Inactive [MECH/FUN] MoArrows v2.4.0 - Add new arrow types and customize bow damage! [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    same here :S
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    Guys, almost every post I see complaining about it not working is related to one problem. You need to RESTART the server, not reload it. The issue has been addressed on the bukkit dev and it will be fixed in the next version, but it could have easily been avoided on your part had you followed the installation instructions. This plugin also requires Vault to run. If you continue to have problems, post a ticket on the bukkit dev page. I really don't check this forum that often.
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    i had put your plugin of moarrows. but when i go onto my server it will show what kind of arrow i have and i can change them, but the effect of the arrow will not take place.
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    Version 2.3.3 is now live! Get it while it's hot!

    - Removed Vault (cooldowns are no longer group based)
    - Fixed Towny load errors
    - Added bypasscooldowns permission
    - Added allowcrit permission
    - Fixed /reload bug
    - Improved permission handling
    - Set most arrows to default true
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    Epic like no Plugin I ever seen!
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    Where are the permission nodes for this plugin? I use PermissionsEX and I need the nodes.
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    They are listed on the dev page. Thanks for trying out MoArrows! =P
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    Why do I get poisoned when I use the really explosive arrow? I just uninstalled the plugin because I kept getting poisoned.
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    It's an intended consequence of using the most powerful arrow in the mod. You really uninstalled just because of that? Wow.. never mind the other 99.5% of the plugin, that 0.5% really pissed you off that much huh? It's just soooo difficult to drink milk when you get poisoned isn't it? Oh well.
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    Hey dude I have a request. I'm using Moarrows a lot, and I want to use it in my Mobarena. Problem is, I protected the Mobarena and I can't fire any arrows in there because of that. Can you make an option in the config the allows me to put a certain Worldguard region that would allow the arrows to fire in that protected zone? Thanks!
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    Strange.. a good friend of mine runs a protected mob arena and the arrows work just fine in his.. Let me ask him how he did it and get back to you.

    Edit: After thinking about it, I remembered something.. the only worldguard flag that moarrows checks is the pvp flag. Enable pvp in that zone, and it will work just fine. If you are unwilling to do that then I'm afraid I can't help you. To be honest, I don't like the idea of disabling friendly fire in coop setting. So, I guess what I'm saying is.. I'm not going to change the pvp checks for certain zones. Nothing personal, I just think people on a team should be aware of who and what they are damaging instead of wildly slashing and shooting anything that moves. =)
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    No no no I fully understand! Anyway, the PVP thingy worked, so screw everything I said and thanks a lot!
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    Excellent! Glad you got it working.. Now, go bust some mob skulls! =P
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    You should make fire arrows light fire to blocks too[arrow]+[wood]=[fire]
    Also should add water arrow.
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    jb, fire arrows will light blocks on fire, but it is sporadic. Shoot a tree a few times with the fire arrow and it will catch fire.

    Originally I had fire arrow turn the block on top of it to fire, but it had 2 bugs: 1) sometimes the fire would bug the client to where the flame was gone but the fire was still visible and 2) setting the block above half slabs on fire sometimes caused the slabs to be destroyed instantly. These issues are client and server bugs respectively.. both of which I can do nothing about.

    As for water arrow, thats a part of MagicArrows, and I have absolutely no intention of adding it to MoArrows.
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    # Note: The '0:0,' is no longer required before materials.
    # Including 0:0 will cause item requirement to register incorrectly.
    # Also, make sure there are no spaces between material requirements.

    i might sound dumb
    but please tell me what to put in here

    i keep getting errors

    any way.. how do you set values if not 45:0, ?

    btw amazing plug...
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    Thanks for trying MoArrows willow! The short answer to your question is that you don't have to put anything in that area of the config if you don't want/need to. I'm not sure what you mean about the 45:0 part though. To quote my examples from the config:
    # Add material requirements to fired arrows below
    # Format: [itemtype<:subtype>]x[amount]
    # For example, if you want explosive arrows to take 1 TNT and 2 blaze rods from the players inventory...
    # explosive-materials: 46x1,369x2
    # Another example: if you want poison arrows to take a poison II potion...
    # poison-materials: 373:8228x1
    Basically, all this means is that if you want to have items consumed when you fire a particular arrow type, you would enter it in that format. If you don't need this feature, you don't have to use it. :)
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    this should work good for some of my mob arenas :) and my pvp world. my players have wanted a plugin like this for a while now. ill go ahead and try it out!
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    It's so quiet here all of a sudden. Is the plugin just working THAT well, or are you all just getting tired of it lol!
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    I'm about to implement it on my server for use in MobArena... so there are still those of us out here interested in this plugin! Incidentally, does it work fine on a 1.2.5 R3.0 server?
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    I downloaded it perfectly, went through all the options and loved it, except it wont let me use the last and best arrow. Im quite sad and don't understand why. I want to use Doombringer but as I change arrow types it wont even come up as an option. Help?
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    make a smoke arrow! when shooted alot of smoke is gathered around the arrow for a set time!
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    You need to set permission for use of doombringer. It's defaulted false because, back when it was default true, people tended to not read the installation instructions and get their servers blown to hell.

    Version 2.4.0 is now live!

    - fixed the disable superperm arrow switching server crashes
    - removed cooldown message from users having bypasscooldown perm
    - updated to latest version of factions
    - updated to latest bukkit RB
    - added razor arrow crit chance multiplier config value (2.0 default)
    - added piercing arrow damage multiplier config value (0.5 default)
    - added customization for doombringer poison duration
    - set all statics to null on disable (reduces memory leaks on /reload)
    - added compression arrow

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    This Plugin is pretty well but my question is:
    Can you add potion arrows? All kinds? If you shot a potionarrow it takes this potion which you had fired from your inventar! Can you develop this? Im sure thats will be awesome^^
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    I think that leather armour shouldn't give a damage penalty (I'm not sure whether it does, sorry if it doesn't) as it is light and easy to move in, or (suggestion) add a new camo armour made of leaves that maybe that increases damage? (I'm a ninja)
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    If my memory serves me right, leather is neither a penalty nor a bonus by the default values. If you look at the bottom of the config, you'll see that you can change the armor penalty to suit your needs. As for camo armor, that would require spout, and moarrows doesn't use spout.
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    how would i edit the configuration so only operators can use it
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    Would it be possible to add an option for no environmental damage explosive arrows? Or at least be able to make chests not be able to be destroyed by it? It kinda defeats the purpose a bit but I feel a semi-pvp server would benefit from it.

    Actually, I feel really stupid now for just now reading all of the features, Sorry! Just ignore my other post.

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    what are permissions? or is this op only? cuz i dont want players abusing this

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