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  1. ItemDetector - Gates which detect items
    Version: v1.2

    With this plugin, you can make item detecting gates, just like at the airports.
    It uses redstone, so combined with other plugins you can make traps, falls etc.
    On the end of this post there is an detailed instruction on how to create them.
    This uses NO commands.

    • Creating gates which can be used to detect items
    • Redstone support by changing torches into redstone torches.
    • Detect multiple items (good for an pvp-zone to detect swords/bows etc)
    • Block people from entering with specific items
    • Minecart support
    • Clearing inventory's
    • Permission support
    • Message / kit support

    V1.1 - Download
    V1.2 - Download
    Addon kit - Download
    ItemDetector is open source! (NO RE-RELEASES WITHOUT PERMISSION)

    Known bugs:
    If itemdetector is loaded before multiworlds, it will get a nullpointer and lose all data, to fix this rename the multiworld plugin to "aaaMultiWorld" and bukkit will load this plugin as first of all your plugin, this should also fix all other problems with other plugins
    Thanks to @Maxis010 for that

    How to create a gate:
    [torch][wood][torch] What you see to the left of here, is the framework of an gate
    [mossy][mossy] [mossy] The wood block left, is an sign with on the first line [detector],
    [mossy] -- [mossy] and on the second/third/fourth line should be the itemID's
    [mossy] -- [mossy] seperated by comma's.
    The script sees these lines as 1 line, so you should think its 1 line of 45 letters.

    How the #block (and future similair options) work:
    When you enter item id's on the 2nd/3th/4th line, it'll take those 3 lines and make it 1.
    If you enter the #block, the script will ignore that and make the gate blocking stuff.
    Here an quick example of what i mean (first is input, second is what script reads):
    What you write on sign --- What script reads for item ID's
    #block1,2,3,4,5,6,7     -   1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    1,2,3#block,4,5,6,7     -   1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7#block     -   1,2,3,4,5,6,7
    List of current #options (open)

    @all - Makes the detector detect all blocks in mc
    @None - Makes the detector detect empty inventory's
    @hold - Makes the detector only detect your item in-hand
    @always - Makes the detector detect nothing, but instead always goes on whenever a player passes
    @limit - limits the blocks to these (you can't have any others then this)

    #block - blocks the entrace when activated
    #remove - removes the block from your inventory (Thinking about creating this to be OP-only)
    #pit - Creates a 3x3 pit for pitfall's
    #damage - Damages a player with 1 hearth
    #launch - Speeds up the player by 10x
    #kill - Kills the player
    #fire - Puts the player on fire
    #heal - Heals the player and puts out fire
    #repair - Repairs any tools which the gate detects
    #thunder - Makes thunder in the gate

    instead of using itemID's like in 1,2,3,4 (example), you can also use this:
    1-4 - Loads the ID 1-4
    kit:kitname - Loads the ID's provided in kitname.kit in the itemdetector directory

    To make the gate send a message, use the same method as kit, but use this instead:
    msg:filename - Sends a message provided in filename.message file in the itemdetector folder.

    Permission nodes (open)


    Video of it in action + how-to


    Show Spoiler

    Version 1.2:
    • Fixed new blocks with the gates from 1.7 (pistons, shears etc) and 1.6 (trapdoors etc)
    • Tweaked pitfall to stay 0.5 seconds longer (laggy servers can be bitchy)
    Version 1.1:
    • Fixed blocks changing (wood slab -> stone slab, red wool -> white wool, etc)
    • Fixed msg:filename when the gate rotation was wrong
    • Fixed launch from acting wierd sometimes
    Version 1.0:
    • Fixed permission bugs
    • Added support for 1-10 as itemID on the sign
    • Added support for personal kits (kit:filename) (look at the #options spoiler)
    • Added support for messages being send (msg:filename) (look at the #options spoiler)
    • Added support for configurable messages (not neceserry, but being able to)
    • made #block & #launch support minecarts
    • Fixed the anticheat perfectly now (no ignore node though anymore)
    Version 0.91:
    • Fixed #remove@always
    Version 0.9:

    • Tweaked anticheat
    • changed #limit into @limit (doesn't affect existing signs)
    • added @hold to just check the item in the hand
    • added @None to check for an empty inventory
    • added @always to make the gate always go on whenever a player passes
    • added #thunder to strike a thunder in the gate (itemdetector.create.thunder)
    • fixed the destroying of gates
    Version 0.81:

    • Fixed permissions
    Version 0.8:

    • Added an anticheat function, so you can't throw items through the gate, open chests or place blocks trough it. (itemdetector.ignore.anticheat)
    • #repair (
    • #heal (itemdetector.create.heal)
    • New permission nodes (so you can do itemdetector.create.* now
    Version 0.7:

    • Permissions support (if not found permissions, will default to OP's instead)
    • added #kill
    • added #fire
    Version 0.61:

    • Changed the #launch so it works.
    Version 0.6:

    • Added @all to indicate that you want to detect all blocks in minecraft
    • added #damage to give 1 hearth damage to the enterer
    • added a test version of #launch, to speed movenement by 10x for a short period (note this is glitchy atm, i'm working on a fix, but some people may like it now)
    Version 0.5:

    • Added #pit
    • Minecart support for any #option that isn't #block
    Version 0.42:

    • Fixed something really stupid of me (it didn't cancle the create if it failed)
    Version 0.41:

    • Fixed incompatiable #options
    • Sign given back now, if creating fails
    Version 0.4:

    • Added #limit + #remove, see post for description
    • Made support for armour contents
    Version 0.3:

    • Added #block to prevent players entering the gate
    • If a broken data file is found, it'll now try to fix as much as possible and load them.
    Version 0.2:

    • Fixed the redstone torch to stay for minimal 1 second.
    • Probably fixed a lot of similar bugs.
    Version 0.1:

    • Initial release
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    hello there,
    it seems that everytime i re-start my server the plugin seems to fail, giving me this:
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    [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling ItemDetector v1.0 (Is it up to d
    ate?): null
    at net.gamesketch.bukkit.itemdetector.Data.stringToData(
    at net.gamesketch.bukkit.itemdetector.Data.Load(
    at net.gamesketch.bukkit.itemdetector.core.onEnable(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    using craftbukkit 1000
    and your latest plugin build.
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    First, try to simply restart your server.
    if that doesn't work try to remove all signs that are using the plugin EX: [DETECTOR] than stop server and delete the data file in the itemdetector folder. than just start from scratch, meaning remake the signs.

    thats what worked for me.
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    actually, i woke up today and started the server, and i did not get the error. so you'r correct with the server re-start, thanks.
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    No matter what I try I cant get the messages to work :(
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    can somebody explain to me how to use kits in this? and also does it work with flans ww2 guns mod?
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    Seriously bud, anything we can do to help get messages working would be fine. It's the one thing I really need on the server atm :)
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    @Streammz great plugin - many thanks. Like a few others I can't seem to get the message system to work it creates fine but when you walk through the gate, the torches change to red but no message. Any ideas?
  9. when server gets taken offline and online again the gate stops working and i need to replace the sign, this results in a massive import of illeagal items on my other worlds cuse there is no gate removing them when they walk in to the portal room
  10. Its not the plugins fault, its server's own responsibility to reload or restart the server properly (using /stop or /reload)
    I take no responsibility for that
  11. problem is that i stop the server with the stop comand, and when i start the server up again it wont work
  12. in that case, do any errors happen?
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    This also happens to other people, for me and the person i helped all we had to do is turn off than back on the server. the error code is up more someone else posted it

    I think the error may be something with the itemdetectors being in a different world other than your main world. test that please.

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  14. Didn't the first post explain why it happens with an fix for it?

    edit: yeah, read known bugs
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    sorry, i did this a long time ago but changed it back recently than forgot.
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    idk if this will help anyone with it not working after a /stop command...

    i do /save-all then /stop
    just to make sure everything saved

    i also use simplesave that will save the world at a set interval time and back up.
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    Does this support data types? (certain colored wool, charcoal instead of coal)
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    Can someone please post a picture of working msg signs? Need to make sure I have the syntax 100% correct. I assuem I have cause now it complains it cant find the msg file, but its a start.
  19. yeah, it does
  20. nope no errors at all thats why i find it so wierd
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    How would I need to write it out?
    I've tried things such as 35:11 35.11 35;11, etc, but no luck.

    Oh, and btw, great plugin :D
  22. Where can i find the permission nodes?
  23. Read the OP again, its in there
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    The gates stop working at random times. This is horribly unfortunate for what I am using it for. This is the only plugin that does what I need. I hope you can help me. My build is 1060.
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    Cognito guy

    This currently doesn't #remove armor can you add this?

    Also: has the issue where you get stuck in a gate been fixed?
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    I'm no dev, but couldn't you just make a soft dependancy for the main multiworld plugins? (ie, MultiVerse) - if I remember rightly a soft dependancy just checks if the other plugin is installed, and if so makes sure that loads before this plugin does. If the other plugin isn't installed, this carries on as normal.

    Correct me if I'm wrong :)

    Also just to save the admin team a bit of time; the last two changes have to be outside the spoiler in the changelog.

    Anyway, great plugin I jsut have two suggestions:

    - Support data values (obvious ones are on Wool and Logs, but plugins like Bookworm adds custom ones too which would be pretty useful)

    - Let the sign be placed on the edges as well as on top, so the gate can be part of a bigger structure. Maybe have a range too, if they're within X blocks of the gate it is triggered instead of having to walk directly through - If you didn't work out, I'm trying to make a hidden passage that opens up when you have a special book :)

    It doesn't seem to...

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    i haz a question...
    is this able to detect when an item is THROWN threw the gate? if not then you should make it so...
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    Everytime I shut down my server or restart it.. the item detector doesn't work anymore? for example it works the first time.. but after I restart it.. it doesn't work anymore and I have to do it all over again.

    The item detector gate I was making had

    first line: [Detector]
    second line: #remove
    third line: @all

    Thats what I type in the sign, and it works perfectly, but as soon as I restart the server or shut it down.. it doesn't work anymore..

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Cognito guy


    fix the stuck in the gate bug and make #remove @all remove armor aswell
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    Hey Streammz! I'm over here from the Pigcraft server, at which we make moderate use of your plugin.

    I was wondering if in your next update, would it be possible to include something like a #warp function? It's purpose being to send the player to a specified location on the map, or at least to another ItemDetector (sort of like BlueTelePads).

    Being able to create warp doors would be magical, and it'd give us a lot more to with your already nice plugin. Thanks for reading!
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    Permissions doesnt work? everyone can build an detector
    bug? can fix ? Thanks =) Nice Plugin

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