Inactive [MECH/FUN] PotionsPlus v1.0 - unlock unused potion and potion effects! [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    PotionsPlus - unlock unused potion and potion effects
    Version: 1.0

    Tired of the standard vanilla potions? With PotionsPlus, you can mix and match any of the 17 available potion effects (including 7 effects otherwise inaccessible), customizing their amplification, duration, and assigning them to any potion bottle of your choosing (including the 17+ items recognized by the game but otherwise unused).

    • No client mods required
    • Potion names show up in tooltips on the client as you would expect
    • Unlock 7 effects built into the game but otherwise unused; use any of the 17 effects
    • Assign any amplifier and duration amounts
    • Assign multiple effects to one potion
    • Both drinkable and splash potions receive the assigned effects
    • Highly configurable

    BukkitDev page - includes full documentation, source code


    The potions used by PotionsPlus actually already are recognized by vanilla Minecraft, but only in name. Here, the "Diffuse Potion" is shown (the presence of the "No Effects" text is a known limitation), and it is was also previously applied to the player: the potion.moveSpeed effect with a very high amplification causing the field of view to invert, combined with the potion.blindness effect causing the void fog.

    PotionsPlus is highly configurable – any potion can be assigned any effect(s).

    Change Log:
    2012-03-27 1.0
    • Initial release
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    Sweet mind listing what these effects are?
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    Thank you so much, I was looking for this :DDDDDDD
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    How do you get the potions? Do you brew them? if so, what supplies do you use?
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    What are the ids so I can spawn them in? Or do I have to make them:? :\
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    IDs from
        Clear: [6,7]
        Diffuse: [11]
        Artless: [13]
        Thin: [14,15]
        Bungling: [22,23]
        Smooth: [27]
        Suave: [29]
        Debonair: [30,31]
        Charming: [38,39]
        Refined: [43]
        Cordial: [45]
        Sparkling: [46,47]
        Potent: [48]
        Rank: [54,55]
        Acrid: [59]
        Gross: [61]
        Stinky: [62,63]
    And the splash potions:
        Clear: [16390,16391]
        Diffuse: [16395]
        Artless: [16397]
        Thin: [16398,16399]
        Bungling: [16406,16407]
        Smooth: [16411]
        Suave: [16413]
        Debonair: [16414,16415]
        Charming: [16422,16423]
        Refined: [16427]
        Cordial: [16429]
        Sparkling: [16430,16431]
        Potent: [16432]
        Rank: [16438,16439]
        Acrid: [16443]
        Gross: [16445]
        Stinky: [16446,16447]
    You can spawn them for example with '/give Player potion 1 62', depending on what plugins you have (some override /give and change the syntax).
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    So if I wanted to give player 1 diffuse potion I do /give Player 838:11 1
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    Try that or: /give Player potion 1 11
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    ok thanks!
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    Like others have said on the Dev page, Does Potions Plus work on 1.3.1 R1 craftbukkit or do we have to wait for a more stable craftbukkit (Beta, or recomended build)? Does it even work with 1.3.1 at all? My server says it is out of date. Can you up date it?
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    Potions after drinking don't cause any effects.
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    :( they deleted it anybody with it can u please give it to me?inbox me and i will send you my email adress
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    Hello everyone, my name is HoosierDaddy76 and I have successfully updated PotionsPlus to run on 1.4.7 servers. I am new to java and bukkit plugins as far as the dev side of things. This update is currently in dev and being used on my server only at the moment, until the project is moved to me for maintenace. In the next couple of days I will be posting my custom crafting setup with videos and images.
    Updated version of PotionsPlus, authored by mushroomhostage.
    Feel Free to join my servers for setup testing and inquiries:
    • Dark Ages:
      • Factions
      • MCMMO
      • MobArena
      • Capture the Flag
      • PVP Arenas
      • MagicSpells
      • Craftbay
      • PotionsPlus and CraftablePotions
      • Peaceful Factions allowed

    • Forgotten Lands:
      • HardcorePvP
      • Factions
      • Dungeons
      • BossMobs
      • Catacombs
      • PlayerShops
      • Craftbay
      • PotionsPlus and CraftablePotions
      • No Peaceful Factions allowed
    I have the updated class files at github.
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    Plugin looks nice, I want to check it out. It's great idea! Well, good job =]

    BukkitDev page does not exist ;< I'd love to test it...

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