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  1. PersonalChests - Player bound chests
    Version: v1.2.0

    NOW on BukkitDEV!

    This is my first plugin and even my first Java written thing
    Hope you will enjoy it :)

    This plugin makes it possible to have different chest inventories for each Player with one chest.
    If you register a chest with contents already in it each player will have the change to get the items like a treasure chest.
    It is also possible to make a inventory chest that can be used by each player personally.

    • Treasure Chest like capabilities.
    • One chest different inventories for each player.
    • Entire world auto create PersonalChests.
    • Region Based PersonalChest (WorldGuard and/or Residence).
    • Large chest support.
    • Anti creeper and griefer support.
    • "/pchest create" : to create a PersonalChest.
    • "/pchest remove" : to unregister a PersonalChest.
    • "/pchest info" : to view is a chest is registered.
    permissions aren't necessary it will fall back to the default OP functionality for the edit functions.
    • "pchest.edit" : Permission to allow players(Admins/OP) create or remove PersonalChests.
    • "" : Permission that allows players to open PersonalChest.

    Regions: Makes all chests inside this region an PersonalChest when used by someone.
    But if the region is in a PersonalChest World it will cancel the registering in that specific region.
    Debug: The usual displays debug info.
    Worlds: Make all chests inside this world automatically an PersonalChest when used by someone. Useful when your world is a custom made world with chests and inventory in it.


    Jar file: PersonalChest.jar
    Source Code:

    A donation is greatly appreciated [​IMG]
    If you run a paid server and need some custom functionalities I'm willing to make that happen for you if you make a generous donation, contact me if you got some requests.

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    Version 1.2.0 (4/4/2012)
    • Enchanted items Support!
    Version 1.1.2 (31/3/2012)
    • CB 1.2.4-R1.0 Support
    Version 1.1.1 (8/3/2012)
    • Fixed chest create double row bug
    Version 1.1 (4/3/2012)
    • 1.2.3-R0.1 Support
    • Removed Spout dependency (From now on you don't need Spout to run this plugin)
    Version 1.0.9 (7/2/2012)
    • Fixed default regions in config bug (Chest Interact Event).
    • Fixed Spout close chest event bug.
    Version 1.0.8 (29/1/2012)
    • Fix for new Event System.
    Version 1.0.7 (22/1/2012)
    • Fixed permisson "".
    Version 1.0.6 (18/1/2012)
    • Fixed bug in the config where the regions don't get loaded properly. Make sure you have the correct config!
    Version 1.0.5 (29/12/2011)
    • Removed Permissions dependency, now you can use the permissions you like.
    Version 1.0.4 (20/11/2011)
    • Fixed some config bugs.
    • Registered chests now lock when spout is not loaded (useful to run on for example a newer CB version when spout isn't updated).
    • Works on CB 1337+ (minecraft 1.0) when spout is removed.
    Version 1.0.3 (1/10/2011)
    • Fixed item duplicate bug from Spout when player gets pushed away from chest. (Thanks to st_remy)
    • Fix the errors when a double chest was created is a chest was registered.
    • Remove and unregister chests when destroyed (still needs the "pchest.edit" permission).
    • Added "/pchest info" command to check if chest is registerd.
    • !!!Removed auto download Spout when not installed!!!
    Version 1.0.2 (22/8/2011)

    • Added support to use WorldGuard and Residence simultaneously.
    Version 1.0.1 (16/8/2011)

    • Added Residence Region Support
    • Fixed chests getting opened when viewed by an other player.
    • Tested for Bukkit 1060 (May manually update to latest Spout).
    Version 1.0.0 (9/8/2011)

    • Added Regional Based PersonalChest.
    • Fixed normal registerd chests not functioning.
    Version 0.9.3 (5/8/2011)

    • Bug Fix for chest in use event.
    Version 0.9.2 (5/8/2011)

    • Bug Fix for right click event for admin.
    Version 0.9.1 (5/8/2011)

    • Bug Fix for right click event.
    Version 0.9 (4/8/2011)

    • BukkitContrib migration to Spout (BukkitContrib no longer compatible).
    • Added creeper and griefer chest destroy protection (explosion protection).
    • Added the ability to unregister a chests from a PersonalChest world.
    • Added permission "" to open chests.
    • Added nicer chat messages.
    Version 0.8 (16/7/2011)

    • BukkitContrib doesn't need to be downloaded manually anymore
      PersonalChest downloads it automatically for you now.
    Version 0.7 (14/7/2011)

    • Better check if chests are opened or not.
    Version 0.6 (13/7/2011)

    • Large chest support!!!
    Version 0.5 (7/7/2011)

    • Fixed right click interact event error on blocks.
    Version 0.4 (7/7/2011)

    • Fixed chest not automatically getting registered in PersonalChest Worlds.
    Version 0.3 (7/7/2011)

    • Fixed Double chests that ain't registered still get got message that they aren't supported.
    • Fixed single chests that ain't registered still check if in use.
    Version 0.2 (7/7/2011)

    • Fix when multiple players are viewing chest. Now only one person at the time can view a chest.
    • Large registered chest don't give an error anymore. They will display a message that I't isn't supported yet.
    • Registered Chests can't be destroyed. Need to unregister the chest to destroy a chest.
    Version 0.1 (7/7/2011)

    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    This plugin looks promising and would love to try it out on our server, just have one quick question that we hope can be answered before we go though the trouble of downloading it and testing it out, that being this: If for any reason down the line this plugin crashes/breaks/becomes outdated, is the files it saves the contents of the chests for each player easy to read by a person? That way should we have to drop this plugin, we would be able to sort out who had what stuff stored in the chest by opening the files.
  3. It is readable by a person.
    It is formated in kinda text files, in folders of the worlds and players (playernames).
    On each line the item is:
    0:0:0 -> Id : Amount : Durability
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    Right, thanks! Will be downloading this and giving it a test then. :)
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    Can you fix two things for me?

    First of all, each time you open a chest the contents are rearranged. Its a little frustrating.

    Secondly, destroying a chest is a pain. Can you add a permission to be able to destroy chests and they automaticlly un-register?

    Third of all, can you make a command to unregister all chests?
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    Before I get started with questions, nice job with the plugin.

    I've been looking forward to our server installing this plugin for a while now, and now that we have I've found some issues which may prevent us from using it.

    We are wanting to make the server more of a pvp experience, so decided that with LWC we would limit each player to 1 or 2 locks. When I firstly saw this plugin I thought it would be great to have at the end of games, or at the spawn for rewards/noob items. It would be a much better alternative to a redeemcodes type plugin so that players couldn't tell others what the code is. After installing it though, I realised players would be able to place items in any of these chests and return later to collect them, with no risk of them being lost. This basically removes the use of LWC and gives people chests where their things can be safe forever.

    So, i'm wondering if there is a way in which players could take items from personal chests(set by admins), but not put any in.

    A quick response would be very much appreciated as we are only a few days from opening this map to the public. Thanks.
  7. It has been added to the To Do list, I will bring out the update as soon a possible.

    1. Don't know what is happening there, are you using the latest version?

    2. Added to the To Do.

    3. Also added.
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    Thanks a heap :) looking forward to the update. Will help our server a lot!
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    Are you still working on linked chests?
    I remember when you had it on the top of the todo list.. And it really is a much needed feature
    And you never responded to my second suggestion.. Ability to have pchests that you need to buy access to (any chests linked together that you need to buy access to would be unlocked when you buy one of them)
  10. The Linked Chest is still in the works,
    The other to do things are minor updates that can be implemented with some adjustments.
    The Linked Chest thing is a larger update.

    The buy Access thing is cool but probably won't be implemented anytime soon.
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    Then.. How about pchests that are only for certain groups?
    Or even better, when the linked pchests are made, you'd need to give them an id or name (the same for all those that are linked together)
    Access could be given by[number]
    That way one could simply use some system to let players buy the node

    That should probably be more easy, I think?
  12. It is an possibilty, there is already an node for now.
  13. Version 1.0.4 is released!

    It is now possible to run on the latest craftbukkit builds even when spout isn't updated.
    If spout doesn't support the new CB builds just remove it from you plugin list.

    PersonalChest will then lock all the registered chests so your server can still be up.

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    This is a great plugin! I'm gonna use it for my server :D

    Not sure how this plugin is suppoused to work, I was under the impression 1 chest functions as a "bank" for each player, I put something in then i tried to get it back and another player was using the chest, I got a message "chest is currently being used" and I saw an empty chest, I exited and waited for the other player to get done, he left then i checked again and my chest was still empty and my items were lost.

    Edit: Just tested some more, somebody left and their chest was left open somehow, allowing me to take the items inside, closing the chest, reopenning it, only for those items to still remain inside = infinite of those itrems

    yeah gonna have to remove this =/

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  15. Hmm okay,
    Some questions to understand it better:
    - You didn't have any items inside the chest when you did the command to create it?
    - When did you put any items inside the chest?
    - So you could access the chest even tough the text "chest is currently being used" was given as feedback?

    Also do you have any console errors and or bukkit version?

    If you want a Bank Like chest behavior do the following steps:
    - Place a chest
    - use the command "/pchest create"

    Now if a player looks in the chest it only sees the items he put inside it.
    Only one player at a time could use the chest.
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    Yeah basically I was able to open the chest when another player was using it, clearing my inventory
    On another occurence, a user was using the chest, I tried to use it at the same time, allowing me to see her contents inside of the chest, I closed it

    she left, I tried to accesst he chest, once again I was able to see her content, I took stuff out as an experiment and closed the chest, reopened it and I could still see her content inside of the chest but it was all there as if I didnt remove it (basically allowing me to take an unlimited amoutn of those items)

    I have 1337 bukkit and I saw no errors in console

    edit: also just want to add, I'm guessing you arent suppoused to be able to access the chest when somebody else is using it? Because I was able to every time I tried to.
  17. that is weird...
    I can not reproduce it for some reason.

    When you Register a chest with items inside the chest acts like a treasure chest.
    Maybe you did that?
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    Oh.... wow I think I did that... lol thanks!! I will try this again

    Okay heres the issue, the chest gets stuck open and I can see the last persons items because it wont close now

    edit: so yeah it wasnt that treasure chest thing, I leave and the chest remains open, if somebody else uses it i can still access it and see their items, my items are then missing and it seems i now share a chest with that other guy that last used it

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    I tried this plugin yesterday, with the latest CraftBukkit build, and was able to create the "Personal Chest" as OP, able to loot items as non-OP, but then I was able to destroy the chest (which un-registered it upon breaking) as non-OP.
    My understanding is that there was anti-griefing support for the Personal Chests, which I would assume means non-OP's shouldn't be able to destroy a registered Personal Chest, but I was able to destroy it using my son's non-OP account.
    Is this intended, or a bug?
  20. Then it is probably an bug.
    I'll keep my eye on it!
  21. You know what could be REALLY awesome ? A command to convert all chests of a world to PersonalChests
    Pretty useful for adventure maps.
    Anyway, awesome plugin !
  22. It's already possible just add it to the config, then all the chests in the world are registered automaticly.
    You could even add regions to auto resister the chests.
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    • Add option to only get items only from chest, not place in the chest.
    Please do this soon :)
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  25. This plugin isn't like that.
    It's more like a treasure chest thing.

    It's kinda hard to do that, unless you use spout on the client side too, but maybe I have a kinda solution.
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    Can players put stuff in and others cant see it?
  27. Yes that is possible
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    then it is like that plugin O-o
  29. Uhm no, its not a bank plugin...
    It could be used as a sort of bank plugin, but then it would not be very efficient YET.

    The way this plugin works is for treasure like systems.
    For example you have a chest at the end of a maze and you want to reward people when they finished it.
    So you put a prize in it, but if you do that the first person who finishes it removes all the items in the chest.
    Then the other people donĀ“t have a prize any more.
    With this plugin you can make sure anyone who uses the chest sees the same items that as it was registered with.
    This also makes it the ability to have an personalchest, players can store there stuff in a chest too (that is what chests are for) and other people can't see what is in the chest of other players.

    Hopefully this makes you understand how this plugin works.
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    GREAT plugin, just wish it didn't allow players to destroy it because then it unregisters the chest thus making all the stuff other people put in it disappear.
  31. What do you mean by destroying?
    Because they can only destroy chests when they have the edit permission node.
    So you want players to create personal chests?

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