.4.2-R0.2]

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    [MECH/FUN] QuickStrasse v1.1 - Fastest Minecraft Transport [1.4.2-R0.2]

    QuickStrasse - Fastest Minecraft Transport
    Version: v1.1

    QuickStrasse allows you to make easily speed (highway) roads,
    really convenient for your mines and/or connect 2 cities far from each other.


    [​IMG] Features:
    • Create your own roads easily.
    • The plugin detect your direction, cross a road perpendicularly without fear of being caught in it.
    • You can take the middle road in any direction.
    • You can make our "integrated payment system" to use your roads.
    • Replace your Subway System by QuickStrasse!
    (This video has not been accelerated)(Video from v0.7) - I will soon make a new video less outdated.
    [​IMG] Permission nodes:
    [​IMG] You must use Vault for any permision or economy plugin.
    • quickstrasse.use
    [​IMG] Properties file: (default values shown)
    • simplemode=false ( If true: Anyone may use roads simply, no system of tickets. )
      admins=Name1,Name2,Name3 ( If you not use any Permission plugin support. )
      roadspeed=8 ( Min: 1 - Max: 10 )
      roadcost=1 (Number of tickets by use.)
      notifywhenotickets=true ( Warn the player when walking on a road without tickets. )
      middleuse=true ( If you want disable the middle usage of roads, set to false. )
    [​IMG] Commands:
    • /quickstrasse or /qs can be used.

      /quickstrasse - Shows a brief summary of QuickStrasse. (Including help)
      /quickstrasse ticket - Shows the amount of tickets you have.
      For admins:

      /quickstrasse ticket <player> - Shows player amount of tickets.
      /quickstrasse lockroads - Turns off/on the Roads

      /quickstrasse lockmachines - Turns off/on the Ticket Machines.
      /quickstrasse give <player> <#> - Gives tickets to a player.
    [​IMG] How to configure a Ticket Machine:

    • Exemple of a compact subway station.
    • 1. Title of the plugin.
    • 2. Title of the Machine.
    • 3. Tickets Price.
    • 4. The weight value of the machine.

      Note: You need to complement only lines 1 and 3.
    • The Sign(1), button(2) and two blocks(3, 4) behind
      are protected by the Admin Rights.
      Only admins can create/destroy or manipulate them.
    [​IMG] Issue:
    • Don't make a closed loop with roads.
    • I have temporarily decrease the speed of roads, because of involuntary kick by the server (Entity error).
    • [v1.0]I have found a Sign display bug with the Ticket Machine weight value, i will fix that on the next version.
    [​IMG] ToDo:
    • Something to retrieve the contents of a Ticket Machine.
    • Maybe something for protect roads against destruction.
    • Surely fix bugs that you will find.
    • If you have any idea...
    [​IMG] Changelog:

    Version 1.1 (Current)
    • Version: Compatible 1.4.2-R0.1 & R0.2.
    • Fixed: Bug with counter display machine. ( Decimals )
    • New!: Property: middleuse ( You can now disable the middle usage of your roads. )
      ( You may need to update your properties file or let's QuickStrasse create a new one )
    Version 1.0a
    • Security update:
      Fixed: Events not stopped when cancelled from other plugins. ( Like anti-grief plugins... )
    Version 1.0
    • I resume my plugin development. ( With keeping and updating my 0.74 source. )
    • Including some features of the version 0.82. ( from Fluff )
    • Inside road Block ID.
    • Outside road Block ID.
    • Permission Support. (bPermissions, GroupManager, PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsEx, zPermissions)
    • Economy Support. (AEco, BOSEconomy, CraftConomy, Currency, eWallet, iConomy, MineConomy)
    • Can bypass Glass Pane.
    • System of Ticket Machine.
    • Fixed: Camera Shaking.
    • Fixed: Detection of horizontal corners.
    • Fixed: Detection of road-stairs going up.
    • Fixed: Detection of road-stairs going down.
    • [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler
    Version 0.82 (From Fluff)
    • (Fluff source) Updated for RB 953
    • (Fluff source) Removed tick delay configuration option
    Version 0.81 (From Fluff)
    • (Fluff source) Added configuration options.
    Version 0.8 (From Fluff)
    • (Fluff source) Inclined roads work.
    Version 0.75 (after 0.82)
    • Updated for CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R2.0
    • Only simple straight roads for this temporary version.
    Version 0.74
    • New Moving System! (Speed back like the 0.72)
    • Stair movements improved a little bit.
    Version 0.73
    • New support Craftbukkit 617 & MC 1.4.
    • Changed transport system, QuickStrass 0.73 is currently in Smooth Mode.
      (END OF THIS PLUGIN?)This plugin was based on a previous glitch who as been fixed.
    Version 0.72
    • Improved detection for stopping the player if a block is on the way.
    • Support ups and downs, stairs roads.
      (BETA)Because really hard data manipulations. Need to be improved.

    Version 0.71
    • Improved roads moving positions. (Center of the road)
    • Support horizontal-corners.
    Version 0.7
    • First public release. ( 2011 )

    If you want press on the button "Like" of this post, i will not retain you from doing so. [​IMG]
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    wow, long time no see, plugin :3
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    Mr Washington

    Good to see this plugin returning. It was a well loved favorite of mine back in 1.6.4 and I was sad to see it wasn't continuing onward and upward!
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    Great plugin, thanks for the creation.
    only with payment klapt not work for me

    Price: FREE
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    Hi, when you create your sign just write at line 1 and 3 like that:

    Price: 1.50

    The plugin will write automatically for you "Ticket Machine" and "0.0" if blank.
    1.50* here by what you want. If the plugin not get at the line 3 "Price: #YourPrice", it will automatically put "FREE".

    And for the security of your server, i inviting you to download the new version 1.0a.
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    Ahh Ok, thank you
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    QuickStrasse 1.1 is released.
    Watch the first post for more details.

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